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Pinewood Derby

> New Products
For the 2015-16 season.

> Speed to the Finish!
The most complete source for pinewood derby speed tips and techniques on the market today!

> Kits & Blocks
Pre-cut pinewood derby car kits, blocks, bulk kits, and more.

> Wheels & Axles
Speed wheels, speed axles, competition components, and more!

> Pinewood Derby Weight
Tungsten, lead, and steel weight for your pinewood derby car.

> Specialty Tools
Unique and innovative tools to get the maximum speed from your car!

> Speed Supplies
Pinewood derby polishing supplies, lubes, and more!

> Pinewood Car Plans
Detailed car plans, with templates and step-by-step instructions.

> Decals, Etc.
Decals, Body Skins, pinstriping, and more!

> Pinewood Accessories
Accessories, finishing supplies, paint stencils, DerbyDome, and more!

> Race Management
Pinewood derby software, gauges, and more!

> Inventory Clearance
Get great deals!

> Free Speed Tips
Learn the Five Keys to Pinewood Derby Speed!

> First Pinewood Derby?
Recommendations to get you started on the right track!

> Kit Specific Help
Identify your kit type and find out how our products apply.

> Q&A
Answers to the most asked questions.

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February 10, 2016

Feature: Transforming that Block into the Ultimate Derby Car

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Click Here to See the Content of Each Volume

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15 Issues

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Pinewood Derby Times Index

The Most Complete Collection of Pinewood Derby Writings Anywhere!

All of the issues for Volumes 5 through 13 are posted on our web site. Issues from the four previous seasons are available in four formatted volumes, ready for immediate download. Click on the title of the article to access that article.

Article Name Date Volume Issue
Cover Up Those Wheels With Fenders October 2, 2013131
The Big Debates Part 5 - AerodynamicsJanuary 21, 200439
TurbulatorsFebruary 23, 20111011
Wind Tunnel TestingJanuary 25, 200659
Decals Etc. - How to Spiff Up Your CarMarch 6, 20131212
Don't Forget the Car PartsFebruary 6, 20131210
For an Eye-catching Pinewood Derby Car, Give the Dremel(R) a Spin! - by T. Dean WhiteMarch 17, 2004313
Let's Light it UpJanuary 8, 2014138
Looking Good! Techniques for Finishing Your CarNovember 30, 2011115
The Ultimate Finish - How to Create a Beautiful Paint Job - by Kevin BaugherFebruary 19, 20141311
Axle Installation Made EasyNovember 16, 200554
Axles: Nails or Precision Parts?January 09, 200218
Canted Axles RevisitedJanuary 7, 200988
The Big Debates Part 4: Canted AxlesDecember 10, 200336
Grooved Axles December 10, 200886
Preparing Nail Axles January 12, 2013128
Working with Needle Axles January 13, 201098
Upgrading Needle Axles November 13, 2012124
Car Body
Car Build Progression December 26, 200777
Creating "The King" January 27, 201099
Designing a Car From ScratchOctober 05, 200551
Designing the Car Body for PerformanceNovember 28, 200115
Scaling Up: Design a Pinewood Derby Car from a Toy CarMarch 07, 2007612
Scaling Up Part 2: Design a Pinewood Derby Car from a Toy CarFebruary 20, 2008711
Transforming that Block into the Ultimate Derby CarFebruary 10, 20161510
Whoops! Fixing damaged carsMarch 31, 2009814
Using a Scale Plastic Model for a Pinewood Derby CarMarch 11, 20151412
General Interest
21st Century Changes Pinewood Derby RacingJanuary 25, 2012119
Car Collection on the Move - by Todd PaxsonApril 04, 2007614
Days of ThunderNovember 13, 2013134
Derby Teaches Lessons On Gracious Winning, Noble LosingDecember 16, 2015156
Displaying Your Pinewood Derby CarNovember 18, 2015154
Google and the Pinewood DerbyFebruary 8, 2010910
How to (almost) Win the Pinewood DerbyNovember 16, 2011114
How Has Pinewood Derby Racing Changed?March 09, 2005412
Lisano Enterprises Company ProfileDecember 14, 2011116
Maximum Velocity History and Photo TourDecember 12, 200776
New Directions Company ProfileDecember 29, 2010107
Pinewood Derby Adventures Come Full Circle - by Matthew D. KeenanApril 14, 2004315
Pinewood Derby Kit HistoryMarch 19, 2007713
Pinewood Derby Glossary Part 1October 19, 200552
Pinewood Derby Glossary Part 2November 30, 200555
Pinewood Derby MythsMarch 4, 2009812
Pinewood Derby TimeApril 16, 2008715
Pinewood Racing: A Matter of Time - by Arin and Michael Lastufka (short story)April 02, 2003214
Revell Enters the Pinewood Derby MarketMarch 10, 2010912
Sintering TungstenMarch 5, 20141312
Ten Commandments of Pinewood Derby Racing - UpdatedOctober 06, 2010101
The Big Rig KitMarch 9, 20111012
The Derby Worx Story - by Bill LauniusJanuary 21, 200989
The Legend of the Pinewood Derby - by Don MurphyMarch 19, 2003213
The Making of the MV WheelJanuary 11, 2012118
The Pinewood Derby Bling-MobileMarch 7, 20121112
The Valuable Lesson My Father Taught MeNovember 4, 2015153
Tidbits of Wisdom - by Michelle Mitchell February 6, 2008710
Think Safety while Building Your CarOctober 3 200771
'Twas the Night Before PinewoodDecember 30, 2015157
Unusual TracksNovember 26, 200885
What is Maximum Velocity? - by Michael Lastufka (mathematical treatise on top performance)April 05, 2006514
Your First Taste of Victory or Defeat - By Rob Krider April 07, 2010914
Graphite on the TreadOctober 15, 200882
Graphite Questions: The Two Most Popular Questions of the 2013-14 SeasonJanuary 28, 2015149
Liquid Lube TestingNovember 17, 200994
Lubricant TestingFebruary 4, 2009810
Lubricant Testing - Part 2March 21, 20121113
Lubrication: Slicker is BetterFebruary 08, 20121110
The Big Debates Part 3 Continued: Dry Lube ExperimentsNovember 12, 200334
The Big Debates Part 3: Liquid vs. Dry LubricantsOctober 01, 200331
The Elusive Best Lubricant - by Michael Lastufka (general discussion of lubes)December 26, 200117
Outlaw Racing
Top Fuel Cars: CO2 CarMarch 18, 2009813
Top Fuel Cars: Direct DriveOctober 29, 200883
Top Fuel Cars: Improved Propeller CarDecember 1, 2010105
Top Fuel Cars: Propeller CarApril 18, 2007615
Top Fuel Cars: Propeller Car EvolutionDecember 26, 2013127
Top Fuel Cars: My CO2 CarNovember 4, 200993
Top Fuel Cars: Rocket, Rubber Band, and MoreJanuary 10, 200768
Top Fuel Cars: Two-Wheeled CarsApril 2, 2008714
Top Fuel Cars: Two-Wheeled Cars RevisitedApril 6, 20111014
Top Fuel Cars: Wheel BearingsNovember 01, 200663
Advice to the Beginner - Keep it Simple!October 7, 200991
Cheater Bars - Do They Work?October 20, 2010102
Don't Do That! Techniques to AvoidDecember 16, 200996
Effect of Track Configuration on Car PerformanceJanuary 24, 200769
Eliminating Race VariationFebruary 20, 20131211
Feelers: Do they Work?December 27, 200667
Five Keys to PerformanceOctober 07, 2015151
Grading on the CurveFebruary 24, 2010911
Putting Suspense Back into Pinewood Racing - by Michael Lastufka (cantilever experiments)October 20, 200442
Rail Riding November 12, 200884
Rail-Riding - Getting that Extra Speed November 18, 2014144
Royal Ranger/ S&W Kits - Getting Top SpeedFebruary 09, 2005410
Setting the Gap for PerformanceJanuary 23, 200879
Modifying the WheelbaseMarch 23,20111013
The Most Rigorous Pinewood Time Trials Ever! - by Michael LastufkaFebruary 18, 2004311
Three Wheel Cars - Are They Faster?April 06, 2005414
TroubleshootingMarch 08, 2006512
Wax Those Wheel Bores for Top PerformanceNovember 27, 2013135
Wheel Alignment: Make it Straight!December 14, 200556
Product Review
Aluminum 'Freedom Series' Track from PiantedosiOctober 18, 200662
Car Kits: Similarities and DifferencesDecember 29, 200447
DVD Review: An American RaceMarch 21, 2007613
Movie Review: Down and DerbyApril 20, 2005415
Pinewood Derby Videos: Choices, ChoicesJanuary 12, 200548
Race Equipment
Buying a Track? - Important Points to Consider - by Steve MonkOctober 29, 200333
Derby Kits - Many Choices for BuyersApril 15, 2009815
Electric or Human Eyes: Take your Pick - by John ShrefflerMarch 20, 2002113
Is Your Finish Line Providing Accurate Results? October 17, 200772
Pinewood Derby Timer Considerations - by Stu FergusonFebruary 22, 2006511
Pining for a Derby Track - by Steve SmithDecember 15, 2010106
Remote Control Race Management - by John ShrefflerNovember 15, 200664
Selecting Race Management Software - by Randy LisanoFebruary 05, 2003210
Solenoid Start Gate: Are Races More Consistent?November 2, 2011112
Utilizing Video Systems in Your Race - by Randy LisanoFebruary 07, 2007610
Race Logistics
The Big Event - Staging a Pinewood Derby RaceFebruary 5, 20141310
Handle Those Cars CarefullyDecember 11, 2013136
Increase Interest and Competition with a WorkshopFebruary 20, 2002111
Pre-Race Events Add ExcitementFebruary 11, 20141410
Raising the Performance Bar (improving the competitive level of your group)February 18, 2008811
Sorry, We Will Not Be Participating Because ...October 3, 2012121
Staging Cars - Don't Lose Speed with Bad StagingOctober 21, 2015152
Streamlining the Weigh-InOctober 31, 2012123
Weigh-in Problems (how to avoid them)December 12, 2012126
Why Do You Have a Pinewood Derby? (organize your race to meet your goals)December 13, 200666
Race Management
Double Elimination vs. Stearns Hybrid Race MethodApril 17, 2002115
Elimination Methods - Let's Make Some ImprovementsDecember 24, 200337
Pinewood Derby Race Organization March 5, 2008712
Points or Times: Which Method Should I Use?February 21, 2007611
Runoffs - When and Why to Run ThemDecember 17, 2014146
Staging Pinewood Derby Races by Stan PopeApril 16, 2003215
Race Philosophy
A Winning Philosophy (do your best vs. win at all cost)October 1, 200881
Pinewood Derby AwardsNovember 05, 2014143
Credibility of the Race (eliminating race bias)November 14, 200774
Finding the Right Level of Parental InvolvementMarch 22, 2006513
Is it Cheating?December 28, 200557
Leader Help - How Much is Too Much?February 9, 20111010
Pinewood Derby for Boy ScoutsJanuary 9, 200878
The Dark Side: eBay CarsNovember 02, 200553
Do's and Don'ts for Race LeadersOctober 5, 2011111
Rules - Post Them and Follow ThemOctober 16, 2013132
Rule Pet Peeves November 17, 2010104
Rule GripesNovember 17, 200444
Understand Your Local Race Before Building Your CarOctober 03, 200111
Shop Talk
Bench Top Power Sanders February 22, 20121111
Choose the Right Band Saw October 17, 2012122
Choosing the Right Hand SawJanuary 26, 2011109
Drilling Axle Holes With PrecisionJanuary 23, 2013129
Drilling Small HolesOctober 19, 2011112
Drilling With AccuracyDecember 30, 200997
How to Tune a Band SawDecember 26, 2013137
Frame and Skin Car ConstructionDecember 3, 2014145
Hand SandingNovember 28, 2012125
Keep It SquareDecember 16, 200996
Making Weight PocketsNovember 3, 2010103
Measuring for SuccessOctober 21, 200992
Shaping Wood with Hand ToolsDecember 28, 2011117
The Best Pinewood Derby RuleJanuary 14, 2015148
The Right Stuff - Choosing the Best AdhesiveFebruary 10, 2010910
Shop Talk - Woodworking TipsOctober 30, 2013133
You Can Never Have Too Many ClampsMarch 10, 2010912
Creating Accurate Axle SlotsOctober 22, 2014142
Drilling Axle Holes With PrecisionMarch 23, 2005413
Getting Great Results with Pro-Tools - Part 1December 15, 200446
Getting Great Results with Pro-Tools - Part 2January 26, 200549
Tools of the Trade (tools and how to use them)January 13, 2016158
Using a Mini-Lathe March 24, 2010913
Height of Ballast Weight Vs. Performance January 22, 2014139
Height of Ballast Weight Vs. Performance: Part 2 December 31, 2014147
Maximum Weight for PerformanceNovember 28, 200775
Moment of Inertia Revisited December 2, 200995
Offset Weight PlacementJanuary 12, 2011108
Offset Weight Placement - Part 2December 2, 2015155
Revisiting the Balance PointOctober 8, 2014141
Shifting the WheelbaseFebruary 25, 20151411
Shifted Wheelbase with Outlaw Wheels January 27, 2016159
Weight Distribution: Concentrated or Distributed?November 29, 200665
Weight ExperimentsMarch 31, 2004314
Weight: Place it CarefullyFebruary 08, 2006510
Weighting Materials: So many choices!April 19, 2006515
The Big Debates - Part 1: Weight Position, 3 or 4 WheelsNovember 13, 200224
BSA Wheel Mold NumbersNovember 03, 200443
Effect of Wheel Weight on PerformanceOctober 31, 200773
New Cub Scout Pinewood Derby WheelsOctober 19, 200992
The Wheels Go Round and Round - or Do They? (wheel inspection and treatment)October 15, 200332
Wheel Preparation: Where the Plastic Meets the RoadOctober 02, 200221

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