2006 Testimonials

Ronald S. -
November 18, 2006 - Our first PWD using your products and techniques was OUTSTANDING, with my son taking first place in his Tiger Cub division, while his sister won first place in her Siblings race (race was in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia). Her car, which was an original design she and I dreamed up, was the second fastest car overall out of a field of 92, and time-wise consistently beat one of our two acknowledged speed gurus. The kids and I say thank you, and look forward to more fun with PWD and Maximum Velocity in 2007!

Bill Hays -
November 20, 2006 - I just wanted to say thank you so much for overnighting the Detonator to me. I received it Friday as my two sons and I were walking out the door to an Indian Guide camp. Not to brag,but there were about 225 dads and kids at camp, and my boys smoked them all. We were beating the other cars by 2-4 car lengths. The car was more money than a lot of other cars out there, but it was worth every penny, as the results speak for themselves and my boys were very, very happy.

We have lost plenty of derbies over the years doing it the 'old fashioned way' with sandpaper and elbow grease, so I don't feel bad about using a car like the Detonator to bring home a championship. The Nation nicknamed it, "the Flamethrower." I would expect that a few dads from our nation will be contacting you for next year's derby, as once the smoke cleared, they wanted to know where I got it.

Pieter R. -
November 3, 2006 - I ordered one of your kits, and my 10 year old son and I built a car for his Awana Grand Prix. This was his first race, and probably no surprise to you, he won and is going to the State Championships! Thanks for the tips and the website. It is a great resource.

Mike K. -
September 26, 2006 - Two years ago I ordered your booklet on line to hopefully pick up
a few pointers on how to build a faster car!! It worked! The first car I
built using your methods placed second. Not only was my son's car racing
against his own Den but he was racing his entire Troop. The car ran great
and it was awesome seeing how it seemed to gain speed at the bottom of the
track. Many times it was behind until the very last second and then, would
pull ahead and win the heat!!

The second year I had a bigger chore on my hands. Not only did I have to
help my son with his car but I had to help my girlfriend's son, who was in
an entirely different Troop, build his car. I figured one of the cars would
make it to the top and that is just what happened! In fact both cars won first
place in the troop race. We were all stoked!! After there first place
victory they were invited to the Area race were all the winning cars were to
race against each other. All the troops from the city were there. My son won
3rd place overall in the Bear division and my girlfriend's son won 1st place
in the Tiger Cub division! WoooHooooo!! Awesome stuff man!!

Michael N. -
September 13, 2006 - Just wanted to let you know that using your booklet and products over the last few years have really helped in building a fast pinewood derby car. My son's car has finished first in his pack for the past four years. Last year his car finished first in his pack, first in the district, and took first place in the state of Hawaii at the annual cub scout Makahiki event. Your products work, and it definately expedited the construction time on the cars! Since my son has graduated from the cubscouts, I won't be building any more pinewood derby cars, but keep up the good work. It is priceless to see the joy in your childs face when his car does so well.

Anthony C. -
May 8, 2006 - Thanks ... thanks... thanks ... we won again!!!!! First place for the third year in a row. Thanks for the great products!

Mark A. -
May 1, 2006 - Just wanted to say thanks again for another
successful year of Pinewood Derby racing. My son Jacob, was thrilled to
pull off his third year of taking 1st Place in his pack! This year's
victory was the sweetest because the competition is really starting to heat
up in our pack; I've been telling the other Dads about your website in
hopes of making it more interesting and it has worked. Thanks again!

Larry F. -
April 29, 2006 - Just wanted too let you know that we won all our Derby races (Pack, District and State Council) thanks in a large part to your Official BSA Speed Axles. Thanks for your great products; we will see you next year for some more.

Colin W. -
April 27, 2006 - My son had another great derby season again - thanks to you and Maximum Velocity! Not only did he repeat as Den and Pack champion, he took the district as well. He also placed sixth in the five county finals. Your products and expertise really make a difference, and it is fun to share the knowledge with the rest of the pack. The competition is heated and healthy and the boys really enjoy building their 'ultimate' car. It has helped focus the boys on planning ahead instead of just rushing to build any old car at the last minute - a great life lesson! Best wishes to you all.

Geoffrey & Devin -
April 17, 2006 - Thanks for the tips on building
the car. Our Dragonfire took 5 out of 6 possible trophies (4 design
and 1 speed) - you can imagine the excitement. Thanks!

Eric & Michael -
April 7, 2006 - Just had to tell you guys, that
because of you we won it all in our pack!!!! This is especially
impressive as we're first time pinewood derby racers. Our secret? We
simply followed your advice after buying a lot of your goodies. We
started with a standard Wedge kit, then coned our hubs, polished our
axles, balanced our wheels, etc, etc. Then we did all the rest you
suggested. It all worked like a charm! Not only did Michael win in
his Tiger Cub heats, but he had the fastest car in the whole pack by
a wide margin. Our only problem is how do we improve next year?!

Eric & Benjamin -
April 7, 2006 - Benjamin's car performed very well on a very fast track at our district race. There were a lot of very fast cars. Still, none were able to catch Benjamin's Low-Rider. He remains undefeated after 2 years! The cars we have used from Maximum Velocity have NEVER LOST A HEAT. It really is quite amazing to watch as his car appears to accelerate on the flats. Thanks again. It really is a lot of fun racing these cars. We are eagerly looking forward to next year.

Lewis R. -
April 6, 2006 - Just through I would let you know we had a outstanding year in the Pinewood Derby this year. Using your matching wheels, speed axles, and the new graphite really made the difference.
My grandson, John, took 1st Place in his den, pack, and district races. My grandson, Hunter, took 1st Place in his Den, 2nd Place in his Pack, and then 1st Place for Webelos in the district race. We also placed 1st and 2nd in the leader's race, 1st in the adults race and 2nd in the siblings race. Thanks for all the great products and help!

Paul P. -
April 6, 2006 - My son Samuel won our district pinewood derby race! His Wedge SE car went undefeated during both pack and district races. My hat is off to you. God bless you!

Robyn S. -
April 3, 2006 - Thanks for the car body, speed axles, and wheels. The car never lost a race! I entered it in the adult division and took 1st Place and then raced the winner of the cub division, and defeated the number one cub car!

Rod S. -
April 2, 2006 - I would like to take this time to thank you for helping to make our pine car race a success this year. We
purchased some tools from you that I know made all the difference.
There was a large crowd at our church and a lot of enthusiasm! My
three grandsons and my daughter walked away with five (5) trophies!
Wow!! One grandson won 1st Place for overall design. The other won 1st
Place for design for his age group and also won 1st place for speed.
He also had a special run off for overall speed! There were two dead
heats, which really had the crowd involved. He finally did lose in the
third heat by less than a half inch. But what a race for speed
champion! My daughter won 3rd place for speed and 2nd place for
design. This really meant a lot to these kids. The small adjustments
made by the wheel shaver and balancer, the hub tool, and all the
others were definitely the difference! Thank you so much!

Tom W. -
March 31, 2006 - Although this was my first time building a Pinewood Derby type car, I purchased a set of your Advanced Plans because I really like the Interceptor extended wheel base design. I was a bit apprehensive starting out, but your templates and instructions walked me through the whole process without a hitch. I also bought the Speed to the Finish booklet, the Pro body Tool and some supplies. My son just completed his first Awana Grand Prix race and he took 1st in design and 2nd in speed out of a very large field. Needless to say, he was thrilled! There's no way could we have accomplished this without you. Thanks so much for providing such a great resource!

Dave N. -
March 29, 2006 - I just wanted to share that my son came in 1st Place in his Den and 2nd Place in the Pack! We were super excited and will compete in the finals this weekend. Thanks again for your tips!

Troy S. -
March 29, 2006 - The last few years my son and I were just tired of taking 3rd or 4th Place. I thought there had to be a better way to build a faster car. So, I decided to go to the experts. I wasn't expecting to win, just do better than I had before. I read all your testimonies about how everyone was winning and blowing ever car away. I did think for a minute, "No way, how can this be?" But then I thought, "What have I got to lose other than another losing year?"

So, I told my 9 year-old son this year would be different - we're going to be better and faster, but I not guarantee him a 1st Place victory. But what a surprise! The 'Green Machine' blew then all away by at least 1/2 a car length. The results: 1st Place in 2 different packs! He got the 1st Place trophy, and I got to be Superman!

Michael Q. -
March 28, 2006 - Just wanted to say thank you for all of your advice. My son took 1st Place in his den and 1st Place in his pack. Thanks again!

Alan and Shane -
March 25, 2006 - My son and I just competed in our first pinewood derby race. I am happy and excited to say that we won 1st Place with your Wedge design. We are thrilled to be going to the District finals. Thank you for making our first experience with this competition so fun and rewarding!

Tony S. -
March 24, 2006 - I wanted to say thank you for having this
wonderful site for us to order things from. I bought four kits and out
of the four, we took home two 1st Place trophies and one 2nd Place
trophy. My ten year olds car was undefeated, taking 1st Place. My
daughter ran in the girls class and won 1st Place. My youngest son
took 2nd Place. This really made my kids day for them all to take home
a trophy.

Brian Monroe -
March 22, 2006 - I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping my son take 1st Place in our Pinewood Derby last night. He didn't lose a single race the entire night! The final heat came down to our car and the first place winner from last year. Our opponents were using the same car style that led them to victory in 2005, but in the end the Maximum Velocity Wedge car prevailed. Yeah! My son was thrilled (as was I). I contribute our success to an excellent car plan (The Wedge), the Speed to the Finish booklet, the wonderful support we received from Maximum Velocity staff, and the specialized tools we ordered on their website. Thanks!

Kevin C. -
March 21, 2006 - I just wanted to say Thank YOU for the tips on your web site page. Last year, my son's car didn't even cross the finish line. We just got back from the races and he took 1st Place! He had to race 6 times to win it and nobody was even within a car length. We used the free car plans you offer. We had a night he'll always remember!

Scott -
March 20, 2006 - I recently purchased your booklet for some further instruction and tips in making a pinewood derby car more competitive. We picked a wedge type design that was very low profile and followed every step, instruction, and tip. My boys and I came away feeling very good about what we had built, finishing the day before the race. I asked my boys what we should have as our goal before we started building the cars and they said they just wanted to be more competitive with the other kids. My younger son's group of Tigers went first and his car won every heat and took 1st Place out of all of the Tiger dens! Then, my older son's car took 1st place in the Bear dens! At the end, the winners of all of the dens raced for best of the pack, and my son's took 1st and 2nd Place. My wife and I never expected any of this to happen, and the boys were so excited.

March 20, 2006 - Just wanted to drop you an update on our weekend race, and at the same time thank you for answering the many questions I've had for you the last month. On Saturday we had our scouts pinewood derby (I'm referring to it as "Taking Home The Hardware Tour 2006"). We had three cars entered, my twin boys both had identical (except for colors) cars in the derby and dad had an Outlaw car. When everything was said and done my boys ended up with 1st and 2nd overall fastest cars in the pack trophies, and then dad's car won all his outlaw races to finish with another 1st Place trophy. What a great weekend!

Tom F. -
March 15, 2006 - My nephew is a Tiger Cub this year and he asked me to help him with his derby car since he knew that my son had won 1st Place the previous three years in a row (with my help). Well, we just got back from the pinewood derby race and my nephew won 1st Place by a long shot! Thanks again for all your help.

Ron D. -
March 14, 2006 - I have purchased several of your products in the past, including your booklet 'Speed to the Finish'. Using the items and tips from the book my son took 1st place in Bears and 1st Overall in his pack. Thanks!

Duane, Jesse & Dillon -
March 14, 2006 - Last year we built a car that won only one heat. This year we used one of your components and tools, and now we're polishing a pretty nice 1st Place trophy (out of 28 entries). Before the race I was wondering if the expense was worth it. It was - the smile on my son's face was priceless !!!!

Bill, Matt, & Eli -
March 9, 2006 - We just finished the pack championship and are proud to report that we took home three new trophies - 1st Webelos I division, 1st Overall, and 1st Open division! Thanks for the great service, tips, and products. We gotta build more trophy shelves now ...

Keith -
March 10, 2006 - My 8 year old son and I watch your video together. Following the video's directions, my son built his own car with my guidance and minimal hands on assistance. He was undefeated against 23 other cars, and was ecstatic to take home the 1st Place trophy! After the race, several dads came to examine the car, and many asked how "I" built the car. There was even a rumor that I paid a professional to build the car for my son! They all asked what the secret was. I decided to have a little fun with them and told them that since the track itself was an aluminum track instead of a wood track, our secret was to "magnetize" the car to enhance the speed. It was quite funny watching several dads decide whether I was serious or not - until we finally admitted there was no magic 'magnetization' secret. One thing they did agree upon - my son had one fast car!

Jim M. -
March 8, 2006 - We took 1st Place in the pack, set a new track record and were third overall in our district race. The tungsten cylinders and axle polishing kit are a must have for any serious racers. Plus, the Pro-Axle Guide was a huge hit in my pack, and with several leaders at the district race. I can't say enough about it other than it's another must have - thanks!

Jeff & Jack J. -
March 5, 2006 - Thank you for your help and suggestion about moving the weights forward in Jack's car. We attended a wedding, so by the time we arrived at the race, his car (silver bullet) had already competed. Jack was extremely excited to find out he won District (speed) for the second year in a row. Maximum Velocity is the reason we are able to make such fast cars.

Matt T. -
March 3, 2006 - Just wanted to let you know that my boy took 1st Place out of 28 cars! The main thing is that he had fun. Thanks again! I look forward to future business with you.

Bob & Cody G. -
February 27, 2006 - I just wanted to let you guys know that my son has competed in his final pack race and to thank you for providing such a great product. Cody just won his third pack race! We purchased your speed tip booklet and car plans book 4 years ago and they have been an invaluable asset to us.

Jeff K. -
February 24, 2006 - I just wanted to thank you for helping my
son win 1st Place in his Cub Scout Pack's Pinewood Derby. We followed the instructions from your "Car Plans 2" booklet and built "THE RACER" model. I can't even describe the joy on Greg's face as he watched his car speed down the track and finish first in all but one race.

Bob & Caleb B. -
February 18, 2006 - I'd like to thank you so much for putting up such an informative web site. My son is a Tiger scout, so this was the first time we've built a car. I wanted to do some research first, which led me to your site. Out of all the designs on your site, he picked the Formula 1. Our race was today and our car went undefeated in the Tiger races. The pack rule was that Tiger cars could not race for the pack championship, but I talked the race managers into letting the car run a race against the top two finishers in the pack. We beat both cars hands down!! Our car will now move on to District in March against other Tiger Dens.

Josh M. -
February 16, 2006 - This is our second year using your products and we won again last night! My 8 year old twins, Sam and Matthew, both won 1st Place for speed - they were in 2 separate heats (thank God!). Last year they won 1st and 2nd Place for speed. Boy were they pleased! They haven't stopped smiling, hugging me and thanking me for my help. This is our 3rd year of Awana Grand Prix. Our first year was a disaster. Both cars were dead last. It was miserable for all 3 of us. But then I found your website (which is the most comprehensive I've seen) and purchased most of the Pro-Tools, a scale, as well as Speed to The Finish and some car plans. Thank you for helping me help my boys. We will treasure these memories I am sure. We are excited to get started on next years cars and will be ordering more supplies soon! Maximum Velocity rocks!!

John M. -
February 14, 2006 - My boys' Pinewood Derby was this past Saturday, and they swept the awards table! My 8 year old was the Pack Champion, my 11 year old was runner-up, and my cousin's 11 year old son took third. We also had a parents race and I won that (in one heat my car ran the fastest lap I've seen in 5 years). Thanks for helping our family dominate!

Tim F. -
February 13, 2006 - Since being 'taken' with the pinewood derby, I've bought supplies from you. Recently, I made a mistake and tried one of those 'other places'; and what a lesson that turned out to be. I guess you spoiled me; with Maximum Velocity you order and in a few days your items arrive just like you say they will. Sorry I
took your customer service for granted. Now I appreciate your service more now than ever. Please give my kudos to your people that make it all happen. Here to stay and never again to stray!

Dave M. -
February 11, 2006 - Wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for your information, tools, and service. Since my son and I stumbled upon your site 4 years ago, and I was thrust into helping my son figure out how to build a derby car (I did not have the opportunity when I was his age), we've enjoyed the experience and look forward to it every year. Since taking advantage of your tips and tools my son has finished first in his pack 3 out of the past 4 years. In the 3 years that he has finished first he has not lost a single race in any heat he was in. The year he finished second, (two years ago, our second year) he won each race until the final heat where he finished second in the last race of the last heat. More important, during the past 4 years my son has learned a lot about physics and design thanks to your information. Keep up the good work!

Michael U. -
February 11, 2006 - Mitchell and I took home the gold again - 1st Place out of 66 cars! This year the competition was at its highest level as we have shared our tips for success with the Pack, and more information continues to get shared as the excitement grows for the derby each year! Thanks to you and the Pinewood Derby Times newsletter, we learned a few new ideas this year and regained our title back.

Kathy D. -
February 8, 2006 - With your Wedge SE design, my son won the 2005 and 2006 Pack Championship. In 2005, he also took 3rd Place in the district race. We are eagerly awaiting the district race this year as the 2006 car is faster. Thanks for your help!

Gavin C. -
February 7, 2006 - On Saturday we won our third consecutive District Championships! How often does that happen? Anyway, we certainly couldn't have done it without Maximum-Velocity. All of the Pro-Tools have proven to be simply invaluable. The Pro-Hub and Pro-Body tools were particularly useful. In addition, my brother and I placed 1st and 2nd in the adult derby after the race. We had so much fun that I think we decided to do the adult derby again next year (unless, of course, they run me out of town on a rail)!

Lee M. -
February 6, 2006 - Thanks to your informative website, my son finished 1st out of 100 cars this past weekend! Now we're off to the district race."

Scott & Taylor M. -
February 4, 2006 - Today, my daughter took 1st Place for speed at our Awana Grand Prix - the second year in a row. Not only did she win the clubber's race, but she took first in the leader's race too!!! We can't thank you enough for the great supplies - but mostly for the tips, advice and guidance that you have given us. Winning is fun, but it is so much more important to spend time with my daughter building these cars. Thanks for helping to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Del B. -
February 4, 2006 - I had 2 sons racing this year. My Tiger Cub finished in overall 1st Place and my Webelo finished in overall 2nd Place, both with your Wedge Turbo design (we won first and second last year also - when my boy scout was a Webelo). To top that off, this year I built an outlaw car (The Wing design) which was the fastest of 5 outlaw cars in the competition. It was only about 7.7 ounces and beat out a 10 ounce car in each of the 4 heats by 1/100 of a second each time. Your products and instructions work! Thanks, and keep up the fabulous products and instructions!

Diana S. -
February 2, 2006 - This is the third year that we have ordered parts from Maximum Velocity, and we have three Pinewood Derby trophies to show for it. This year my son won first place, easily winning every race. He is so happy! I am a single mom, and we could never have done it without your site (we barely know how to use a drill). Thanks again.

Sue C. -
January 31, 2006 - My son, Chad, took 1st Place at the county-wide race! He was so happy. Thanks again.

Tom S. -
January 31, 2006 - Using your Wedge SE design, we won 12 straight races in the Wolf division and then beat out 11 other cars in the finals. The look on his face was priceless. Overall we were 17-1. Thanks!

Roy G. -
January 31, 2006 - I used your free download plan to build the Stealth with my Son. He took 1st place for Tiger Cubs this past Saturday. So we are off to the district race in March. Thanks for all your help!

Thomas K. -
January 29, 2006 - We used your Wedge Car Plans booklet to build a Wedge SE, and took 2nd Place in the pack! Thanks for some great ideas and a simple, effective design. My son is excited and off to the District Races. We'll see how we do, but the experience is what it's all

John B. -
January 28, 2006 - I followed your plans and listened to your advise, and my son's car won the Pack Championship today! Needless to say my son (and Dad) was thrilled. Thanks for offering top notch products and solid advise.

Walt & Tommy -
January 28, 2006 - Thanks to your booklet and tools we won the pack championship! Tommy only lost one race, but the format was double elimination and he won his second race to take 1st Place.

Brian P. -
January 27, 2006 - Just wanted to let you know that my son won his pack and overall troop races. Their were 10 races in all and did not lose one race. Thanks for helping make my son smile!

Kevin P. -
January 25, 2006 - Things went very well for us again this year. (Thanks!) This is my son's last year in Cub Scouts, he moves up to Boy Scouts next month, and he won the pack competition (3rd time) and - more importantly - had an excellent and rewarding learning experience building the 'Eagle' from your Extreme 2 plans. He was pretty set on that design when he saw it and since he was doing the vast majority of the work himself this year I was a little concerned with the potential complexity. We did simplify the plan in a few places but it still came out looking SHARP. He was so proud! My daughter and I designed a 'School Bus' that won the open class using the concepts we'd learned from your maximum velocity speed tips. First year we've won both. Thanks for your help!

Mark L. -
January 25, 2006 - Thanks to your great kits, Sawyer won again: 1st Place in the Bears, 1st Place in the Pack, and 1st Place for 'Most Colorful Car'!

David & Justin -
January 25, 2006 - My son just won his third straight pinewood derby thanks to your products and help. Out of 39 other entrants he has lost only one race in the last three years. Many thanks to your company for making his pinewood derby years very memorable.

Gary C -
January 25, 2006 - I just want to let you know that in our first attempt to build a car using one of your kits, we placed 1st in our Pack for speed. My eight year old son and I could not believe it, and couldn't be more thrilled. I am all thumbs when it comes to anything like this. But with the help of your video and detailed directions that come with the kit, and with the accessories I ordered from you even I could do it! I wonder now what we'll do for an encore next year. Thanks again for being there for us.

Maurine A -
January 25, 2006 - Thanks for your great customer service. The order arrived as promised, and our son won the pinewood derby last night!

J.T. Frey -
January 25, 2006 - We have been building Pinewood Derby cars for five years. Prior to this year the best any of our cars have done is third place. I found your web site in the fall of 2005 and signed up for your newsletter. I downloaded your free car plan, and although I didn't follow it exactly, I did use the basic plan.

During testing the car seemed to run fine but I had no way of knowing how well it would perform against its competitors. But it wasn't long before I knew. The car won all five of its races in the double-elimination competition and took home the 1st Place trophy. Thanks!

Robert H. -
January 23, 2006 - We wanted to thank you very much for
your quality Pinewood Derby car products. Our son won 1st Place (with your missile design) in his Cub Scout den and won 1st Place overall in the pack He will now race in the regional Cub Scout Derby in two weeks. Thank you again. The smile on our son's face when he won, was priceless.

Update: Our son took 1st Place in his division and 1st Place in the over all district race. Thank you again for wonderful service and quality Pinewood Derby car products.

Scott S. -
January 23, 2006 - This year's Pinewood Derby was another success. My son won 1st in his den and 1st over-all in the pack. We credit the success to the tricks, tips and tools we have picked up at Maximum Velocity. Thanks for having such a great web site and company. Keep up the good work!

Jeff & Jake D -
January 22, 2006 - This is my son's first year in Cub Scouts, and he was a little apprehensive on the day of the race. We agreed that we would just "go and watch" and he could decide if he wanted his car to race. We agreed to put it in the lineup, and it looked like it was going to be a long day ... for the competition, after we watched the first race.

Jake's car won 15 straight races, beating all pack entrants from Tigers to Webelos II (About 45 entrants). There was only one trophy given out for the overall Pack Champion which he won. It was the first trophy that he has ever received. (His older brother has a roomful) He slept with it that night - need I say more? (Other than the fact that after winning the last race, Jake jumped up raised both hands over his head and said "Thank you, God!", very appropriate since our Pack is affiliated with our Church. I was proud of him.)

Steve & Ken Y. -
January 21, 2006 - My son, Ken, won his 2006 Cub
Scout Pack Pinewood Derby today. Your tips and products helped again.
Now, on to Awana 2006. Thanks!

Paul M. -
January 21, 2006 - Well we did it, Jordan won his Pack Pinewood Derby Race! In his pack there are over 50 cars, and the boys and their parents take the race very seriously. Last year Jordan entered this race with my help, and we came in dead last. I was resolved to do better for I felt I had let my grandson down. I searched the web and talked to many of the parents about understanding what it would take to win. No one was helpful, that is until I came across your web site. You made some suggestions and recommended some cars we could build. The research was well worth the time that Jordan and I put in, and your help along the way was right on target. Without your advise we would not have won.

KR -
January 2006 - We just returned from our Pack pinewood derby, and we took 1st and 2nd! In fact this is the third year in a row that we have won. Thanks so much for your products and tips.

John R. -
January 21, 2006 - My grandson David had a really great time running the car we built and entered in his Pinewood Derby. His car was the Rocket. It was so smooth and fast and it looked great on the track. This car won 1st Place in both his den and the pack! Thank you for the design of this car and the helpful information in your booklets.

John & Jake H. -
January 18, 2006 - In mid December, Jake came home with a box with a wood block in it, some wheels and nails. I thought, oh great, this is going to take a lot of time. Totally unenthused and intimidated, I turned to the internet and found Maximum Velocity. I learned there was a lot to making a car fast. I decided then and there to purchase a few items. These items, along with reading the 5 keys, were all I was going to use on the family's first car.

Jake designed the car and did a lot of the work, including painting it by hand. The end result looks like a car painted by a 6 year old, and that is what makes it beautiful!

On January 18th Jakob won the Tiger Cub Division, 1st place! Most heats had cars winning by less than a car length. Jakob's car won by over 3 feet in each of his four heats, no contest. This was a terrific memory for the whole family. Brother Ben was watching with Mom and Grandpa, and we had a hard time believing our eyes. I think Jake said it best: "We smoked them Dad!"

Dave & Austin D -
January 18, 2006 - A year ago (January 2005), my son Austin's car won the Pack speed championship as a Webelos II. We used a number of components from your website and we designed the car based upon your booklet. Austin then went on to win first place in the regional championship in the very competitive northern Virginia area. The best thing about this car was that it was retired undefeated. From the first trial race, to the regional championship, the car never lost once. Now that is a great memory for my son.

We told a fellow father about our 'little secret' and he went to your website in December to order some components. I just learned today that his car won the Pack championship for 2006. Your stuff clearly works!

Robert B. -
January 10, 2006 - I ordered some merchandise from your web site, and over Christmas vacation we built our first Pinewood Derby car. Being a novice I was a bit timid, so we decided to use the free car plan to build The Stealth (it looked like something even I could handle). We watched your video and that definitely got everyone in the mood and all psyched up.

Building the car went pretty well. It is a little lopsided when viewed from the top, but not too bad. But, I am proud to tell you that we came in first - first! - in all four races. My son won best in den (Wolf) , and we are going to the pack races this Friday. I am glad I ordered from you, especially since I had no clue as to how to build one of these cars. But we all had fun, and my son is incredibly happy that he won with a car he helped to build. I'll let you know how it goes Friday night, but even if we should lose, it was a great experience.

Addendum - We had the Pack races. I had warned my son not to expect to win, and to remember that we had had a lot of fun making the car together and that he had won four races already.

Much to my surprise he won four more races to win the pack! Unbelievable. Now it is on to the county level races in March at a mall. He is totally excited. So am I.

Roger & Ryan S. -
January 7, 2006 - I just had to write and tell you that due to the use of your website, tips, and plans, we won our 1st pinewood derby as rookies this morning!!! My son was so excited, especially being his first ever derby, and my first at building a car. Thank you so much for a terrific website and all of your help.