Pinewood Derby Timers, Tracks, and Software

BestTrack - Offers a line of strong, but lightweight aluminum tracks that can be expanded one track at a time.

Grand Prix Software Central - Offers the 'GrandPrix Race Manager' software package for managing Pinewood Derby® and Awana Grand Prix type races.

Grand Prix Tracker - Offers race management software and a finish line timer.

NewBold Products - Pinewood derby timers and finish lines.

New Directions - Manufacturer of 'The Judge', a popular electronic finish line.

General Pinewood Derby Information Sites

AgentZ Scouting Resources Pinewood Derby Information - General pinewood derby information and free race management software.

Derby Talk - A forum for discussing pinewood derby topics with other enthusiasts.

Grand Prix Race Central - Tips on running a race, tracks, electronics plans, software, and much more.

Hobby Science Manuals - Extensive information on the science of pinewood derby cars.

Pinewood Derby Blog - Pinewood Derby newsletters and additional thoughts on pinewood derby racing.

Other Sites of Interest

Scouting Patches from Around the World - A collection of scout patches from various countries