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Pinewood Derby

> New Products
For the 2015-16 season.

> Speed to the Finish!
The most complete source for pinewood derby speed tips and techniques on the market today!

> Kits & Blocks
Pre-cut pinewood derby car kits, blocks, bulk kits, and more.

> Wheels & Axles
Speed wheels, speed axles, competition components, and more!

> Pinewood Derby Weight
Tungsten, lead, and steel weight for your pinewood derby car.

> Specialty Tools
Unique and innovative tools to get the maximum speed from your car!

> Speed Supplies
Pinewood derby polishing supplies, lubes, and more!

> Pinewood Car Plans
Detailed car plans, with templates and step-by-step instructions.

> Decals, Etc.
Decals, Body Skins, pinstriping, and more!

> Pinewood Accessories
Accessories, finishing supplies, paint stencils, DerbyDome, and more!

> Race Management
Pinewood derby software, gauges, and more!

> Inventory Clearance
Get great deals!

> Free Speed Tips
Learn the Five Keys to Pinewood Derby Speed!

> First Pinewood Derby?
Recommendations to get you started on the right track!

> Kit Specific Help
Identify your kit type and find out how our products apply.

> Q&A
Answers to the most asked questions.

pinewood derby owner

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible pinewood derby products, service, and advice to enable you to have a successful and enriching pinewood derby experience. If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Randy & Elisa Davis

Customer Testimonials
Jim - We've used Maximum Velocity car designs, speed kits and other supplies for years and had excellent success in our pinewood derby races. Both my sons won First Place at their Pack level multiple times (and fastest overall, even against Webelos cars). Both competed at the District level and collectively won First, Second and Third place at the District level across many years. Most recently, my youngest son won First Place and fastest overall at the Council Pinewood Derby, against the fastest of the fast from all of our ten Districts. Speed axles were polished using your Axle Polishing Kit and the Diamond Polish, and then lubricated only once before the Pack races with Max-V-Lube graphite. We didn't add anything after that, and it keeps winning races. This stuff all works great!!

Tom - Thanks, Randy and Elisa. We've had a great time with our son, Thomas, in 2 years of Webelos and racing in the Pinewood Derby. This has been 2 years in a row he has been den champion, overall pack champion and I as the parent's champion. In 2 years we raced 24 races, winning 20 of them. Your products work, your plans and instructions are easy to follow and your customer service is very good.(I had called yesterday from NY about balance. You returned the call in minutes). I was never a Cub Scout and never gave this event much thought. It's far more interesting than I ever imagined. These have been great memories and other folks are asking how we did it. You're who we recommend. We're glad we did business with you.
Bulk Pinewood Derby Kits
Bulk Block & Wedge Kits
For Your Pinewood Derby Event
Pinewood Derby Tool Packs
Specialty Tools
Pinewood Derby Basic Speed Kit
Speed Supplies
Tungsten Canopy Pinewood Derby Weight
Triangular Tungsten Pinewood Derby Canopy
Tungsten Weight
Pinewood Derby Competition Axles
Titanium & Stainless Steel
Competition Axles

Do you want to turn your Pinewood Derby® car design into a winner? Are you looking for a winning pinewood derby car design? If the answer is yes, then Maximum Velocity will help you achieve your goal by providing you with proven tips, ideas, specialty tools, and supplies. With our extensive experience, and our quality products, you can build a pinewood derby car that reaches Maximum Velocity!

Winning Pinewood Derby Car Kits

Looking for a winning pinewood derby car body? We offer a large variety of Pinewood Derby Car Kits based on winning designs which are set-up to accept the maximum weight at the proper weight position. Pinewood derby kits are available in both the standard (scouting) and extended wheelbase.

NitroRail Pinewood Derby Kit
Annihilator Pinewood Derby Kit
Vector Pinewood Derby Kit
Jaguar Pinewood Derby Kit

Click Here for All Pre-Cut, Bulk, and Club Pinewood Derby Kits

Pinewood Derby Wheels & Axles

Whether your pinewood derby race is with Cub Scouts, Awana, RA's, or another organization we likely have Speed Wheels and Axles for your organization. Maximum Velocity also offers a large selection of competition components for your outlaw race, as well as stock replacement pinewood derby wheels and axles.
Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels
Official BSA Speed Wheels
Pinewood Derby Outlaw Wheels
Outlaw Wheels
Pine Wood Derby Car Axles
Performance Axles
Pinewood Derby Bulk Wheels and Axles
Bulk MV Wheels

Click Here for All Pinewood Derby Wheels & Axles

Pinewood Derby Weight

Maximum Velocity offers the largest assortment of tungsten weights, as well as the more economical lead, steel, and zinc weights. Regardless of your car design, we have Pinewood Derby Weights that will help you increase your pinewood derby performance.
Tungsten Canopy Pinewood Derby Weight
Skull Tungsten Pinewood Derby Canopy
Tungsten Canopies
Tungsten Plate Pinewood Derby Weight
Tungsten Underbody Plates
Steel Cylinders Pinewood Derby Weight
Steel Cylinders
Tundra Pinewood Derby Weight
Tundra-Lead Substitute

Click Here for All Pinewood Derby Weight

Unique Pinewood Derby Specialty Tools

To give your pinewood derby car the racer's edge, check out our Specialty Tools. We offer the full selection of DerbyWorx tools, as well as our own unique pinewood derby tools.
Pro-Axle Guide
Pro-Axle Guide
Pinewood Derby Axle Extraction Pliers
Axle Extraction Pliers
Pro-Rail Rider Tool
Pro-Rail Rider
Pinewood Derby Paint Stand
Paint Stand
Pinewood Derby Tool Packs
Tool Packs

Click Here for All Pinewood Derby Specialty Tools

Pinewood Derby Speed Supplies

To reach Maximum Velocity you will need Speed Supplies such as lubricant and polishing materials. Our pinewood derby speed supplies are both time and experimentally proven to give you the edge in your race.
Max-V-Lube Pinewood Derby Lube
Pinewood Derby Axle Polishing Kit
Axle Polishing Kit
Diamond Polish for Pinewood Derby Racing
Diamond Polish
Pinewood Derby Basic Speed Kit
Speed Kits
Pinewood Derby Accel Fenders
Accel Fenders

Click Here for All Pinewood Derby Speed Supplies

Winning Pinewood Derby Car Plans

Our Pinewood Derby Car Plans provide you with winning designs that take the guess work out of designing a pinewood derby car. In each collection of Car Plans you will find templates and step-by-step instructions to turn your pinewood derby car kit into a winning car. All cars are designed for optimum weight and weight location, and support both the standard (scouting) and extended wheel base. All of our Car Plan Booklets are available for Immediate Download.
Car Plans 8
Click Here For All Of Our Car Plan Booklets
Pinewood Derby NitroRail car
Pinewood Derby Barracuda car
Pinewood Derby Vector
pinewood derby car plans 7
Click Here For All Of Our Car Plan Booklets
Pinewood Derby Predator
Pinewood Derby Assimilator
Pinewood Derby Vaccinator

Click Here for All Pinewood Derby Car Plans

Decals and Finishing Supplies For Pinewood Derby Cars

Give your pinewood derby car that special look with Decals, Pinstriping, Body Skins, Wheel Flares, and Car Accessories. We also have Finishing Supplies including Sandpaper, Glue, and Paint Markers. Finally, show off your finished pinewood derby car with a DerbyDome Display Case.
Pinewood Derby Decals

Pinewood Derby Stickers
Pinewood Derby Paint StencilsStencil
Paint Stencils
Pinewood Derby Body Skins and Wheel Flares
Body Skins
& Wheel Flares
Pinewood Derby Accessories
Pinewood Derby Car Accessories
Pinewood Derby Display Case

Derby Dome

Click Here for All Pinewood Derby Decals, Accessories, and Finishing Supplies

Pinewood Derby Race Management Equipment

Help your race run smoothly with proven pinewood derby race management equipment including: DerbyStop Staging Platforms, Wheel and Car Go/No-go Gauges, Grand Prix Race Manager Software, and RaceFx Sound Effects Software.
Pinewood Derby Stop
Derby Stop Staging Platform
Pinewood Derby Wheel Gauge
Pinewood Derby
WheelGo/No-go Gauge
Pinewood Derby Race Management

Grand Prix Race Manager
Pinewood Derby Sound Effects

RaceFx Sound Effects

Click Here for All Pinewood Derby Race Management Equipment


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