2009 Testimonials

John C. -
November 7, 2009 - Thanks for everything; we have won our races now for two years in a row using your products. We love your tungsten canopy; it is a great way to add lots of weight in a very confined area, and it is easy to use. Just one problem -- we are now the father-daughter team to beat!

Jack S. -
April 27, 2009 - Just a quick note, but we wanted to thank you for all your advice and great product. The Wedge Kit, the Ultralight Matched Speed Wheels, and the Super Speed Axles did the job they were designed to do. We finished in 1st place Friday night. We did not lose a race. Everyone was amazed how fast our car was. We beat the first place winner from the previous year with no problem. We will be back next year!!!!!!!

Matt M. -
April 20, 2009 - We had our district races yesterday -- double elimination race with about 20 cars in Tiger Cub. We went through the winners bracket without a loss and won the 1st place trophy. Your parts and advice rock!!!!

Randy G. -
April 13, 2009 - With so many different companies out there to choose from, we took a gamble and decided go with a Maximum Velocity. Good thing we did, with all the different options and large varity of products, not to mention the awesome customer service. My son ended up taking 1st place in his division and 1st place overall in 2008. In 2009 we got a late start with only 4 days to work on the car. Maximum Velocity came through again; we were able to order Next Day Air from their web site and pull it all off in time. The Result? 2nd place in his division and 3rd overall. This was a Big Royal Rangers District race to boot. Thanks again for everything; we'll see you next year in the winners circle.

Russ J. -
April 13, 2009 - Our family would like to say THANK YOU! We are pleased to report that Jacob's derby car achieved maximum velocity! Both he and Kristopher (Jacob's Best Friend) tied for first place at the Pack 328 pinewood derby today.  Kristopher and Jacob both made 1/4 inch thin cars and used all of the tools and hardware that we purchased from the best pinewood derby store in the known universe-Maximum Velocity!  Whichever car was in lane one managed to beat the other one by about six inches.  The only cars to ever beat Jacob or Kristopher were Jacob or Kristopher (when they raced each other).

Once again a sincere and heartfelt thank you from the our clan.  We love your store and support what you are doing.  Jacob was so excited that all the way home he kept asking if we could start designing, cutting and sanding our next car, "TODAY DAD!" The only problem we have now is doing better than this first year.  That is a nice problem to have.  I guess we better set up a test track and more aggressive cars.

Mary F. -
April 7, 2009 - Thanks to your wonderful products, our son took 1st in Webelos I, 1st in Pack and then 1st at District Races! He was thrilled to say the least. You are truly the best company with the best products. Keep up the good work!

Michael S. -
April 6, 2009 - Just wanted to let you know that we took first, second, and third place in our pack race this weekend. Since we began buying from you, we have taken first place four times in a row in our pack, and one first place in district in 2008. Thanks for all your products and supplies.

Chip H. -
April 6, 2009 - The Advanced Speed Kit and parts helped us to place 2nd in our Council race last Saturday. My son was so proud to have his car do so well. We were so pleased with the results we are ordering the specialty tools to get ready for our next race. Thanks!

Edward S .
April 6, 2009 - Thanks so much. In February my son placed 1st in the Tiger Cubs and 3rd in the Pack. Yesterday we had the District race. He won the Tiger Cub division and was Overall Grand Champion in a line-up of about 120 cars. Thank you all so much. Maximum Velocity did the trick. His car was like greased lightning. We can't wait until next year.

Eugene S. -
March 30, 2009 - We wanted to thank you for all your help in the past! My son built his car this year with limited help from me. I also built a car since this year we were having a dad's race. I told my son that he could use mine if he wanted too. He refused and said he knew what to do this year. At the event his car was undefeated, so he is now pack champion! His car even beat my car. We owe a lot to the information in your booklets. Again, thank you!

Jason P. -
March 30, 2009 - My son and I both entered a car in our first Pinewood Derby. The cars were based on your Stealth and Wedge Turbo designs. We utilized your "Speed to the Finish" booklet to the letter as it applied to our cars. My son's car won all four of its heats in his division. In the finals it again won all four heats, taking 1st Place! In the Open division, my car won all four of its heats, taking 1st Place. The reigning champions for the pack had won the past three years straight. Our cars beat all three of their entries. We owe a lot of our winning to you at Maximum Velocity! We did the work and you had the plans and guidelines that helped us succeed. Thank you very much!

Marc B. -
March 29, 2009 - I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks. Today my son won his first ever derby. Using your kit, wheels, axles, and most of all your tips and suggestions (along with our own hard work) his car not only won, it crushed the other cars. He won every single race he was in, except one where his car jumped the track. Even then it slide into second place. Thank you again and we look forward to the district event!

Johnny W. -
March 23, 2009 - Thank you so much for helping my son and I over the last few years. We discovered your site after finishing 2nd his first year of scouts. He completed his Webelo II year as the only scout in his den to place every year. He finished first in rank and overall three straight years, and along with the 2nd place finish the first year he placed 3rd this year. Along with the pack results he placed all three years he went to district culminating with a first place rank and overall last year. He won for best craftsmanship for the first time this year. Although this is Jordan's last year his younger brother Jackson can't wait for the next two years to pass so he can join scouts. I will definitely keep your site bookmarked for that time. Thank you once again from a very satisfied customer and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Sheila H. -
March 21, 2009 - After coming in last in last year's race, I was determined that this year would be different. I spent more hours than I can count reading tips and research on Maximum Velocity. It paid off--the car took 1st in the Wolf Den, 1st in the Pack, and 2nd in Wolves at the District Pinewood Derby. My son was thrilled. Thanks for all the great info on your site. We're already thinking ahead to next year!

Philip K. -
March 21, 2009 - My son is a Tiger Cub and this was our first Pinewood Derby. We used the original block, wheels and axles from the kit, and followed your easy to understand step-by-step instructions for shaping the car body, preparing the axles and wheels, and weighting the car. Our car was unbeatable. We won every heat by at least a car length and got 1st place overall in our pack (out of 28 cars). I have never been accused of being handy with tools, but your booklets were so easy to follow it didn't matter! Thank you!!!

Reed C. -
March 20, 2009 - My years as a frustrated Cub Scout with inferior cars finally ended! Thirty-four long years after my last disappointing race, we held a family reunion that included a Pinewood Derby. My 12 year-old son and I built three cars according to the ideas laid out in your booklet. Our cars took 1st, 2nd and 4th. The only reason we didn't sweep the top three was because I shared the tip on getting the car to go straight with my brother, who took third. Thank you for encouraging education and fun with our kids!

Bill K. -
March 18, 2009 - I want to give you thanks again for all of your company's tips, guides and products. This is our third year using ideas and concepts learned through Maximum Velocity, and we have indeed had maximum success. For the third year in a row one of my sons has won 1st place in our pack races. We've had great success with the Bolt in the long wheelbase. I'm amazed with that style of car. We had a COG of 5/8 inch and it was untouchable. I also made a car this year for the open class using your Wing plan, it too was a hands down winner. For the third year in a row I've also led a Pinewood Wizard night to help boys and families understand what makes a PWD car go fast. Amazingly (maybe not so amazingly really), the top finishers the past two years have been from boys whose families came to our class. I share a lot of the tips that I've learned from your website and direct them towards your website to obtain even more in information and supplies. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the wonderful world of Pinewood Derby racers. Hats off to Maximum Velocity, you have a wonderful company!!

Theresa D. -
March 18, 2009 - We just wanted to report the results from my son's Pinewood Derby season. After he won the Overall in Pack he went on to win the Overall in the District race. Ethan also competed in an open Pinewood Derby where he set a track record and won the Overall Championship! It has been quite an exciting derby season -- 60+ races and undefeated! A big chunk of the credit goes to the great supplies we bought at Max V! Thanks so much for the awesome products and the wonderful service. We will be back next year for more supplies! Oh, and the tungsten putty was the best buy ever, in my opinion. Ethan's car weighed in at a perfect 5 oz on every single scale all season. The putty makes it so very easy to add or take away weight in just a moment! It has become a staple in our PWD supply kit!

Lisa F. -
March 15, 2009 - Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the car plans and other products we bought from you. My son used the Wing in his district Pinewood Derby race and won first place for the Bears. We used fishing weights that we flattened out and orange wheels that we polished using your Pro Wheel Mandrel, as well as the Pro-Axle Guide for installing the wheels. He was the only kid there with colored wheels and they were really popular!

Fernando C. -
March 15, 2009 - Just wanted to say thanks for the help. Your information, preparation tips and products were spot on. Last week was our first ever pinewood derby and my son's car dominated all heats. He had the fastest car for the day out of 60+ cars, and we set the new track record. During several heats his car was over two feet ahead of the second place car. Your Max-V-Lube and weights were key to our success. Thanks again, and we'll be back.

Sam T. -
March 12, 2009 - I just wanted to thank you for a great product and service. My son and I built your Stealth this year (his last year for Cub Scouts) and he took First Place in his pack. It was a great way to end his pinewood derby career!! Now we are on to the district championships for the last time; hope we do good there as well.

Bill M. -
March 10, 2009 - We bought three sets of wheels and axles- my two sons and my nephew are all in the same pack, a Tiger, Bear, & Wolf. Last night was the pack's derby and the boy's took the top three places, with an average time of 3.1 sec., against 40 other cars - they dominated! ! !

Rob J. -
March 9, 2009 - I would like to thank you so much for the huge smile you helped me put on my son's face!! Jonah picked out your Speeder Kit, then sanded, painted, polished the weight tubes, and with dad's help assembled your Ultralight Matched speed wheels and axles. Jonah ran undefeated in his den to win first, then took third place finish in his pack. Then in the race that included siblings and leaders, he took 4th out of 104 cars. Thanks again!! Keep up the awesome job!!

Tyler W. -
March 9, 2009 - Ethan had a great day yesterday. He won 1st in his class which advanced him and then took 1st in the finals!! Also, he won 2nd for best design. So now he's the Grand Champion of the 2009 Awana Grand Prix. Thanks for all the help, we really appreciate it.

Gary R -
March 9, 2009 - Just wanted to thank you for the great information provided on your site and in your books. This was the first pinewood derby for my Tiger Cub and I, and to be honest I had no idea what it was all about. I am fairly handy, but without your easy to follow step by step instructions in the plan booklet and in the Speed to the Finish booklet, I would have been guessing. My son chose the Low Rider plan. We followed the plans, prepped the axles, prepped the wheels, and successfully won our den and overall pack championship. The car ran great and I had quite a few admirers from the group. We never would have been as successful without your advice.

Steve T -
March 8, 2009 - For the second year in a row my grandson won first place for the fastest car in his pack. We used your axles and wheels both years and the graphite for lubricant. He went to the District competition last year and came in 4th out of almost 50 cars. This year he will be competing again in the District races on April 4th. We are already looking forward to next year's competition, trying for a Three-peat!

Art C. -
March 4, 2009 - Thanks very much for taking my calls last week. As always your guidance, both written and verbal, was spot on. My oldest son Patrick went undefeated in 8 races and won first place in the Pack. His younger brother Ryan captured third in a runoff. Both boys used the standard wheel base Wing design. This is the second year in a row one of the boys has won the Pack using your publications and tools. Your expertise, and willingness to share it, is much appreciated.

Rob R. -
March 2, 2009 - Just wanted to let you know that the Arrow GT (which we modifed) won every race it was in, plus the den championship, plus its group championships. On top of that it won the whole pack championship. Many thanks for all the help.

Terry H. -
March 1, 2009 - Thanks to your help my grandson finished second in his Cub Scout pack race. He went to district where he won the Webelos class and took second in the overall race. Thanks ever so much.

Rick H. -
February 28, 2009 - Your building tips are dead-on. My son won his age class and took second overall in a group of about 40 boys -- milliseconds behind the grand champion. The weight you recommended for an open-class car worked for me as well, winning the "open division". Thanks -- we have a lot to live up to next year.

Jeff W. -
February 28, 2009 - My three year old son and I can't thank you enough. We entered our first Awana pinewood derby race last weekend at our Church. Thanks to your Basic Speed Kit we went undefeated, set a track record, and even beat all of the adults. Everyone was asking how we did it -- and of course it was because of your products. What an exciting night and what a great way to get started in pinewood derby racing!

Karl B. -
February 27, 2009 - My son just completed his pack and district races without losing a heat! In fact he beat all the other cars by a minimum of one half car length. Thanks for the great service. Now it's on to the council races.

Frank R. -
February 27, 2009 - Justin's car took 1st place in his group, and 2nd Pack Overall. We made The Wedge using your plans, and the car looks fast. Your directions were concise and I am glad I decided to get the Speed Package. Thanks for getting us through my first Pinewood Derby. P.S. - We also won using your Raingutter Regatta booklet.

Matt M. -
February 27, 2009 - We just finished our pack races and my son won his division. At the end of the evening all of the first place cars raced -- just for fun -- and our car was clearly the fastest. We're off to the district race in April. Thanks for all the tips. Your axles and wheels make all the difference. This car rolled so freely that I couldn't even set it on its wheels to weigh it in -- it just rolled away. Thanks again. I can't wait until next year to build another car.

Steve F. -
February 25, 2009 - My son took 1st place in the pack and went undefeated with the help of your Pro-Body Tool, grooved speed axles, ultralight wheels, tungsten putty, and Max-V graphite. I was also impressed with the speed of delivery of the parts.

Leslie W. -
February 23, 2009 - Just wanted to let you know you that my son Wade just won 1st place in our pack derby this weekend.
We went with our own car design but used your supplies. I truly believe they made all the difference. His car was undefeated and my son is one very happy young man.

John H. -
February 17, 2009 - Both of my boys have finally worked their way through Cub Scouts. They are five years apart so we've been doing Pinewood Derby for quite some time. We started with Maximum-Velocity almost ten years ago with my first son's car winning everything. My boys have probably the winningest record in their respective packs thanks to Maximum Velocity products. Thanks for all the products that have made my boys the ones to beat over all these years.

Ethan & Theresa D. -
February 10, 2009 - Just wanted to thank you for the fast service, and for the products that helped my son win Overall Pack Champion in his Pinewood Derby. My son is now off to the District race in March, and we can't wait to see how his car does there! He was undefeated in 15+ races in his pack, so we are expecting good things at District.

Michael -
February 9, 2009 - I recently purchased a set of grooved axles and BSA Ultralight wheels. Now, in the past just with my own efforts to file, sand and polish my axles and wheels, my cars have usually won at the Pack level. However, this time we DOMINATED! My car clearly was the fastest on the track. The acceleration was incredible! We won over 25 races without ever being seriously challenged. I used
your wheels and axles straight out of the package. I applied graphite prior to the race several times. After that, for 25 races the car wasn't touched!!! We accelerated faster and maintained speed longer. Thanks for your incredibly fast service. We received our parts within 3 days of ordering. Impressive service and impressive parts!!!

Bryan M. -
February 1, 2009 - I would like to let you know that both of the cars we built and raced were fantastic. My daughter's car was second by 100th of a second to the winner of the past five years. As for my son's car, he was Grand Champion, winning all his races, and having the overall fastest time out every single car in the field. He not only won the races, but he was ahead by more than three car lengths in the closest race. I am confident that the tips and the high quality weights were what put us well beyond the rest of the field. We are looking forward to building the next pair of cars for next year and I will be using your tips,equipment, and parts as we did this year. I would like to thank you for everything; I can not express how I felt when I saw the kids faces when they won.

Robert A. -
February 1, 2009 - My son just won his Pinewood Derby with your products (2nd time in 3 years). Thanks for the great equipment!

Bryan B. -
January 26, 2009 - Thanks for all your help! My son took first place in all his races on Saturday.

Sung-Hyeok H. -
January 26, 2009 - I wanted to tell you that my son won the race. His car was way ahead of any cars in our pack. Thank you so much for your information - I really appreciate it. With your information we were able to make the car all by ourselves. Now he knows how to make a car.

Steve C. -
January 24, 2009 - Thanks for the wheels and axles. My eight year old son won the pinewood derby today! He won first place overall, and he beat everyone in the dad's division. There were about 35 cars in the competition.

Tim F. -
January 24, 2009 - With the help of Maximum Velocity my two boys took 1st and 2nd in their pack, winning 19 of 20 races. The only race one of my boys lost was when he raced his brother in the finals.

Jonathan P. -
January 22, 2009 - We just got home from our first Pinewood Derby and we did great! Watching my son jump up and down at the finish line with pride was incredible! My son finished first in our den, first for the Wolves, and third for the pack of 150 kids. Everything we purchased clearly helped and we learned a lot in the process. Most importantly, when we over polished/ground our axles and sent out an emergency email at the last minute you responded immediately, on a holiday, with advice and reassurance. Your products and advice work, they are a good value and I would recommend you to anyone.

Mick T. -
January 21, 2009 - I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the technical support, great parts and great tools. This was our first year with the derby and we pretty much smoked everyone! Out of 120 cars we placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Randy M. -
January 20, 2009 - Wow, imagine my surprise and pride at being the dad of the back to back Pack champion! Thanks to your products (and my mild obsessive compulsive disorder) my son has a total of eight pinewood derby trophies in the last three years, including two pack championships and a district championship. We have become the team that everyone else is gunning for. Many, many thanks!

James & Zachary D. -
January 20, 2009 - Once again, thank you Maximum-Velocity for your assistance in this year's pinewood derby. After winning last year, Zachary (9 years old) defended his pack title this past Sunday with a beautiful Indy car design and won going away. He was again thrilled by finishing in 1st place!

Tim W. -
January 19, 2009 - This was the first year that my son competed in the Pinewood Derby, and as a Tiger Scout he finished 1st in his Den and 3rd in the Pack. We only implemented a few of the tips in your Speed to the Finish booklet - thanks for such great information.

Shaun S. -
January 12, 2009 - Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that my son placed 1st for his rank and 1st overall. My daughter placed 1st in the sibling race and I placed 1st in the adult race. Our rules required that we use the original slots and the Pro-Axle Guide made axle installation a breeze! We were a little nervous since there were more than 80 entries, but thanks to your products we still took home the trophies!

Jonathan H. -
January 11, 2009 - My son went to his first Pine Derby Race, and his car "The Batmobile" took home 1st place in his Tiger den and 4th overall (30 entrants). He also won "The Best Sportiest" award. He was so excited to win his first race thanks to your graphite lubricant.

Mac R. -
January 11, 2009 - My grandson took 1st place in his pack yesterday thanks to your wheels, axles, and Max-V graphite lubricant -- THANKS!