2001 Testimonials

Christopher Yuen -
November 17, 2001 - Our cub scout pack had a family pinewood derby night. Cubs, siblings, and even parents could build pinewood derby cars to race. We built two cars based on the plans provided in your booklets. My daughter's car was the extended WEDGE. It beat everyone by at least one and a half car lengths. It never lost! My son's car was the extended INTERCEPTOR. It won every race except the finals when it raced head to head with the WEDGE, just losing by a quarter of a car length.
Your plans were the key to our success. After seeing how fast our cars were running, some of the other dads started asking me what we did. Naturally, I shared a few of your tips with them. I could have kept it a secret, but I think helping others to improve and increasing the level of competition is more fun! After all, last year my son was dead last in every race heat.
Thanks for your excellent tips! There were clear, simple, and easy to understand. The pictures and diagrams were very helpful to my children as they participated in the process. This truly was a family project and we had a blast!! On behalf of my family, thank you so much!!

Cameron Sallee -
November 14, 2001 - We bought the Car Plans 2 booklet from you a couple of weeks ago and just won 1st Place in the Awana Grand Prix. Thanks!

Chet Frahm -
November 12, 2001 - My son is in Webelos, and this is his third year in the pinewood derby. The previous two years he was lucky to beat a few cars. We just had his derby this weekend and he finished first in his den and ended up second in the entire pack!! I can't believe the difference your site made in the construction of his car.

In the two previous years we just cut the wood, painted it, and stuck the wheels on. This year, we used the free car plan from your site (Wedge SE). We had fun building it with the detailed instructions, and it worked great. My son was thrilled that the car looked a hundred percent better than the previous two years, and didn't really act like he cared about winning (I think it was because of the disappointment from before, and he didn't think we would have a chance). When he came in first place in every heat of his den he got excited and began to think he could win the whole thing. He finished a close second with a race off for second and third. It made his day and mine. Thanks again!

Steve and Ben Onnen -
October. 21, 2001 - About a year ago I emailed you concerning our church Awana Grand Prix. We didn't fair well last year and we emailed each other about the possible causes. Well this year we fixed the problem with the construction of the car, and last Wednesday night my son won first place!!!! Needless to say, he was very excited! Your booklet was very helpful. Thanks!

Mark Read -
October 3, 2001 - My two sons, daughter and I purchased the on-line version of your Pinewood Derby Car Construction Guidelines last year and had great success. They won our pack's Tiger, Webelos, and Sibling races. Thank you for all the great ideas! It was a great experience working with all of them on their cars and watching them race!

Deborah and Richard Seeley -
July 1, 2001 - I can't tell you thank you enough for the wonderful and helpful guide! We are a Mother-Son team, and this being our first derby we decided to go to the Internet for some expert advice. We purchased the Car Plans booklet, and decided to build the Wedge (we put Jeff Gordon #24 was on the top of the car). The night of the race we felt quite prepared and were eager to start the derby. And let me tell you before the night was over we were the center of attention! First timer gets 1st Place in Webelo Pack 503! Then in the finals my son placed 3rd out of 75 cars! We then entered the Indian River County
race and my son placed 1st in Webelos and 3rd over all in the county! What a valuable booklet; so easy to understand and follow. Thank You, thank

Wade H. -
May 27, 2001 - Just wanted you to know that we applied the majority of your suggestions, and my son's car won. The closest car was one car length behind. My son had a great time. Thank you for your help.

Pam Hosler -
April 26, 2001 - It works! My son won the derby race - in fact he won every
heat his car raced in. What a happy little boy and a proud Dad! Thanks for the tips.

Greg Michael -
April 25, 2001 - We purchased one of your booklets for our first ever Awana Grand Prix, and we had great results! My daughter and I decided to build the wedge design, and guess what.......it took first place!!! Thank you.

Al Burrs -
April 15, 2001 - Your booklets were very helpful in helping my son and I build our first Pinewood Derby car. Ben took second place for speed in his bracket and first place for car design.

Colby Vokey -
April 7, 2001 - I just wanted to thank you for your help. My son is a Tiger and it's his and my first year to be associated with the scouting program and pinewood derby. I am not, by any means, a woodworking or craft expert. After seeing your books listed on the Internet, I decided to buy your Pinewood Derby Car Construction Guidelines and Car Plans booklets. What a difference it made! Your tips and instructions made the construction more enjoyable for both of us and really set my son's car apart from the rest. He won 1st place for the Tiger Cub den and then went on to win for the whole pack. There were about 100 cars racing in our pack and only one other car came even close to challenging our car. I didn't think we would win the whole thing. I just wanted to do a project with my son that was fun and challenging where we could at least win a few heats and be competitive. But now we are going to compete in the regional competition for Southern California. Regardless of the outcome of that competition, my son will never forget this one. Neither will I.

Mitch Paine -
April 7, 2001 - Just wanted to let you know that we had our pack's Pinewood Derby, and my son won Second Place in the Wolf Division using THE WEDGE. He then went on to the regional, and took First Place. Thanks!

Perry Pond -
March 11, 2001 - Just a note to let you know that our car (THE WEDGE) came in first place. It was a very exciting and close race, but our car seemed to speed ahead just before the finish line! We are now moving on to the finals. Thanks from my two sons and myself.

Jim and Matt Powell -
March 5, 2001 - Thanks for the tips! My son and I put your tips to work, and his car came in first place in his scout troop. He is now on his way to districts.

Greg Eckert -
March 3, 2001 - We ordered the Car Plans booklet and did it ever pay off! This was my son's first pinewood derby race, as he is a tiger scout. We built THE RAIL with the standard wheel base and never lost a heat. My son is very proud of his first place trophy. His average scale speed was 173.6 MPH -- the best of the 30 plus
cars that entered!

Steve Schmidt -
February 22, 2001 - I just wanted to drop you a quick line telling you about my sons' pinewood derby races earlier today. THEY WERE TERRIFIC!!! This was my oldest son's third year. The first year, he was dead last in every heat. Last year, he got
second in a few heats, but otherwise didn't fare too well. This year, however, THE ROCKET that we constructed from your plans won EVERY heat, and was the winner for the whole pack!!! His expression at winning every heat was priceless. Nothing was more exciting than watching his pure joy at winning all his
heats. Additionally, my youngest son won all of his heats until the end when he received second place in his Tiger Cub den. He also won second place overall in the pack for best looking car. I just wanted to thank you for the plans and tips you provide to those of us without Pinewood Derby experience of our own to rely upon.

Ronald Jackson -
February 20, 2001 - Thanks for showing us how to build the fastest car. We just returned from our Pack's Pinewood Derby (my son's first derby). Although his car (THE LOWRIDER) placed 3rd in the pack (maybe because of placement at the starting line), he beat the 1st and 2nd place winners along with the other packs top winners to win THE FASTEST CAR ON THE TRACK at the end of the night. He was very excited and I must admit I was too.

Dean Reesey -
February 1, 2001 - We had our race this past weekend and my son placed 1st in his den and 2nd in the pack finals. The book was very helpful. Thank you for putting the book together.

Markey Pappalardo -
January 27, 2001 - We worked for two days nonstop and finished
our car, just in time for the race. We built the rounded RAIL with the standard wheel base and added a few modifications. It came in 1st for Fastest Car in the Bear den, 1st for Fastest Car in the pack, and 1st for Best Design. We were very happy and surprised. Now we'll be going to the Council Derby in a couple of weeks too! Thanks again for your help. We really appreciate it.

Alex and Dad -
January 2001 - With the help of your design and the winning tips in your booklets we won at the den and pack level. We are on to districts. Thanks!

Craig Gracey -
January 2001 - Thank you for the tips. My son Calvin and I went by your suggestions, and he took 2nd place. The look in his eyes in the winner's circle was what the race and working together is all about. He showed pride, honor, and above all else sportsmanship. Thank you again for a day with my son that I will live long in remembering.

Mike Sherrard -
January 25, 2001 - I purchased your Advanced Car Plans booklet, and my son Kurt chose THE ARROW for his car. We followed the directions and were ready for the race last night. Well, he won every race right up until the end when he tied, and then lost to the other undefeated car, thus taking second place. He is in his glory as he received a trophy and his picture will be in the local paper. He now gets to race at the mall against all the other winners in the county. He is already asking us to take him out for a celebration dinner. Your book is great! We can't wait until next years race.

Howard Braverman -
January 21, 2001 - We built THE ROCKET, and yesterday we had our race. We won the first round, 1st in the semifinals, and tied for 2nd in the finals. Then we won the runoff, finishing 2nd overall. This was a big, big change from the previous year. Last year my son went home very disappointed because his car jumped the track and was eliminated from going to the finals. This year my wife and I saw a grin on his face from ear to ear. Thank you for your help!!!