Pinewood Derby Race Management Products and Gauges

If you are a race leader, then you can help your pinewood derby event run smoothly with our pinewood derby race management products. Shop Maximum velocity for the necessities to run a pinewood derby event, from scales to car inspection gauges. We carry the tools you need to make sure all your competitors meet the rules of your event and that your checks are performed reliably and swiftly.

You can buy certified weights, calibrated scales, and other measurement tools that are simple to use and consistent to each racer. The right pinewood derby race management products ensure your event runs smoothly and fairly. Reach out to our team if you have any additional questions. Our experts are here to support you and your event.

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  • Digital Compact Scale

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  • Sale! 5 Ounce Certified Test Weight

    5 Ounce Certified Test Weight

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  • 200 gram Calibration Weight

    200 gram Calibration Weight

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  • Wheel Go/No-go Gauge

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  • Car Inspection Gauge

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