2010 Testimonials

John T. -
November 16, 2010 - I just wanted to let you know that my son and I ordered the plans for the Wedge SE car. With the help of the information and the easy to follow plans we took 1st place for the Webelos in our district and 2nd place overall ! Your accessories worked perfect and enabled us to have super straight axles and a car that recorded a super time! Thanks for the information and help.

Michael M. -
October 15, 2010 - This is my third year ordering Pinewood Derby accessories from Maximum Velocity. The products and service are first rate and the race results have yielded trophys and a very happy Cub Scout in both of the last two years. I would recommend them to anyone considering building a competitive car.

Chris -
September 26, 2010 - My daughter and I built the Coupe kit for the State Muster of the Royal Rangers. The Pinewood Derby attracted about 80 cars. The track record is 3 seconds. To cut a long story short, my daughter won the Pioneer Class, equalling the course record! At the end they held the Champion of Champions race, which she also won. So, many thanks for the help! We will see what next year's theme is, and certainly be doing more business with you.

Ryan H. -
July 15, 2010 - Thanks to you guys and your knowledge, my son took first in pack and district this year -- undefeated. He worked hard on his car and learned that hard work and knowledge is what gets you to the winner's circle. He did everything himself, with some help from your graphite and ideas, and of course me over his shoulder. Districts was a proud day to be a dad.

Jimmy F. -
May 22, 2010 - Thanks for all of the products and info you provide. My son, Jack, won his first pinewood derby today. He raced 6 times against 18 other cars and won every race. He even beat a car that won council last year. We built the Muscle Car from Car Plans 6. Everyone was asking where the weight was, what did we do to the wheels, and,"how did you make it so fast." Thanks again, your products can't be beat!

Bill R. -
May 4, 2010 - Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your coaching and "top notch" materials! Our son, Liam, took second in his pack (approximately 40 cars) and first prize in his region (approximately 30 cars). The hug your kid gives you after winning is priceless.

Greg D. -
April 23, 2010 - Thanks for all your support. The tools and supplies that I bought from you definitely paid off. My son's car won all four races in his first heat and advanced to the Championship round where he lost to the overall champion! We are already looking forward to next year's race!

Bill K. -
April 18, 2010 - I again want to say a huge thanks for offering your knowledge and expertise in Pinewood Derby to the general public through your business Maximum Velocity. I so appreciate the integrity with which you run your business and share information. This year marks the end of the road for Pinewood Derby for me and my two sons as they will both be Boy Scouts next season. In the past 5 years, we've made 14 cars, raced in 14 different events and have come home with over 20 trophies and awards. This year again we used the "Bolt" car style with great success. Yesterday was the best yet though, after finishing 2nd in our Pack race, my son's car took 1st place out of 71 cars in our District race. We've been using your information, products, experiences and knowledge applied to our cars for the past 4 years. Each year my boys have learned and been able to do more. It gives the boys a real sense of accomplishment to see what they've learned and can do on their own. I think of it in retrospect: 5 years competing, 100's of hours shared together, 100's of dollars invested into my son's lives, many successful experiences - Priceless!

Ed M. -
April 12, 2010 - In the council race, my son took First Place in Bears and First place overall!! Thanks for all your help this Pinewood Derby year! I think it was the Max V graphite that made the difference!!

Edward S. -
April 11, 2010 - Today at our District pinewood derby my son took 1st Place in the Wolf Class and 1st Place Overall. The wheel alignment tool and Axle Extraction Pliers are must haves. Thanks to your help he has been the overall district winner two years running.

Russ & Jacob J. -
March 31, 2010 - We wanted to drop a quick note to say THANK YOU, AGAIN! Our derby turned out even better than we could ever have hoped. Jacob took first place in his age group and was Grand Champion. He has to be the happiest scout ever! He wanted to make sure that you know he attributes his success to your help. He said we couldn't have done it without you.

Scott T. -
March 23, 2010 - Thank you for all your help! I won the unlimited division with the propeller car - just like you said - 8 car lengths ahead. We also won the stock race. We won every race and performed without a flaw. Thank you for all your help and support. We could not have dominanted this
event without your help!

Marc B. -
March 22, 2010 - I just had to write to tell you we won again! Second year in a row using Maximum Velocity tools and car parts, and the second year in a row we not only won, but remain undefeated. Both cars in both years just CRUSHED every other car at the derby. Thanks again.

John C. -
March 20, 2010 - Recently, I was asked by a friend for some advise about building a pinewood derby car for a powder puff derby that is being run by his daughter's local Girl Scout troop. Although I could not attend the event, I was told that the car won the event and took first place overall. Not only had the car won every race it had run in the finals rounds, but the car also had the lowest elapsed time in every round and consistently posted faster elapsed times in each successive run made down the track. Once again, your assistance and help paid dividends many times over. The nicest part of this story is that the car was built in the full spirit of the pinewood derby, as my friend and his daughter built the car together, including design, sanding and painting. My help consisted of working with them on weight placement, and offering direct assistance on the wheel and axle preparation, and final car alignment. It brought back many fond memories of the successes I have shared with my son in years past.

David S. -
March 15, 2010 - My grandson and I built a car for this year's cub scout race using a design idea from your site. He won 1st place in his den and 1st overall in the pack. This was his first year to win 1st place overall! Thank you for tips and supplies from your site.

Brad R. -
March 14, 2010 - With the help of items bought from you and a little hard work, my son was able to win every race at the pack level, first in Bears and second in open. He also won all his races at district and we came away with two third place trophies.

Kevin & Jesse -
March 14, 2010 - We have been using your products for three years. We have now won our disrict race three straight years using your designs. This year we ran the Predator -- it won by a mile. Thanks for the service you provide. We believe your car designs are second to none.

Matt & Jacob M. -
March 13, 2010 - We just finished our district race. Jacob never lost a race and won his class for the second year!! I was able to use
his car from last year and weight it up for open class -- that car has never
been beat. Thanks for the help!!

Steven K. -
March 6, 2010 - Tonight was a good night. My son had the fastest car in our pinewood derby race. We were suprised that the car did so well. He came in first in all of the heats and broke a few records as well along the way. Your Predator kit rocks! We will visit you folks again next year.

Steve -
March 3, 2010 - Thanks for your Detonator plans that won my son's pack pinewood derby. The car seemed to get faster after each race! Now he is the Pack Champion and is going to the district race.

Gary B. -
February 28, 2010 - My seven year old son just competed in his very first pinewood derby today. With the help of Maximum Velocity, this "newcomer" just got his first trophy and is on his way to the regional competition! Great products and easy to follow instructions made this introduction to racing a huge success -- THANK YOU MAXIMUM VELOCITY!!!! Awesome job guys.

Doug J. -
February 27, 2010 - Thank you again for great responsiveness. We purchased our first round of tools and supplies in 2008 before our first AWANA Grand Prix. Winning the overall speed trophy got everyone hooked and we still have a picture hanging in our kitchen of my daughter and I with her car. The next year we used our leftover supplies and took 2nd. This year both kids competed which put a drain on the supply stock. Tuesday night we ran out of sandpaper with 3 axles to go and the race scheduled for Friday. The sibling disparity of one fast car and one average car would have been a disaster -- especially since it would have been due to Dad's poor planning, not the effort or attitude of the kids. I placed an order late that night for another polishing kit and some supplies for next year. The order shipped first thing the next morning and arrived in time for a Thursday evening axle polishing festival. Last night our family reclaimed the speed trophy with 1st and 3rd place out of 95 cars, bracketing last year's overall winner. Your tools and techniques work every time! With patience and attention to detail the standard kit supplied by the AWANA club can be turned into a really fast car and turned into a good set of lessons for kids about researching a project, using the right tools, and patiently following instructions.

Jeff R. -
February 26, 2010 - Our son took home 1st place thanks to you guys, and you made the project less expensive and more fun for us. Thanks for a great website and service!

Dennis B. -
February 23, 2010 - My son won the 1st place trophy for his pack and didn't lose a single race in the finals! Watching him stand on the stage with his trophy was the proudest I've ever seen him, and of course I couldn't have been prouder of him myself. Thanks so much for your help!

Mike P. -
February 22, 1020 - This is my son's first year in the cub scouts, so it was also our first experience with pinewood derby competition. Being a first timer, I was little intimidated when listening to others discuss their past derby experiences. So my goal was to somehow build a car with my son that didn't embarrass itself or us. While researching on the Internet I came across your all-inclusive site and took a chance. My son picked out the Muscle Car design. I bought the plans booklet and the speed kit, closely following all instructions provided. Well, it all paid off. Not only did the car NOT embarrass itself, my son car took 1st Place first in the Wolf division and 3rd Place overall in the Pack finals. Our Pack has about 70 boys. Needless to say this made for a very happy weekend for the entire family, who all had a stake in this Derby process. The appreciation I received from my son was priceless; Dad was a Hero. You guys are professionals who know your business well and you will continue to be successful because you provide excellent products that yield excellent results.

J. K. -
February 20, 2010 - My son won his pack's pinewood derby today! There were 30+ cars competing. Thanks for your website and equipment. Absolutely worth every penny!

Chris H. -
February 19, 2010 - My brother (sports car) took 1st place win in his second Awana Grand Prix. I took home 1st place in the Awana leader class (for adults only). Thank you for your help towards our victorys.

Curtis F. -
February 15, 2010 - I have two boys, one is a Bear and the other is a Wolf. So this is my third Pinewood Derby. Needless to say, my first two Pinewood Derbys didn't go so hot. This year, I asked my boys if they wanted a good looking car or a fast car, as my previous two stints with good looking cars didn't go so well. They said 'fast!'. As I read more and looked online for tips, I came across your website and found the tools for sale. Armed with knowledge and my American Express, I bought the basic tool kit and eagerly waited for it to arrive at my doorstep. Once the tools arrived, with derby blocks in hand, I got to work with my boys. Soon, we had what appeared to be servicable cars. The day of our race, we placed 1st and 2nd in the pack, with 32 entrants. Now, we're on our way to the district races and my confidence is quite high that we'll place well there, too. The looks on my kid's faces was priceless, thanks to your website.

Rick M. -
February 9, 2010 - My son got 1st place in his den, and 1st
overall with the supplies we purchased from you. We are going to regional finals. We had a blast - thanks!

Robert -
February 8, 2010 - Thank you for making such excellent products. My son had his first pinewood derby race, and using wheels, axles, lube, and tools that we got from you, he WON! He did not lose a single race, and defeated the boy that had won the last 2 years.

Charles & Colton -
February 6, 2010 - My son and I wanted to thank you for such a good experience with our first pinewood derby! We used your Predator design and some other supplies. Your products were delivered quickly and exactly as advertised.The detailed instructions that were included were a big help to understanding why each component was important and how it would help on race day. Ultimately the car performed beyond our expectations winning every heat with a convincing lead earning him a first place trophy his first year out! One of the boys in his age group (Wolves) made the comment "It's not even touching the track it's just floating on air!". That's not all, he got a 2nd place design trophy for the sleek aerodynamic shape with perfect weight distribution. I would like to think the paint job had a little to do with this too. We plan on purchasing several cars next year for the "open class" so keep up the great work.

Edward S. -
February 6, 2010 - My son took 1st place in the Wolf class and I took 1st in the Open class at our Pack pinewood derby today. Those X-Lite Outlaw Wheels I used in the Open class blew everything else off the track! It was not even close. This makes two years in a row that Maximum Velocity has helped us bring home the gold! Many thanks.

Mike S. -
February 6, 2010 - A quick note to say thanks for the great products. After two years of dismal pinewood derby results, and a disappointed son, I purchased tools and items from your site. This weekend my son placed 1st in his den and 2nd in the Pack. He was absolutely thrilled. I'm glad I found your site. Lots of great information. My purchased items were as promised and on-time. I'll be a repeat customer next year.

Gerry D. -
February 6, 2010 - This is my oldest son's 5th derby. His first derby car barely made it down the track. Since I discovered Maximum-Velocity, Jack has won 1st place in his pack the last 4 years (while breaking numerous track records -- now he's breaking his own records). Your designs are so easy to follow, my boys can do most of the work themselves. This year was no different, Jack got first place in the Pack with the Predator and his brother, Alex, got second place with the Missle -- again with a couple of track records thrown in. Thank you so much for the designs. Districts here we come!

Steve W. -
February 3, 2010 - Just thought I'd let you know that with the help of Maximum Velocity wheels and axles, my son's car took the Grand Champion trophy for his pack race this year! He won seven of eight first place finishes. Then he went on to the championship, winner take all race, and won by a full car length!
What an awesome day! Thanks for the help!

Phil H. -
January 31, 2010 - We "smoked 'em". Matthew won first in class in the car he built with a little assistance from old grandad. It's all about precision, alignment, and machining accuracy afterall !! The car tool Low Elapsed Time, Top Speed, and oh yes ........a New Track Record !. Now on to Districts.........

George C. -
January 31, 2010 - We recently used your Predator design and your Speed to the Finish tips booklet. Well, the race was this past Saturday and my son won not only his Den (14 cars), but also won the Pack race-off (5 cars)! In addition, he also won his Den "Best Appearing" car! Not bad for his first Derby! He's already planning next year's car.

Brian S. -
January 31, 2010 - This year we used a combo of short wheel base and farther than normal COG for our rough track. It paid off with 1st in den and 1st in pack for the coveted 1st place trophy! Thank you for the speed parts and the knowledge!

Lupita and Juan Luis C. -
January 31, 2010 - We won!!! Juan Luis' car came in first place in every single race ... 3.13 sec. He won first place in the race competition from almost 40 cars. To our surprise he also got the most creative car award. This was our first year doing a pinewood derby car. We couldn't have done it without all your help! Your book "Speed to the Finish!" is awesome. The key to a successful car. The Raptor kit and wheels/axles we got ... incredible! Our next race ... regional! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! You are the best!

Paul S. -
January 30, 2010 - I recently purchased some products from Maximum Velocity. We built the car, followed all the directions on building and polishing and took it to the track. After not doing the greatest the last few years we had nothing to lose. Well, we ran the two quickest runs, and set the single run track record a full tenth of a second quicker then the 2nd place car. We also set the four run average record overall in the history of the pack by two tenths of a second. Needless to say we took home first place, and it was something really special. Thank you for a great product and all the right tips to get to the finish line first.

Michael M. -
January 30, 2010 - I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy we were with your product. After botching the original kit I was given, I decided to give your products a chance. After a quick paint and weight session we were ready to go. My 6 year old won the derby for his pack going away! After the race, many fathers asked me my secrets. I didn't hesitate to tell them Maximum Velocity!

Brad -
January 28, 2010 - Just wanted to give you guys a great big thanks from my son and I. He is a Wolf Scout and finished 1st in his division and took 2nd place overall in his Pack. His car burned up the track!

DS -
January 26, 2010 - Just an FYI, my grandson did not get completely humiliated this year with his pinewood derby car. He was a winner with a beautiful trophy and a smile that we still can't wipe off his face. We will be eternally grateful.

John L. -
January 25, 2010 - My son RJ built a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Car. I wanted to let you that he came in first in speed and won most original at his Cub Scout Pack Pinewood Derby. We really liked the Tungsten Canopy, it looks sharp and it was easy for RJ to install. Thanks for the great products.

Don H -
January 25, 2010 - My grandson and I followed all the tips in your book. The book is cub scout friendly. Most important was your information on getting the wheels aligned correctly. The car ran straight as an arrow with no bouncing off the sides of the track and was probably the major factor in the car's speed.. My grandson won every race and set a pack record. Whenever anyone asked what the secrets were, I referred them to Maximum Velocity and your book."

Brad L. -
January 23, 2010 - Thank you for your great communication with me in this order and in the past. I have ordered several items from you and will continue to do so. Your ideas, products, and all the information contained on your website are very well thought out and extremely helpful. I wanted to let you know that my 8 year old son had his pinewood derby race today and not only did he win 1st place in his den but also won first place out of his entire pack for having the fastest car. I had purchased from you before a few years back and my older son also won first place with your great ideas and products. The tips you give are very helpful and I will definitely be back again and again. Thank you so much.

AM -
January 23, 2010 - I am a mom who does Cub Scouts with her son. I wanted to participate with my son in the Pinewood Derby race, but knew nothing about making a car. Well, I bought a car from you guys. Yesterday was a complete success. I didn't do all the little extras (which I plan to do next year now that I know more) but we still won our den and did an excellent job in the finals. My son had the best time. The car was fast! I will buy from you next year.