About Us

From Randy & Elisa Davis, Owners of Maximum Velocity!

Several years ago, our children began participating in the pinewood derby at our church. Although we had fun, our initial results were not particularly noteworthy. But we noticed that there were a few families that consistently entered very fast cars. So, having an engineering background, Randy began studying pinewood derby techniques.

Then, in 1997 Randy was given the opportunity to serve as the Derby Master for our derby. In a desire to improve the competition by making the basic techniques known to all the entrants, he wrote the booklet "Maximum Velocity! - Speed to the Finish". Since that time, the booklet has been through eleven major revisions, and is now in its twelfth edition.

In 1999, several people suggested that the booklet should be made available on a broader scale. As we were inclined towards starting a business, we launched the Maximum Velocity! web site in October of that year.

Since then we have developed thirteen booklets of car plans, and each year we introduce many new specialty tools, kits, and supplies. God willing, we will continue to offer new products each year in the future.

Our desire is that by using these booklets and supplies, not only will you create a competitive car, but that you and your parent (or adult mentor) will more thoroughly enjoy the car building process. Winning a trophy is great, but the real point of the pinewood derby is building and racing a car with someone you care about.

Best wishes in your derby race, and may God bless you and your family.

Randy and Elisa live in Glendale, Arizona.