2008 Testimonials

Sean F. -
October 30, 2008 - Our neighborhood is notorious for competative dads building fast cars. My son and I each built cars using your products (speed wheels and axles, tungsten weights, pro tools, axle polishing kit, and Max-V lube). My son's car won 1st Place in his den, pack, and overall.
I placed 1st in the "big kids" class, and was happy to finish 2nd to my son overall. The distances by which we beat others were a full car length at a minimum, many by 3-4 car lengths. Your products rock! We'll be back for more supplies next year.

Joel H. -
September 23, 2008 - I just wanted to let you know that the Detonator won all six races at the South Carolina state race in the outlaw class. The track was 56 feet long and I set a new track record with a 2.68 seconds. I also had a car with your wheels in a stock race that finished third. Thank you for everything you did for me.

Andy W. -
September 10, 2008 - I had a lot of fun last year building our cars with my two boys. We built their cars following two of your designs, and I built one for the parents division based on the pre-cut stock car. All cars did very well and we're looking forward to next year.

Sam L. -
September 9, 2008 - I'm happy to report for the second year in a row, our car has won top honors in the county! Thanks again and we'll be checking you out for the next racing season!

Mike M. -
September 9, 2008 - Just a note to say thank you for your publications and products. Once we started using the various tips in the online publication and used the speed wheels (legal ones for our races), our cars did considerably better. My son especially liked using skins on his last two cars. Both won a design trophy for his effort and in his last year, he won both 1st place and Grand Champion. His cub scout years were very good. I still am chairman of our District's Pinewood, so although we don't use the products any more to build cars, I always recommend folks to look over your materials. Maximum Velocity has been a great help!

Scott G -
May 12, 2008 - Just emailing you guys to say thanks for your customer service and support. We had our derby Saturday and my son's car came in first place 15/15 heats. The guy running the race said it was one of the faster cars he'd seen. It was an awesome experience!!! We had a blast.

David K. -
May 9, 2008 - I just wanted to thank you for your time and attention to details. Through this past pinewood derby season I've pick your brain many times. Your helpful ideas and wisdom were spectacular. I appreciate you taking that personal time to answer our questions. With the help of your special tools, graphite, and hints, my boy was able to win his pack, his district, and now the council! We walked away from the council derby winning by a full .10 of a second and being completely BSA legal (beating 147 cars). It was a blast! You guys definitely know pinewood derby cars and I'm glad you share that info with others.

Adam M. -
May 8, 2008 - Wow.it's been quite a season for my son Chase and I. Pack race: 1st place Wolves, 1st place championship out of 100 cars. District race: sixteen out of sixteen 1st place finishes and a new track record!!! I was slack-jawed with disbelief as Chase was being awarded his two trophies.

Many, many thanks for the parts, tools and the conversations we've had. With your help, I have become the Pinewood Derby Guru of our pack. In our two years in Cub Scouts, we have competed in a total of four events and Chase has six trophies to show for it.

Stephanie C. -
April 29, 2008 - Just so you know, our son won every race. He was so excited. We didn't even use all the tips. I bet if we used everything he would even won by a bigger margin. Thanks for the help.

Brian F. -
April 21, 2008 - My daughter's (Brianna) car sped to 1st Place in class, then Top Speed Overall to beat all competition, including parents. Brianna was also the 2007 Top Speed Overall champion. We would like to thank you for all your tips, knowledge, and encouragement!

Will C. -
April 21, 2008 - We used your Velocinator design, and it won our 10 county district race without a problem. No other cars were even close. Awesome car! Thanks!

Dave O. -
April 21, 2008 - Just wanted to say thanks for all of the help and support over this past Derby season. You helped us bring home a lot of hardware! My son came in 2nd in Districts (won the Wolf division) and my Godson came if first overall -- I helped build my Godson's car as well. Both of them broke the old track record more than once.

I also need to give you some major kudos on your new graphite blend. My daughter's Pinewood Derby car had set the track record in our Pack's Sibling Race back in January. Since I was the chairman of the District Derby which took place yesterday, I took the opportunity to let my daughter see her car run down the track in an exhibition race (no Sibling races in District). The only difference between the Pack races and District races was the addition of Max-V-Lube graphite instead of Tube-o-Lube. Even though it was only one run down the track, her car beat her old track record by over 0.08 seconds!!!! That's one and a half car lengths on our track! And, the graphite didn't even have a chance to break in. I can't imagine how fast it would have been if I would have run it another 7 or 8 times! I am totally sold on it. I should also mention that the old track record was officially beaten by my Godson in the District races using Max-V-Lube. It was broken by 0.0461 seconds in the 14th of 16 heats. That shows the staying power of your product as well. Even though it is $3.50 more than the Tube-O-Lube, it is well worth every penny.

Thanks again Randy. I will be ordering from you this upcoming November for the next season!!!.

TP -
April 18, 2008 - Just wanted to say thanks for providing great products and ideas for making winning cars. When I was a Cub Scout I was the kid who always came in last place at the derby. I could not let that happen to my son, so we did our homework and found excellent products from Maximum Velocity. My son and I designed and built a winning car based on your recommendations. We really enjoyed reading the Speed Tips booklet together, and my son will now be able to pass down the "secrets" to his kids. Oh, and yes, we took first place at our derby and beat our closest competitor by three car lengths! The wheels, axles, speed kit, tools, and speed tips booklet are all top notch. I have two more sons on their way to cub scouts and we will definitely come back to Maximum Velocity to help build more winning cars.

Michael D. -
April 14, 2008 - Thank you so much for all of the help you gave us. With this being our first derby, we had no idea how to make a fast car. I promise that with the things we learned this year, we will not need to bother you (as much) next year!

We finished 2nd out of 32 cars in the District race on Saturday. Fortunately, the 1st place winner (also a Maximum Velocity customer) was the same car that beat us in the pack race. My son, Mitchell was happy to finish 2nd and very happy for his best friend Jack to win.

The racing was very close among the top 6 cars. However, when the final checkered flag flew Jack and Mitchell had defeated a very tough field, including a multiple year district champion. As I told you previously, Jack beat us by a large margin in the pack race; however our modifications allowed us to race within an inch of him for the District title making it a spectacular event. Thanks again for all of your help and support.

Brian G. -
April 13, 2008 - Best money I've ever spent! My little man just took 1st Place in his pack. The nearest competitor all day was way beind his car. Unfortunately, due to the race being postponed, he can't go to the district race as it already happened. But next year I'm betting with your products we'll hold our own at that level. You guys rock and your willingness to answer newbie questions was a godsend. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken L. -
April 12, 2008 - Well, I must admit I thought all the testimonials were phony. I am a 40 year old dad with no technical or woodworking experience whatsoever. I was that 9 year old kid who made his Derby car with a pocketknife, no axle prep, and went home very unhappy. By luck I found your website and I thought my son and I would follow the directions and have a little fun. No expectations of grandeur is an understatement. The neighbor's kid had all kind of tricks from his uncle and everyone seemed to be preparing for a Formula One race in the Ferrari garage. I bought the Speed secrets book and Advanced Speed Kit #1 on line and followed most of the directions. We used a very simple design with none of the special advanced speed tricks you mentioned in your book. My son spray painted half the basement before the car was finally done. What can I say … my talents as a dad lie elsewhere I guess, but we had a great time.

But then race day came. "If he wins just one race I'll be happy", I told myself. Unbelievably, he won every single heat, the pack trophy, and then he went to the district championship. In all but one race he was a car length ahead. This can't be I thought. The story would be unbelievable enough if it ended there, but like a bad game show … wait there's more. He won every heat leading into the finals and ended up coming in third place overall. Mind you, this is the dad with no technical talent or prior experience. In between the two races I read other people's instruction manuals and saw a few books at the bookstore. One bookstore had a track set up and the author signing his Pinewood Derby How To book. I looked through them but yours was way, way better. More detail, better instructions, and plenty of tricks to keep novices like my son and I out of trouble. Just as an aside, the first and second place winner clearly read your book too, because they pulled out all the stops in their designs using tricks I only saw in your book. I am a convert the hard way. Thanks so much for making our time even more fun.

Ken Y. -
April 5, 2008 - Just wanted to drop a line letting you know that we took 1st Place in our Council Pinewood Derby. I give a lot of credit to your Speed Wheels. Thanks!

John Z. -
March 31, 2008 - Another success story for Maximum Velocity. We entered our unlimited class with the Velocinator and Outlaw Bearing Wheels, won every heat and the finals!! All I did was paint it, epoxy in the appropriate tungsten weights, attach the wheels and show up.

Mark R. -
March 31, 2008 - Our last pinewood derby was a huge success. I built an Indy car, like your super cars. It placed 2nd, but that was due to the winning car's using razor wheels. Thanks again for all your help and for having the best pinewood derby site ever!

Philip H. -
March 31, 2008 - My neighbor's boys have been competing in the Pinewood Derby 3 or 4 times with zero wins, not even one heat. I recently befriended the parents and they gave me the chance to assist the boys this year. I read your book and that was the key to our success. The older boy, Brad, built his winning car with only the original wheels, nails and block of wood provided in the kit. He bought the lead wire weight, graphite and sand paper kit from you. Brad is now the Derby Champ of Pack 567 and Allen, his brother, finished a very close fourth place in a very competitive Pack. Many of the fathers are house builders, general contractors, roofers and cabinet makers. I am a retired sailor and former Cub Scout, with only limited wood working experience. The boys beat over 50 cars, winning by a half car length with a time of 2.56 seconds. Thanks for your help!

Mike M. -
March 30, 2008 - With your help we won our Pinewood Derby race last Tuesday night. We did it with the Detonator. It was a "Screamer" at an average of 250 MPH scale speed.

Beau & Jim -
March 28, 2007 - I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your great service and products. My son and I absolutely annihilated every car in the pack, our car ran an average scale speed over 4 heats of 232.5 MPH.

Joe T. -
March 26, 2008 - This is my son's third year racing in the derby. He finished second in his pack in 2006, third in his pack in 2007, and fifth in the district in 2007. Great results, but never the ultimate prize. Last night was different. He took first place in his pack and also won best in show. It was a fabulous experience for all, and I'm proud to say he was a gracious winner. I just wanted to pass along my gratitude for your great products and all of your helpful hints!!!

Jack & Gerry D. -
March 22, 2008 - Just came back from Districts; Jack placed 2nd in his division (behind 1st by .0006 of a second) and then 4th Place overall (the exact same results as last year). The District finals should have read, "Brought to you by Maximum-Velocity" because 1st Place was the Velocinator, 2nd Place was a wing design, 3rd was the Indy Racer and 4th was Jack's Speeder. Jack was so excited to hear his name; he almost tripped up on stage but he had the hugest smile on his face when he held his trophy over his head. Thank you so much for the great designs. Jack can't wait to see your new designs next year.

JJ -
March 20, 2008 - I would like to say thank you!. We built a Wing, a Detonator, and Wedge SE, and got four 1st Place trophies. No one was within 5-6 car lengths.

Karen H. -
March 20, 2008 - This was my first derby as a single mom. That had always been "not my department" before. My Wolf Cub twins adore scouting. The derby is the highlight of their winter. I didn't want to blow it. I studied your information and we polished the axels like crazy. My proud sons took 1st in Pack and 2nd in Den (4th in pack). I took home my self esteem and the joy on my son's faces. Thank you so much for helping a tough year have some bright spots. The trophy sits right in the middle of our mantle. My son slept with it for several days. He was so proud.

Rich B. -
March 20, 2008 - I wanted to thank you for all you help. My son won first prize in his cub scout district race for all of Orlando. He won his pack, his den, the Wolf race and the whole race over all for the entire district. Thank you again!

Bill K. -
March 19, 2008 - Thanks again for all of your expertise and your willingness to share with all of us. We've been following a lot of your tips and suggestions for a couple of years now and have had great success. Last year my sons came in 1st and 2nd in our pack, then 6th and 7th at our district race. Last year my oldest son was the victor between the two and this year was a reversal of roles. My younger son (a Wolf scout) took the top honors his older brother (Webelo) came in a close second. My older son built the Flex car. It did present some building challenges, but he completed it and it went quite well. Our pack also added an open class this year and my wife came in 1st in that class using your Bolt design. I really appreciate your wonderful guides, tips, and suggestions, and the integrity with which you do business.

John B. -
March 19, 2008 - I won 1st Place in the open class for the RA's in Georgia using your ball bearing wheels. Thanks!

Mark P. -
March 18, 2008 - My son took 1st Place in our local race, as well as at our council race! The information and speed tips we got from the book, Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets, along with the lead weights, graphite and all of the tools for axles and wheels that we got from you is what made all the difference! Once again you made a boy very happy (and this dad look very good)!

Dirk K. -
March 17, 2008 - I want to thank you for your help in building our pinewood derby car. My nephew took 1st place in his pack as a Tiger Scout. He was very happy, and I think the other dads were a bit jealous!

Mike & Chris H. -
March 16, 2008 - Thanks Randy for your tips and tricks. My son came home and told me nine days before the event he wanted to enter the pinewood derby (had just joined scouts). I am a computer guy and don't do "wood" very wel,l and we had no clue as to what to do. So, we ordered your speed tips, plans for the Wedge Turbo, and some tools and supplies. We read through all the material together and discussed (basic training on the laws of physics) what factors impacted performance. We then built the car, and it came out beautifully.

At the event and we told each other, "If it just stays on the track and we don't come in last, we'll be happy." Well, He won 1st Place that night, then 1st Place again on Saturday. Now we will be going to the district championships. We worked hard, followed your instructions, and now we have an excellent memory that my son and I share. PLUS..my other son Jason will be 7 next year and we're already looking over car plans..we're excited and I believe we can do well every time.

Steve K. -
March 16, 2008 - Just wanted to say thanks for all of the tips, tools, parts, and service. We incorporated them all to some degree better than others (we're novices), but my son took Ist Place in today's Derby - his first!!

Steve & Matt D. -
March 15, 2008 - Thanks for the awesome plan design that my son and I found on your web site. We placed second at our Pack race this morning and people were awe struck at my son's car.

Art C. -
March 14, 2008 - The supplies I purchased from Maximum Velocity and with Elisa's advice were key to my two sons finishing 1-2 in this year's pack race. My youngest son won eight straight. We were middle of the pack last year, but the wheel alignment tool, lead wire, and wheel and axle kits really made the difference this year. I appreciate all your help and will be in touch next year. Thanks again!

Steve T. -
March 12, 2008 - I just wanted to thank you for all your help and insight while my son, Sam, and I were replicating the Velocinator car for his Cub Scout pinewood derby. We saw the Velocinatior kit on your website, but wanted to cut out and build the car from plans. Based on the pictures provided on the website I laid out and cut out the following car. However, I was at a loss when it came time to weight the car and balance it. Your help and insight proved very valuable as we took First Place with our car in our pack's race.

Karen P. -
March 10, 2008 - My cub scouts (twin boys) are first year Webelos. In past pinewood derby's they finished in the middle or near the bottom of the pack of contestants. This year my oldest son finished second and my younger son finished fifth out of 26-28 contestants. I used two of your pre-cut cars, the BSA wheels that were just rounded, trued and the hub coned, your speed axles, and the wheel alignment tool and wheel bore polish. What super products they are!! Thank you for all your tips and help with our order. They will go on to the districts and hopefully will be finishing at the top again!!

Jon H. -
March 10, 2008 - I just wanted to drop a quick note and Thank you for offering a great lineup of products. My son had his first Pinewood Derby yesterday and won it! This was the 1st car we've built together! Using the Pro Tool Pack, a speed kit, and some accessories made the project much more enjoyable and easy than I was expecting. The tools and instructions also made it much more hands-on for a seven year old, instead of just watching Dad do it all. We will definitely be repeat customers! Thanks again!

Mark N. -
March 10, 2008 - We had our race yesterday. My sons used two of your designs: the Velocinator & Stealth. We did very good last year, but this year my boys came in 1st and 2nd in the pack!

Craig & Jesse Y. -
March 9, 2008 - Thank you for the great site and store. We just finished our first race with your products and won every heat and are now off to the district race.

Mark B. -
March 4, 2008 - I thought I would let you know that my son Max won 1st place in the Webelos I category and won the overall Pack 680 Derby. He never lost a race and ran incredible times compared to years past.

Alan J. -
February 26, 2008 - My son and I recently built our version of the Velocinator. We raced at our pack derby day event and we were the fastest there. Needless to say we took first place and also set a track record!! Thanks for the great products and advice.

Doug & Haley J. -
February 23, 2008 - What great tools and advice! Our house is full of excitement after winning the speed trophy and posting never-before-seen times at our church's 60+ car Awana Grand Prix last night. Over the course of 3 weekends my 7-1/2 year old daughter and I worked on her car using your booklet, tools (pro-body, pro-wheel mandrel, pro-hub), and lots of sandpaper to transform the club-supplied pieces into a winning car of our own design. We probably spent 8 hours on the project diligently following every step in the booklet allowed by our local rules, from baking the block in the oven (15% wood weight reduction) to polishing the wheel bores. The time together, discussions about attention-to-detail, and lessons on delayed gratification were well worth the investment even without the race results. By the end of the project my daughter had a good grasp on the concepts of center-of-gravity and friction and was freely using the phrases "measure twice, cut once" and "always use the right tool for the job." After last night's victory I now have the added fatherly joy of teaching the lesson of being a gracious winner - thank you!

Heath & Gunner R. -
February 23, 2008 - I just wanted to write and say thank you for the information on your website. My son and I participated last weekend in his first pine car derby. With the valuable information that was on your site we were able to win his age group and win the
overall. We used the Wedge SE design that we found on your site. This car blew the competition away. We set the track record 5 times out 8 races. Thanks again for all your help.

Doug M. -
February 22, 2008 - Our family has been using you products for three yeats, but the pressure was on this year. It was the third year for my oldest boy and now my youngest is a Tiger. So once again I used your products and recommendations to build two cars. Well, race day came and guess what happened? My youngest took first out of 31 cars and my oldest took second. The oldest boy only loss was to his brother's car. The youngest never lost a race, he even raced in the outlaw class and never lost. I can't express in words what we felt that night but I know we were all proud. We are going to district on 8th of Mar. I can't say enough about your books and products, I just know that of all the rest your's i sthe best!!!

Joe S. -
February 22, 2008 - I wanted to tell you the results of our race. Not expecting to win, but just make a good showing, my son's car won 1st Place in the local race, and then went to the finals. It won 1st Place there as well! I'm trying to instill in my children that it is not all about winning, but it certainly was a pleasant and fun surprise to do so well. Take care and many thanks!

Brad W. -
February 20, 2008 - My son Hunter won Pack and District. His car set the track speed record for Districts! Thanks for all the info and tools that you provide. They really work!

William B. -
February 18, 2008 - I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say "thanks" for your product and assistance! We built two of your cars with speed axles and wheels (one for each of my son's), and took 1st and 2nd out of a field of 60 cars. Not only did we take 1st and 2nd, but we blew the competition away! Thanks again - we'll be back next year!!

Scott C. -
February 16, 2008 - This was our first ever pinewood derby. We built the Low-Rider option 1 with the body hole. I also ordered your Advanced Speed Kit. We took 1st Place overall in the pack out of 60+ cars, and are now off to the District race! The huge grin on my son's face was simply priceless!!! Thanks!

Karl B. -
February 16, 2008 - Thanks for the great products and the great service. My son ,Sam, ran his first ever derby tonight and won it all beating 43 other cars, most of which come from your competitors. The Velocinator couldn't be stopped, never losing a race. We move on next weekend to the next race, we'll let you know how it goes.

Gerald S. -
February 16, 2008 - We had our pinewood derby pack race for my grandsons. My11 year old grandson took 1st Place in Webelos II and took 1st Place in the overall pack.My 8 year old grandson took 1st in his Bears and 2nd in the overall race. I would like to thank you for all your specialty tool's which helped make this happen over the last four year's.Your Speed to the Finish booklet is to live by. Your web site and you have made us winning builder's. Thank's again!

Glenn B. -
February 14, 2008 - Just wanted to send a big thank you from my son Cory and myself. As a first timer the thought of building a car from scratch was a little daunting at first. But, we used your Formula 1 plan along with your speed tips to make and prepare his car; and the final product weighed in at exactly 5 ouncesand looked amazing!
The race was last night and he ran in 9 heats and won every one of them. He placed first out of approx 40 cars for both best overall time and best average time. Cory was thrilled and cannot wait to receive his trophy. He is already planning for next year!!

Mike W. -
February 11, 2008 - I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks. I have ordered from you for the past few years. This year my daughters took 1st and 2nd in the Grand Prix. The speed wheels were excellent and the kits were simple to use and produced great cars. I look forward to future races.

Kathy S. -
February 10, 2008 - After 3 years of racing and not winning a heat, we purchased your booklet and followed your guidelines.
Our son Isaac took first place among 63 cars. His smile was priceless. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Z. -
February 10, 2008 - Just a note to let you know my son, Damien, won his pack race today. He set a new track record with the parts we purchased from you. He was very excited, and he beat the boy who won the pack event last year. Thanks again for all your help; we are off to districts in March!

JW -
February 9, 2008 - WOW, WOW, WOW! My son and I used several of your parts and ideas to build his car. His car won 1st Place out of 22 cars in the Wolves Division and finished 2nd in the Pack Championship. Thanks so much for the superior product; we are enjoying our two big trophies thanks to your company.

Jeff F. -
February 6, 2008 - I just wanted to say thanks!. We used your speed wheels and axles had the fastest car at our derby! In fact, we beat the track record! Thanks again for all you do at Maximum Velocity.

Shane -
February 5, 2008 - Our car was awesome! It took 1st place overall out of 76 cars. We used your Wedge design along with speed axles and wheels. The assembly directions were easy and my son had a lot of fun building it. I definitely will be back next year. Seeing the joy in my son when he won was well worth the money spent.

Ty -
February 3, 2008 - This was my son's first derby and we built a truck. We used several of your tools in preparing the wheels and axles. He took 1st Place; he did not lose any heats. He goes onto the District Race now. Thank you!

Kevin E. -
February 3, 2008 - I just wanted to drop you a note to say that my oldest son won second place in Webelos 1 and won second place in his pack of about 60 scouts. We used your Wedge design and followed some of the tips in Speed to the Finish. The boy that came in first for Webelos also used one of your car designs. When the pack finals were held, my son's car ended up beating the boy who came in first in Webelos. My youngest son is a Tiger and had his first race today. He came in third amongst the Tigers which had 17 boys. Both of my boys qualified for the District race. Thanks for the great speed tips and quality products. We had a great time building the cars.

James D. -
February 1, 2008 - This was my son's 2nd Pinewood Derby (last year he finished 4th as a Tiger Cub). He finished 1st in the Wolves and than 1st as the overall Pack winner! Thank you Maximum Velocity for your assistance with this year's car. My son will never forget his year as Pinewood Derby Champion!

Kevin S. -
January 30, 2008 - Just wanted to let you know that your plans helped my 5 year old win First Place in his pack! Thanks for your help!

John -
January 30, 2008 - We just ran the derby last night and my son smoked 'em. It wasn't even close. Thanks again for your awesome products and insights. We'll be back next year.

Kevin C. -
January 30, 2008 - I wanted to share with you the success that my son had at his annual Pinewood Derby Race. Last year, in double elimination his car lost the first two races and was out of the event. I felt responsible for not helping him build a faster car, and was determined to help him do better this year. I went on-line and searched the subject, eventually finding your website. I downloaded you speed tips book, and bought some of your supplies. We followed the instructions to the tee. My son won 1st Place and he was very excited!

There was actually one other car that was faster but it wasn't in the event. That car belonged to my younger son. He used your Detonater design. He is not in scouts and therefore didn't compete but he was able to participate in the practice sessions. He smoked every car and also beat my older son's (winning) car. I told my older son that the other car was faster and he could race it if he wanted. He said, "No way, I'm racing my car". He still won 1st Place but my younger son has bragging rights!

Bryan P. -
January 29, 2008 - My son (Tyler) just had his local pinewood derby last friday. We raced the Detonator, and let me tell you that car screamed down the track. He won every race by at least a car length. He was so excited!!! Thank you for making his last race one that he will remember!!!

Chris & Blake -
January 29, 2008 - We have done it again! My son and I entered in the pinewood derby and won every heat. His car was ahead by as much as a car length. He won Best Design, Fastest of The Fast, and Fastest of the Pack. We are again champions - back to back in 2007 and 2008

Pat H. -
January 2008 - Our Pinewood Derby race was last Saturday and thanks especially to your axle polishing kit, my son won first place for fastest car! We definitely had Maximum Velocity! His car was consistently unbeatable; in fact it set a track speed record so it is the fastest car since our pack has raced on the track in the last 4 years. Your products and know-how definitely deserve a part of the credit for our win. I've been racing pinewood cars every year for the last 7 years (I have two older sons). We have never before placed anywhere close for speed. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and making the products available. They were worth every cent.

Jeff J. -
January 28, 2008 - Another Pinewood Derby has come and gone once again, and we used your techniques with fantastic results. This was my older son's (Jack) fourth derby and my younger son's (Carter) first. They both won their respective divisions, and then competed for the Pack Championship where they placed 1st and 2nd.

Kevin P. -
January 28, 2008 - It was my sons last year in cub scouts and he wanted to go out fast. So we incorporated a lot of your speed supplies, ( including the MV graphite) and not only did he win his division he won the entire derby while setting a new track record. His younger brother built his first car this year as a Tiger and finished undefeated in his group and 3rd overall. For the grand finale I entered a car in the 'Old Goat' division and ended up taking first as well! So it was true speed weekend for us. Thank you for all you do to support the hobby and we will be back again for more speed parts.

Gary P. -
January 28, 2008 - My son's first pinewood derby race was on Saturday. He was thrilled when his car was undefeated in every heat, and won the Grand Champion award for the Pack! He even ran the car in the open division against the adults and won there too. He was one excited boy!

Joseph C. -
January 27, 2008 - Just thought I should let you know that your time spent with me on-line was worthwhile. My son's car won his division and overall. No other car even came close. It's the smoothest running car I've ever seen. Thanks for all your help. Will definately use you in the future.

John C. -
January 27, 2008 - Wow, this was our first time to participate in the pinewood derby. I was lucky enough to hear your website name mentioned at a training class. I quickly received my order of specialty speed tools and put them to work. We ran our derby yesterday and out of 61 scouts my son's car took second place!!!!!! I could not put a price on this experience; its one that my son will have for a lifetime. We are looking forward to the district race. Thank you so much for your knowledge and insight.

Joe B. -
January 27, 2008 - We built two cars based on your wedge design with option 2 from the Pinewood Derby Car Plans booklet, and followed tips from Speed To The Finish. This was our first time running the pinewood derby. My nephews won their rank groups, Tigers and Bears. They then finished 1st and 2nd overall in the Cub Scout pack! It's now onto the district race in April. Thanks for providing superior products and professional service!

John & Jakob H. -
January 26, 2008 - Well, despite some new rules limiting the tricks we learned from you, Jake won again! The margin of victory was much smaller, but still the fastest car of the pack. We had a blast securing another victory. We are looking forward to the district race. I'll let you know how we do.

Adam -
January 23, 2008 - We had our pack PWD this past Saturday. My son's car won the overall pack championship. Many, many thanks for your input and products. My son was wearing an ear-to-ear perma-grin!

Shawn S. -
January 23, 2008 - Thanks for the supplies you offer. They helped tremendously. We used the Pro-Body Tool, the Pro-Axle Press, tungsten plates, and your graphite. My son's car is so thin that it could run upside down! With all of that, my son, Jacob, took 1st Place in his pack's Pinewood Derby! It's on to the District race this Saturday.

Alan S. -
January 22, 2008 - Thanks for all the great advice on your web site. My daughter and I built a Stealth kit with Pro Ultra Lite Speed Wheels and Speed Axles for our Y-guides pinewood derby and that car was a rocket! On the first heat it won by 8 car lengths and won the next 4 heats convincingly taking 1st place overall. There were about 50 cars entered into our division of first time pinecar racers. Thanks Maximum Velocity for all of your great products.

Eric P. -
January 21, 2008 - My son placed first in his den and second overall in the pack and only lost by 1/1000th of a second in the overall race. It was a result of the tools and kits purchased from your company that made the difference.

Karl S. -
January 20, 2008 - Thanks for the great products, information and support. This was my son's last year in cub scouts and we finally got it all right at the derby. He got first place in his pack! He didn't just win; he left everyone in the dust! The next fastest car was over six hundreths of a second slower than his car and he obliterated every track record that had ever been set in 10 years. I know your products have made the difference and have helped us do well every year even if we didn't make first place. Also my daughter and youngest son finished first and second place (respectively) in the sibling race. And I won the parents derby 🙂 Trifecta!!! Just for the record, the other cars that came in second were no slouches by any means. They had very fast times.

Deron K. -
January 16, 2008 - Randy, I got my car kit last week and with the help of my 8 year old son we finished it last Friday night. The pack race was last Saturday and we took 2nd place out of 80 boys. Thanks for all your help with the car; the look on his face after it went down the track and won his first heat race was worth a million bucks!

Michael S. -
January 15, 2008 - My son and I are locked in. We won the pack overall championship last night for the second time in four years. The look of joy on my son's face as he took his trophy to school to show his friends this morning was priceless. With the axles, lubricants and wheels you provided one could race a plain block of wood down the track and probably win. Now it is on to the regional where we have never won. Maybe this will be our year! Thank you Randy!

Mike M. -
January 14, 2008 - Your products worked remarkably well. My 7 year son was the Grand Champion this weekend, he easily defeated the Webelo scout. His car was unbeatable. My son loves the huge trophy he won. Thanks again!

Roger & Ryan -
January 5, 2008 - We have just returned from our third 1st Place win in our local Pinewood Derby!!!!!! Many thanks to you and your site!!!!!! The new Max-V-Lube works. Out of 60 racers, we were the only ones with Max-V, and it showed!! Our speed was just enough to finish ahead of the "standard" graphite guys. All of your hard work and testing are accurate, and worth the time you invest to prove it. I look forward to placing my order with you again for our next race.!!! Maybe we can make it 4 years in a row!!! Thank you again for a wonderful site, great customer service, and on time shipping.