Car Inspection Gauge


Our Car Inspection Gauge will help you improve your race by providing a consistent and quick way to inspect each pinewood derby car. The gauge measures car height, ground clearance, length, width, wheel spacing, and more.


Speed up your race inspection and make it consistent!

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Our Car Inspection gauge will help you improve your race by providing a consistent and quick way to inspect each pinewood derby car. The laser-cut construction means that your organization can confidently use this gauge for years to come.


The Car Inspection gauge allows you to easily measure the following criteria:

  • Car Dimensions - If the car fits fully inside the gauge (with the door inserted), then the car meets the standard dimension limits of:
    • 2-3/4 inches maximum width,
    • 7 inches maximum length,
    • 1-3/4 inches minimum wheel spacing, and
  • Underbody Clearance - If the bottom of the car clears the guide rail then the car meets the 3/8 inch minimum underbody clearance.
  • Wheelbase Length - If your organization has restrictions on wheelbase length, you can mark those limits on the side of the gauge.
  • Start Pin - Verifies that no part of the car extends past the starting pin.

From Randy:
"A quality car inspection gauge is critical for a smooth inspection process. It not only greatly speeds up the inspection, but it also applies the race rules without bias. Parents cannot argue if the car doesn't fit in the gauge."

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Dowel Pin and Side Pieces

Front Piece


The Inspection gauge is shipped unassembled. The Car Inspection Gauge can be assembled with or without glue. If you choose to use glue, only the two side pieces are glued to the base. The front and back pieces are not glued.

  1. Identify the parts - Lay out the parts similar to the photo.
  2. Insert the dowel pin (tap in with a hammer if needed) into the hole in the base.
  3. Peel off any protective material from the four acrylic parts.
  4. Attach the two side pieces to the base. Make sure the short end of each sidepiece is on the same end as the dowel pin.  If you choose to glue the side pieces, squeeze a small amount of glue into each slot in the base. Press the side pieces into place and wipe off any excess glue that comes out of the bottom of the slots.
  5. Insert the front piece into the front slots on the side pieces. The front piece will sit just in front of the dowel pin.
  6. The back piece is slightly loose so that it can be removed and replaced with each car.


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