2013 Testimonials

Michael E. -
October 22, 2013 - My Wolf won second place in our stake, and my Bear won first place bears for the stake and first place overall. Needless to say they were on Cloud 9. Thanks! We will see you soon for Raingutter Regatta supplies.

David D. -
May 30, 2013 - My daughters Girl Scouts had an outlaw race. We decided to use the fan car kit. With some tweaks and changes we won with a 1.7 second time, destroying the competition. After fixing a tight wheel, we hit 1.5 seconds. THANK YOU so much!

Keith, Victoria, and Gabriel D. -
May 8, 2013 - If it weren't for Maximum Velocity, 2013 may have been another ho-hum year for my son (my wife and I get a thrill out of it too). Maximum Velocity had all the specialty tools and the best prices. It was very convenient that I could get all of the tools that I needed in one of your tool packs. Last year (2012) my son won his pack race. But when he went to the district race reality set in and he found out that he was not even close to being competitive. Walking out of the race, my son and I were discussing next year's (2013) car and we decided to do everything that we could do to make his car the fastest it can be. This would be his last chance, his swan song so to speak. He and I decided that we would do some research and do everything that we could to produce the best car that we could possibly make. We scoured the internet looking for any information, speed tips, and how-to instructions, and found your website. I found everything on your website, all in one place. All the tools necessary to make the best car out there for the best price. This year (2013) my son won his pack race again and was able to compete in the district race. Overall he had the 5th best time of the 37 cars in his district. He was very happy with his finish. Thank you for helping make my son's last race a great and happy experience for him.

Terry D. -
April 27, 2013 - I'm so proud of my son Terry! Today he won the Wagon Wheel District Pinewood Derby! Out of 77 cars, all of which were the fastest in their own packs, Terry took home the trophy. I've had proud father moments, but this one may top 'em all. Thanks for your help, Randy! We have exclusively used Maximum Velocity products for four years now, and I know that was a major factor in his success today. The memories created today will endure for a lifetime.

David B. -
March 24, 2013 - The Pack PWD was today and my son made the Annihilator, which is exactly what it did to the competition. It raced a total of 12 heats on its way to the pack championship, and never lost one, even in what everyone acknowledged was the "slow" lane. The only car that came close was his sister's "Stealth", which was only about 0.002 behind on 4 run average times. Many thanks for your help and advice this year. On to districts!

Bryan M. -
March 11, 2013 - Great news - our 4 cars took home three first place trophies and one second place trophy! My boys are headed to our District race. Thank you so much for your attention to my calls, emails and most of all for having great products. Your help put us in the winner circle.

Chris D. -
March 9, 2013 - Just wanted to thank you for your amazing products and all your helpful tips!!! My sons placed first today in Tiger cubs and Weblos, as well as a 1-2 finish overall for the pack. Blazing fast! Looking forward to district races next weekend!

Allen G -
March 9, 2013 - Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the great products you provide to us Pinewood Derby competitors. My grandson and I have used your products for several years for his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby races. This was his last year and although we have done very well at the Pack level we couldn't get to the winners circle for the District. Well this year we did. He came in 1st for his Pack, then at the District race he came in 2nd for his rank and then 2nd overall in the District. There were well over 100 cars in competition so we are proud to take 2nd overall! What a great way to finish Cub Scouting. Additionally, the District also had a sibling race and his sister car took 1st overall - her joy was reflected in her smile when they presented her 1st place medal. We have won the sibling race at the Pack level for the last 3 years, but this our first try at the District sibling race. There may be lots of factors that enable a "win" but we have no doubt your products gave us the winning edge.

Jeff F. -
March 7, 2013 - My youngest of four sons participated in his Pack’s pinewood derby last night. Our Pack is very competitive when it comes to such things and it had been a few years since our family had a good showing in the race results. This year, I decided that we would invest in a better car design and better wheels/axels in hopes of a better outcome. I am happy to report that my son went to school this morning on cloud 9, as he won every race. He even beat the kid/dad who always wins. Thanks for offering quality products and instructions! I wish we had found you guys a few years sooner.

Brian C. -
March 5, 2013 - I wanted to thank you for the great service and products during this Derby season. I received all my orders as promised, including a last minute rush order. In all we made 12 cars for this year’s derby. Three for my family and the rest with/for boys that did not have the means to participate. My Bear Scout ended up winning his den and the Pack championship. One of the boys we helped with his car, took first in the Wolf den and second in the Pack. Both are looking forward to the District race. My youngest son took great pride in beating Dad for the second year in a row in the Parents and Sibling division. Next year he will be a Tiger Scout. Maybe I’ll stand a chance then! Thank you again for the great service and advice!

Scott S. -
March 4, 2013 - My son's car won 1st place overall in his pack, and also won 1st place for Webelos I & II in the District Pinewood Derby. Because of his win at the District level, he has an invitation to the Council Pinewood Derby in May. Thank you Maximum Velocity!

Norm C. -
March 3, 2013 - My grandson won his derby race; there were 50 cars! Thanks for the speed tips and supplies.

Jeremy I. -
February 19, 2013 - My son went for speed instead of design in this years Awana Grand Prix, so we pulled out all the stops and it paid off big time. 1st place in the Sparks division, followed by 1st place overall. Thanks for the supplies!

Russ H. -
February 19, 2013 - Thanks for all of your help for our derby. The Predator won, with the Sports Car coming in second. So we took first and second overall in the derby!

Dennis S. -
February 19, 2013 - I just wanted to thank you for the products and the support over the last 4 years. This past weekend, we had our district races. As a Webelos II, this was my son’s last year to race. Not only did he win first place in the Webelos II division, but we also won first place overall at the district races. There were over 250 cars entered this year! Finishing first overall was quite an accomplishment. We also had the fastest time of the day in an individual heat. His first year as a Tiger Scout, my son didn't do very well. But after a lot of reading, research, and experimentation, we set out to do better, and we began using your products. After that first year, he had a four year winning streak as first in his den and first in his pack. He also placed at the district races three out the last four years in his den level, and twice in the overall district races. All in all, he finished his Pinewood Derby career with 13 out of a possible 16 trophies, all using your products - 11 of those 13 were first place trophies.

Glenn C. -
February 12, 2013 - We used your Assimilator design for my grandson's car and he placed first in his Webelos race, and was overall champ for our district. Your tungsten weights are great for a slim aerodynamic design, and your information is a great help.

Grandma C. -
February 5, 2013 - Thanks to Maximum Velocity my grandson took first in his den, first in his pack, and first in the city wide pinewood derby!!!! He even received his first speeding citation for going 255 mph - at the pinewood derby race:)

Florian C. -
February 2, 2013 - Won record fastest time and record fastest sibling time!!! Thanks for your expert help, advice and support, Randy. Looking forward to next year!

Fabian G. -
February 1, 2013 - My son got 2nd place in his derby on Friday! Thanks for the great products and the great advice as well.

Lou G. -
February 1, 2013 - Just wanted to thank you for your kind assistance, expertise, and products. My son was awarded a trophy for second place at the conclusion of last night's races and, needless to say, he was quite thrilled and proud of himself. Thanks again, and we will see you next year!!!

Gary -
January 30, 2013 - Thanks for the help you gave us - we won 1st place last weekend!

Brad & Tyler B. -
January 30, 2013 - My son was the Pinewood Derby Grand Champion last weekend. He set a new track record. Thanks for all your help!

Tracy & Eli -
January 26, 2013 - Thank you so much for your product! My son's Vaccinator came in first place in our annual pinewood derby! The car turned out amazing and everyone thought it was very cool! I couldn't believe how fast it zipped down the track. Best car EVER!!!

Paul P. -
January 26, 2013 - Randy, my son's car came in first last night at his Weblos Pine Car Derby. It was our first build and he was so excited! What a great family event. Thanks for helping make it happen.

Phillip K. -
January 26, 2013 - Another Maximum Velocity winner! My son won his derby today.
Your great tools and support certainly contributed to the win. So, thank you!

David U. -
January 19, 2013 - 1st in Den, 1st in Pack! Thanks for not only providing winning product, but also providing winning advice!

Rick W. -
January 14, 2013 - Just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for all the great parts you sent to us. Also, I wanted to thank you for the extra advice you provided me when I called with a couple of questions afterward. My Tiger Cub, built the Stealth and got Third Place in his rank. This allowed him to compete in our pack finals in his very first year. What a nice experience for him! My Bear Cub built the Predator and got First Place in his rank, and then proceeded to get First Place in the pack against approximately 80 other cars. He was thrilled, to say the least! Both boys have their trophies on the mantle at home and I don't think that those will move anytime soon! Thanks again for helping my boys to enjoy a great pinewood derby for 2013!

Bill K. -
January 3, 2013 - Thanks for the SUPER FAST shipping. You're the only vendor I recommend at my workshops. One stop shopping. Keep up the good work.