2000 Testimonials

Sam Smith -
I just wanted to say THANKS for your booklet. It was a great help and was very informative about building derby cars. This was my son Jesse's first year to race as a Tiger Cub. Using the tips and instructions from your booklet his car took 2nd place in the pack. I'm very happy for Jesse because he was able to do something that I didn't do before when I was a scout, that is to win a trophy.

Larry Wary -
We used your book to prepare for our first pinewood derby. At our den race, my son Danny placed 2nd in the first year Webelo race. He was naturally very happy, and opted to go to regionals a few weeks later where he ran undefeated in first year Webelos. Boy, was he excited. He said that as they announced the winners his leg was shaking so hard that a friend sat on it to
try to stop it but couldn't! A few hours later we raced in the overall match and Danny again ran undefeated (out of 90 cars). Regional champ, on our first time out! Unfortunately that's as far as you can go in our district. By the way, the car that beat Danny at the den race was overweight at regionals and got blown out.

Dave Kendall -
My step-son and I built a wedge-shaped car with standard wheelbase, as well as a "Concept Car" (THE ROCKET) with extended wheelbase and speed wheels (from Hodges Hobby House). When we went to the
weigh-in, we felt THE ROCKET was way too advanced for our Pack, and that it would give us a grossly unfair advantage. So, we raced the Wedge, and won first place hands-down, beating the second place car by more than a car length! Thanks for all of your well thought-out tips and plans. Your booklets are concise and easy to follow.

FF -
I ordered your book to help my son and I build a car for the local Pinewood Derby (Indian Guides). We were hoping to win one or two rounds, and we would have been real happy since this is the first race for us. We wound up winning our tribe and then won 4 straight to win it all (over 150 cars total)!! I am still shocked!! My son and I had one of the best times I can remember. He is already talking about next year. Thanks for everything.

Carter Hatton -
Using your booklet we won the Den and Pack championship. We're 28-0 and it's on to the regionals!

Ted "Catch us if you can!" Stump -
For several years Maximum Velocity! has been distributed at our race. We have applied the knowledge, science, and tips in the booklet, and each year we have finished near or at the top. In 1998, our car finished 3rd out of 50 cars. In 1999, our two cars finished 1st and 2nd out of 50 cars. And this year our cars raced in two different divisions, finishing 2nd out of 50 cars in the younger division, and 1st out of 30 cars in the older division. This booklet is a valuable resource for racers of all ages!

Jim Turner -
We finished 2nd Place in speed with one car, and 1st Place in design with another. I found the book very helpful and I'm sure my children would not have done so well if I hadn't purchased your book.

Doug Carlson -
We had our derby race and my 7 year old grandson Anthony competed for the first time, placing 2nd out of 38 cars. Anthony also had the fastest time of the day in one of the qualifying heats. Maximum Velocity! was very helpful. Thank you.

Richard Allen -
This was our first car. We built THE ROCKET and were very happy with the results. We took 2nd in our church competition and then 4th in the sectional race. Your booklet was very informative and helpful -- thanks -- we can't wait until next year!

Wayne Renga -
Just to let you know, the booklets were great. Last year was the first time we entered the Grand Prix and I have no idea where we finished. This year with the help from your booklets, we finished fourth out of about 100 cars. The top three cars were from a family that always comes in first, second, and third (and we beat those cars in a few heats!)

The Roberts -
Thanks for all the tips! Your book is easy to follow, with practical and easy to do steps. After three years of trying we as a family used Maximum Velocity! and finished 3rd out of 46 with one of our cars, and had two more in the top ten. Thanks for your help!

Dennis Mulder -
Your booklet is excellent! I have been recommending it to many dads. Keep up the good work!

We placed 4th out of 75 cars. Your booklet more than met our expectations!

John Wohlgemuth -
We placed 4th out of 35 second graders. Thanks!

Clifford Huff -
"Maximum Velocity" is a great and concise reference manual! After scanning the web for information and compiling a 3-inch thick binder of information, I think your manual is one of the best sources of information that I have found or bought.

Michael Lastufka Webmaster of Hobby Science Manuals -
"Maximum Velocity!" is the title of the best printed booklet on Pinewood Derby car construction I know of.

Doug Wilson, Author of RaceVIEW at www.raceview.com -
"Maximum Velocity!" presents scientifically sound guidelines for fabricating a fast Pinewood Derby Car. It is well written, with just the right mix of explanation and instructions. Techniques to improve performance in each of four main areas of car design/fabrication are clearly described and illustrated, with attention to those that are likely to be within most organizations' rules. The scientific explanation section was written at the right level for most of your audience.

Don De Young, Webmaster of Pinewood Derby Mania -
"Maximum Velocity!" is an excellent Pinewood Derby car construction guidelines booklet. Check it out!