2004 Testimonials

Monty Getz -
November 23, 2004 - My daughter and I raced the first car we built (well actually the second - I scrapped the first after I read your book) and it won 12 races in a row a gold medal. My girl was so happy that she didn't want to even put the car down between heats! After the race I was asked all sorts of questions. They even jokingly asked where the motor was! It was a really fun time for us, nothing but good sports, and cheering children, and it was well worth all the extra work seeing the joy it gave my daughter.

Jim Baker -
November 8, 2004 - We used the tips in your booklet and went undefeated at our Royal Ranger derby. My son took 1st Place in his age and 1st Place overall. I think we've found a new hobby. Thanks!

Jason Atkinson -
November 3, 2004 - My son Austin and I built a Sports Car using your free car plan. We went undefeated in all heats (even the backwards race)! He raced unofficially after the derby was over and won 10 more heats - this car went undefeated all night. We ended up in 1st Place out of 25 cars and had the fastest time at 3.88 seconds (on a wooden track). The owner of the track said that it was the fastest time he has ever seen since he started years ago. We had a ball building this car together - thanks for the help!

Stephen Honeycutt -
October 12, 2004 - 1st place! And we beat the pants off a rumored "never-been-beat" car (the owner studies this pretty in depth - owns his own electronic track with software round-robin, etc.). When I say we - I mean my friend and I. We both bought the Outlaw wheels and my friend, Justin placed 2nd!

Ken Katalinich -
May 12, 2004 - I would like to thank you very much for
your support of the pinewood derby and providing critical information on
how to build a winning car. This was the first exposure I had to the
derby and had only dreamed of my 6-year-old son winning a few races.
After searching the web for information I selected your site and begin
exploring the possibilities of the pinewood derby. He chose the
standard Arrow for his first car. I purchased the traditional tools and
specialty tools, and then helped my son learn how to make the car the
old fashion way. The time spent together was great and taking 1st Place
was even better. About half way through the race the announcer gave a
name to his car - the 'Red, White and Blue Wonder' - since he easily
beat almost all 38 cars entered in the race.

Thank you once again for your technical support and the quality of your
site and products. I have been promoting your site to all my friends for
next year's race.

Spencer Van Pelt -
May 10, 2004 - Thanks for the plans. We built the Wedge SE and won grand champion for my son's first race!

Kent Pendleton -
May 5, 2004 - My son's car won 1st Place at his derby!
He won every heat by at least a foot. We used some of your tools and
supplies, and then together built a modified Wedge. I did the rough cut
and he did all the sanding. I taught him how to paint with my airbrush,
and he did the primer and base coat. It turned out very nicely,
especially for a first effort from a young boy.

I have built cars in past years with my older son, and they were all
respectable - usually won most if not all heats - but this car is faster
than all of them by about 4-6 inches at the finish.. The only thing I
did different this year was spend more time on axles, and use the
Pro-Wheel Shaver to clean up the wheels. I had always polished axles and
removed burrs, but never done it to the extent we did this year, thanks
to the Axle Polishing Kit that came in the speed kit.

It was a great thrill for Ryan. We had a wonderful experience building
the car together, testing it, tweaking it, etc. But I must admit, it was
a lot of fun watching his face each time the car ran down the track and
finished first. Thanks for your assistance and keep up the good work.

Bob Pace -
May 4, 2004 - My son and I purchased your booklet last year
and incorporated some of your suggestions into his car. We now have two
first place district trophies and cars at the house. Thanks!

Larry Glenn -
May 4, 2004 - Thanks for your tips and products. I built a
car in scouts about 30 some years ago. When my 7 year old boy came up
for his first pinewood derby I went to the internet looking for tips. I
found your site, and bought your booklet of tips and a plan for the
wedge cars. I also got many of your supplies as well. We built a total
of four cars - one official Scout car and three Akela cars. All of the
cars did well. My son's car placed 2nd in his den, and then placed 1st
in the Pack for the finals. His car ran faster each successive run. My
car placed 2nd in the Akela race, only 1/1000 of a second slower then
the first place winner.

Cody, Casey & Marty Taylor -
May 4, 2004 - Just wanted to let you know how we did at the Local YMCA Y-Guides Pinewood Derby this year. We built 5 cars - 2 stock cars and 3 open class cars. My two kids each entered 1 stock car and 1 open class car, and then shared the last open class car. In the stock division, my son took 1st Place while my daughter placed 2nd.

In the Open Class (37 cars), the co-owned car took 1st Place, while my son took 2nd and 3rd place (3rd was his stock car). My daughter won the "Best Craftsmanship" award. Oh, by the way, the 4th Place car was our Number 1 car from the preceding year - my son's friend decided he wanted to participate in the Open Class at the last minute so we gave him a "spare car."

Over the years I have used many of your "speed secrets" and we have placed 1st for the past 5 years! Everyone wants to know our "secret," but as you say - there's no one special secret - it's a combination of doing all the right things to make the car run fast. Every year the competition scratches their heads in amazement; they claim they're getting close to us. In closing, 2004 was the first year we used the Nyoil product versus graphite. I'd say we had great results! We found the more the cars ran, the faster the speed!

Burt Ward -
May 4, 2004 - My son, Devin, took 1st Place Overall in the Pack, and 2nd Place Overall in the District and Council races (the largest BSA Council in the world). Your designs and tips have been invaluable for us - we'll be back for more next season!!!

Mike -
May 3, 2004 - We used your tools and techniques and won a 1st Place and a 3rd Place for speed, and won best overall appearance in a BSA Pinewood Derby. We also had best design with a Batmobile which only lost to our other car. We did not place in previous years, so my kids were thrilled. We can't wait til next year!

Jerry Lencoski -
May 3, 2004 - Awana Grand Prix was a big success this
year. We used lots of your techniques and took home a 1st, a 2nd, and a
3rd, and didn't lose a race by more than half a car length. Thanks a

Dave -
May 3, 2004 - My son won 1st Place in his den and 2nd Place
overall in the pack of over 60 cars. Thanks - your axels and wheels
worked great!

Bob Meade -
May 3, 2004 - You guys are the greatest! My son, a first year Webelos, won his Pack derby without suffering a single loss, then went on to become the Overall Champion in the District Derby Run-off a month later. My son's car, a wedge, posted a track record for speed. Why did we win? Simple! We had "Maximum Velocity!"

Charles Jakab -
May 3, 2004 - Just wanted to let you know we had
excellent results with the car made from your plans. Andrew placed 1st
in his rank, 1st in the pack overall, 1st at the district, 1st at the
council in his rank and 2nd in the council overall. Thanks!

Scott Morris -
May 3, 2004 - Each year our Awana leaders have a "for
fun" race after the formal Grand Prix has completed. The top three
racers from the Grand Prix also get to participate in the leaders' race.
For my entry, I built a "Wedge" car as you detail on your web site. We
used one of your blocks with extended holes, the wheel mandrel, the axel
polishing kit and the NyOil II lubricant. WOW, did that car move - it
didn't lose a single race! This was the first year that a leader's car
beat any of the top three Grand Prix cars. Thanks for the edge!

Jarrett -
May 3, 2004 - I ordered your pinewood derby maximum velocity secrets and my son won his pack race! He beat 49 other cars. Thanks for the info - it really made it a lot of fun for him.

Mike Carano -
May 3, 2004 - Just wanted to let everyone at Maximum
Velocity know how happy and satisfied we were with the kit we purchased.
The net result was a 2nd Place overall trophy in our local Pinewood
Derby!! Thanks for all your help.

Kurt Jarvis -
May 3, 2004 - Thanks for the site and products. We took
1st! My son Harley was pretty happy to hear his name chanted on the last
heat. My Dad helped me in '66 (we took 1st as well), so I carried on the
tradition with your help.

Tom Adamson -
May 3, 2004 - We ordered both the Raingutter Regatta and
Pinewood derby decals, speed kit, etc. from Maximum Velocity and were
very successful with both. My son Collin, a first year Tiger Cub, won
2nd Place in the Regatta and took 1st Place in the Pack 25 Pinewood Derby. Thanks
for the great products, and keep up the good work!

Mike Davie -
April 29, 2004 - Thank you! We built a Wedge using your
directions and Speed Kit. My son's car went undefeated last night, and
he brought home the 1st Place trophy!

Joel Hardison -
April 28, 2004 - I want to thank you for running a first class website. My son has won 1st Place two years in a row, but this year's car is much faster. We live in Mooresville, NC where many of the NASCAR teams are located. Larry Foyt, a Nextel Cup driver, was this year's Grand Marshal. He built a pinewood derby car and was allowed use of the track for testing. At the conclusion of the pack race Mr. Foyt and the top three finishers raced their cars. To the surprsise of most, my son won all four heats by well over a car length with Mr. Foyt coming in 2nd. My son was so happy!

Brian Johnson -
April 28, 2004 - At our Pack Derby my son's car won 1st Place out of 45 entries! Our Pack uses the S&W car kit, so we used your #5148 Pro-Body tool to drill accurate axle holes (since the originals were neither centered nor straight) and used your Pro-Wheel shaver to true up the wheels (the wheels were badly out of round). Then we polished the axle screws and wheels until we could see ourselves and used NyOil II as the lubricant. In the final two heats we beat the unbeaten car from the winners bracket twice, by over a foot each time. I'm convinced that the NyOil II was the secret weapon. I swear our car got faster with each heat it ran in. To prove it was no fluke, I helped my two daughters build cars for the Open Competition using the same techniques and they came in second and third out of 22 cars, even beating out the cars built by adults. Thanks for making this year's Derby a real family affair!

Glen Craig -
April 23, 2004 - This was our first pinewood derby race and the first car we ever built. I began to lose some of my skepticism after my phone calls to you where you shared your thoughts, direction, vision and heart to a complete stranger on the other end of the phone. WOW! Your car plans and supplies are a must. You are the man with all the toys, not Santa, not at the North Pole, just a phone call away.

My son Glen (Wolf) entered his Den and Pack race and ended up taking 2nd Place in the Den. The look on a number of fathers faces and comment about the style and paint job on the car was priceless!!

Next, we entered the District Race. In each heat my Glen's car easily outdistanced the other 80 Wolf cars by one or two car lengths each time. Glen then won his division for overall speed (setting a track record). I was only hoping to give him a chance to win one or two more races, just enough so he felt some accomplishment. We were happily surprised; the look in his face said it all! He also won for best paint job and craftsmanship.

Then to top it off, we received a letter inviting us to the Greater New York Council Invitational Pinewood Derby Finals at the Empire State Building. We were blown away! Race day came and we had no idea what to expect - no one slept well the night before. Once again the car (Wedge SE) drew looks with it's multi-color change finish. Then he tore up the track, placing 3rd Place overall in New York City. Not bad our first year out!

Dave -
April 2004 - My son just competed in his Cub Scout Council race. He had won his pack, but his district didn't have a race. However, the top 3 cars in each pack ran in a council race. He took 2nd Place out of about 100 cars. We used NyOil II as well as other products from you.

Mark Atwood -
April 20, 2004 - My son Jacob was thrilled to win every single heat and take 1st Place at our local pack pinewood derby. The car he chose to build was The Wedge (with optional canopy and blow pipes). It was a great project for us to work on together and we look forward to next year! Jacob is the first of my four boys to participate in pinewood derbies and I look forward to all the fun with my other sons as well. Thanks for the great car plans, tools and supplies!!!

James Leahy -
April 19, 2004 - Last year was my son's and my first
experience in BSA Pinewood Derby racing. Not realizing how competitive
these races are we just haphazardly put a car together. It was heart
breaking when the car never made it to the finish line.

So, this year we decided to delve deeper into pinewood derby racing.
While searching the Internet we found your web site and purchased your
Wedge Car Plans and some supplies. We built two cars, the Wedge GT and
Wedge SE from
scratch following you instruction to the letter. We tested the two cars
and found that the Wedge SE was the fastest, so that is the one we
registered. To make a long story short, we finished first in all six of
our heats and advanced to the district championships. At the district
race we won every heat again, and ended up taking 2nd Place in the
championship round. WOW! What a confidence booster for my son, and a
great experience for my whole family. Thanks for the GREAT plans!

Gary Mordini -
April 19, 2004 - We built a Wedge SE and took 1st Place in the Pack! It was so fast, that it was like watching Michael Jordan in his prime! Exaggeration? I don't think so: we watched every race in our division, and no other car had a single best time that was equal to or better than our worst time. Thanks!

Mark Heidema -
April 16, 2004 - Thank you for providing great tips for pinewood derby racing. I ordered your Car Construction Guidelines booklet, and my son and I made a nice patriotic car that finished 3rd overall for speed and 3rd for best of show out of about 100 cars. He was very excited and now his sister can't wait to join our girls club so she can race. Again, thanks and I'll be spreading the word about your website.

D. Hale -
April 12, 2004 - Thank-you so much for your website! This
is the first year I've been able to help my son with his Pinewood Derby
car due to military deployments during previous years. He always
participated with help from other fathers in the pack, but I knew he was
dissappointed. This is his last year in Cub Scouts and I wanted to make
it special for him. We built the Wedge, used the Pro-Wheel Mandrel and
the many tips provided in the Car Construction Guidelines. What a
difference it made! He had the best looking car there and took 1st
Place in his Den and then in the Pack as a whole! He never lost a race!
Money can't buy the look on his face when his car finished first in the
last heat of the race and he knew he was the Champ!

H.H. -
April 5, 2004 - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My son and I built a Wedge and he took 1st Place for his age group and for the den. This was our first car and I made some mistakes along the way. Your plans and speed supplies made up for my inexperience and mistakes. Thank you again; my son will remember this for the rest of his life.

Gery Mayes -
April 4, 2004 - Thank you for all of the help your products and tips have provided for my son Sean during his Cub Scout years. For the third year in a row he has gone to the Council competition, twice for racing and once for Best Paint job. This year, his last as a Cub, he finally placed at the Council race, taking 2nd Place for speed! He would not have been as successful without your in-depth research, quality tips, and excellent products. I cannot adequately express the joy and heightened self esteem this has afforded Sean.

John Bonner -
April 2, 2004 - My son is a first year Webelo and this was his third derby. The first two years were anything but a success - they finished dead last both years. This year we decided to spend more time on the wheels and axels and less on the body. All of the extra work we did really paid off. He took 1st Place (out of 57 cars) in the entire pack and qualified for the district races. He was so excited and my wife and I were so happy for him that we both had to fight back tears.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your useful tips, and one in particular. For the last two years we had used the powdered Teflon as a lubricant. We figured it was just as effective as graphite. We were planning on using it again and then we read your tip that said not only was it slower than graphite, but it was slower than running with nothing at all. Had we not read that, we probably would have run with it again and the story would not have such a happy ending.

Richard Stavenik -
April 2, 2004 - My son Matthew and I followed your directions to build a Wedge, and we won the Pinewood Derby for Pack 114, Alexandria, New Jersey! The car even set a new track record! Thank you so much for such a great product.

Bob Childress -
April 1, 2004 - Thanks again for all your help this Pinewood Derby season! Well, the pack Pinewood Derby Championship remains in the Childress family for the third year in a row! Joey had a lot of competition as a lot of the other Scouts were gunning for him. Joey's car started slow, but then came from behind to beat the first place car twice in a row to win the Championship! What an exciting race and finish. To top it off, Jimmy and Hollianne came in 1st and 2nd in the Open Class. Thanks again for all your help and wish us luck at the District and Council races! I certainly recommend your web site and supplies very highly!

Tom Hills -
April 1, 2004 - The race has come and gone. 2 boys, 1 day, and 5 trophies! The youngest captured best design and won his Bear class; the oldest won best design, won the Webelos class, and took overall Grand Champion. Thanks for doing what you do!

J.S. -
March 30, 2004 - We won our school's pack race last night!!!! Thanks to your help we went from zero victories last year to winning the event! My son was so happy and excited. We are now looking forward to the district race with the Wedge Turbo. Thanks again for your help.

Jim Ralston -
March 27, 2004 - Thank you for the speed tip on weight distribution. My son and I used it to help us take 2nd Place overall in the Pack! We love your site, keep up the good work.

Ralph Sheldon -
March 25, 2004 - We had our Pinewood Derby last night, and my son's car took 2nd Place in the Webelos division and 1st Place overall! Not too bad! Thanks for your great help with the newsletters, plans and tools.

Bill Desnoyers -
March 24, 2004 - My son's Pinewood Derby car took 1st Place in our first District Pinewood Derby! There were 28 cars entered. The race was scored using times, and my son's car won by 0.005 seconds!!! It was awesome. Thanks for all the

John P. -
March 24, 2004 - Just wanted to let you know that we built
the extended wheel base Wing and
took 3rd Place in our pack and 1st Place in the district! Thanks for
your help.

William King -
March 23, 2004 - Good news! My son won the Blue Ribbon for his age group. Now he will represent our church in a race next Sunday competing with other church groups in the area. I really appreciate your help. There is no way that the car would have been as fast had I not purchased your booklet.

Earl & Daniel Harrington -
March 21, 2004 - Just a quick note to let you know my 8-year old son Daniel participated in his first Cub Scout Pinewood Derby today. I cannot begin to describe the excitement brewing in my son (and I must admit myself as well!) as race day/time approached. He went undefeated to take 1st Place in his Den race, and then took 2nd Place for the Pack (40 total racers). He was racing the Wedge Turbo car design. What a joy working with Daniel on this project! I will never forget my son's face as he kept winning and winning!! What excitement and fun! Thank you so much for your wonderful service, advice, and website.

Richard & Ricky Houghtelling -
March 21, 2004 - Yesterday, my son Ricky won his very first Pinewood Derby race! He had the overall fastest car, and it was voted 'Best in Show' by all the parents from our local Cub Scout Pack. Now he will be racing at the Regional next month. When Ricky saw his car win its first heat, I am certain he knew that his Pinewood Derby Experience was going to be a winning one - and it was! Thanks again for all your professional guidance.

Rafe & Matthew -
March 20, 2004 - Last month we thanked you for helping us have such a great time at our Pack Race where Matthew's Extended Wedge SE took 1st Place. Then just before the districts we found out that extended wheelbase cars were not eligible for our District Race. So you quickly shipped us a Wedge SE kit which we put together. Well, we just got home from the Districts, and Matthew won all his races and set the track record! No other car in any class came close to his track time.

Thank you again for what you do. You, have the best products and advice in the business and your service is first class. We won't shop anywhere else for Pinewood Derby supplies and speed tips.

PS: The race director allowed us to race the extended Wedge SE after the competition and it broke the track record the other car recorded earlier. Everyone at the mall was amazed at how fast these cars were.

Matt, Zack, Alex, & Nick -
March 20, 2004 - My boys wanted to send you an email to let you know our results. Our Awana race was today. There were 30 boys in the race and we took 1st, 2nd, and 5th. We used one of your Car Plans 3 booklet to make the Wedge Turbo, the Wing, and the Formula One Racer. The Formula One racer took 1st Place overall. The Wing took 2nd Place (after about 12 race-off's with the Formula One. The Wedge Turbo took 5th Place. We used NyOil II based on your reccomendation. I was leary because I could not see how it would work until the race, but it appeared to hold up pretty well. Our cars stayed the same or got faster as the race went on. Thanks for your help!

William Craver -
March 20, 2004 - I just wanted to let you know that
the results of using NyOil II and your speed axles. My daughters' cars
placed 1st and Second in the Awana Grand Prix today. I noticed - like
others on your site - that later in the race the cars using NyOil
continued to increase in speed while those cars using graphite started
losing their races. Thank you - you've made two little girls and one
dad very happy!

Todd & Damien Hower -
March 20, 2004 - As an update to our comment below (February 7, 2004), Damien went to Regional today and took 1st Place! Then they had the Championships and he took 2nd place! He now moves on to the Jamboree. Wow, we will definitely be ordering again next year!

Don and Caleb -
March 19, 2004 - Thank you for your products and most helpful booklets. We ordered some of your tools, supplies and booklets, and my son and I spent many hours this month making sure to perform each operation as outlined in the booklets. Tonight my Webelos son won 'Best Paint Job', and then took 1st Place in the Webelos den and 2nd Place in the Pack! Now for the first time we are going to the district finals. Excited does not even begin to describe the mood here!

Mike -
March 19, 2004 - We watched your video and decided to make the Wedge Turbo. Thanks to the design, tips, and explanation in the video and a few hours building it, my son took 1st Place in his den and 2nd Place overall in the pack! Thanks for all the joy this brought to my son and myself!!

Brian -
March 17, 2004 - My son won 1st Place in his pinewood derby, beating the 2nd Place car in the finals by a car length. The
NyOil II is GREAT; you could notice his car got faster as the races went
on. Your products are the best on the market bar none!!!

David Peplow -
March 16, 2004 - Great web site lots of good ideas. My son took 1st Place with the Wedge design. I also built a car for my 5-year old daughter and it placed 2nd (but wasn't qualified to receive a trophy since she wasn't in the pack). Thanks for everything!

Gary Duffield -
March 16, 2004 - Using your supplies, we built a Low-Rider and my son took 1st Place in the Wolf division of our pack. Then at the district race, he took 1st Place in the Wolf division again. Not only that, he also brought home a trophy for the overall fastest time out of all cars. He was so proud, and now he has 3 tropies that will always be a remembrance of the pinewood derby race. Thanks so much for the wonderful products that you have to offer. They were the best of the best. We will be back next year for another fun filled event for the entire family.

Jay & Jesse Wiles -
March 15, 2004 - We just had our district race, and we won every race to take 1st Place! We are very proud of this because of the number of really nice cars in the race. We worked very hard on this car with LOTS of hours spent on EVERY detail and it showed! Thanks for your advise. The Pro-Hub Tool and Axle Polishing Kit worked great! Now it's on to the Council race!!

Mitchell & Carl Howell -
Marh 14, 2004 - Thank your for your well designed tools and techniques. We purchased your Pro-Hub Tool, Pro-Wheel Shaver, and Pro-Wheel Mandrel. This was our first race, and the car was undefeated all day in 30 plus races! The car was nicknamed "Speed Demon" at the end of the first heat. The car is amazingly fast, even to me it was a surprise. We used some other design and engineering tactics that were quite beneficial, but I am convinced it was your wheel modifications that got the job done.

David Kintner & Steven Wiley -
March 14, 2004 - This was the second race for my nephew and myself. Last year we knew nothing about pinewood derby racing, and needless to say we did not do very good. In the year since, we have learned a lot from your site and newsletters. With that information and the supplies I purchased, Steven not only won 1st Place for top speed, but also 1st Place for Best Of Show! Thanks for all the great info and supplies..

John & AJ -
March 14, 2004 - My son and I used your plans and products to build Formula One car. He found the plans to be easy to understand and follow for the construction, and I found the helpful hints for the wheels and axles to be very insightful into the physics of racing under gravity-power only. Can you imagine the look of utter shock on the derby controller(he has been running the derby for the pack and region for over 6 years) when the first run of my son's car shattered the all time track record for cub scout cars? His car went on to win all 12 heats, winning 1st Place overall in the pack. Now we're off to the regional derby in a couple of weeks. Thank you for all your hints and techniques for building a Maximum Velocity car!

Dave, Brad, Brian and Brett -
March 13, 2004 - All I can say is WOW! Last night, my three sons and I went pinewood derby racing, and out of 146 car entries each boy won every race entered and took 1st Place in their own age groups. Then at the end of the night they had the "Big Trophy Round" which was first place cars from from each age group, including the open division. My sons took home 1st , 2nd and 3rd place in that event! My sons all were hugging me and thanking me for helping them win, and now we needed to THANK YOU for giving us the tips and the tools to make the night AWESOME.

Kevin and Ryan W.
- March 10, 2004 - We recently finished our 1st racing season, and what a season it was! We purchased several Maximum Velocity products, and had a great time building the Wedge SE together. Your tips and how-tos made the difference. Ryan took home 1st Place at the pack level and 2nd Place at the districts - just missing out on 1st Place by a fraction in a best of 3 race off. We will definitely be back next year. You're the best!

Don Martin -
March 9, 2004 - We purchased your Car Construction Guidelines booklet, and it was the best $6.90 I ever invested. We took 1st Place overall! The look on my son's face was priceless - he was beaming with joy. We are both very proud. Thank you!

Ken -
March 6, 2004 - We just got back from the district race where we took 1st and 2nd place! We won every race by a large margin. Your suggestions and products are right on target. We will be back next year for more products. Thanks for the help!

James Jackson -
March 3, 2004 - My son is in his final year of Cub Scouting. He has been in many races, but has not had much success. So I began researching Pinewood Derby cars, and found your web site. I purchased several of your products and followed your direction precisely. At the Junior Girl Scout race, my daughter won her competition, winning every race by at least 2 car lengths! Then two hours later at the Cub Scout race my son was hoisting the 24" championship trophy and ribbon after winning every single race heat he was in! The derbies were two days ago but they are still buzzing about the races. My son now wishes he had another year in Cub Scouts so that he race again. Thank you for your wonderful products.

Mary J. -
March 3, 2004 - We built a Wedge GT and my son WON! We
were amazed. The car didn't look particularly impressive, but it won
every single heat it was in. More than one dad was a little stunned
that a 2nd grader and his single mother could have beat them and their
arsenal of power tools! Thanks so much for your help!

Eric Larkey -
February 28, 2004 - We won the race! We used the Pro-Tools on the car; what a differance they make. The car was ahead by 2 car lengths on every heat. Now I'm a Maximum Velocity fan!

Ernie Boothe -
February 26, 2004 - I would like to thank you for your ideas and car plans. I purchased one of your car plan booklets last year and my son won 1st Place at our pack level and at the district level, and I won first place in our open class race at the pack and district levels. We just had our pack race for this year and the same thing happened! We both took 1st Place again, my wife took 2nd Place, and my 5-year old took 3rd Place. Thanks a lot!

Rafe & Matthew Caprez -
February 25, 2004 - Matthew (a Tiger Cub) and I purchased some of your products and instructions a few weeks ago to help us build a car for his first pinewood derby race. We decided to build a Wedge SE. I have neither wood-working nor mechanical skills, but we learned a lot from your guide, had some fun, and had just enough time to finish the car for the race. After the first heat, I told my wife that it was worth every minute and every penny for the look on our son's face. That look of complete surprise and joy was a moment that will last forever. That would have been enough, but to top it off Matthew ended up taking 1st Place in the Pack!

Jamie S. -
February 24, 2004 - Wow, you have sold me! Just got back from an area derby. Twenty-four trophies were handed out, and our group took home 20! As for speed, we swept all but one division, where we lost a 3rd Place spot to someone from another group. I was nervous about using NyOil II instead of graphite-moly, but my fears soon disappeared. Our cars that used NyOil II won the top spots in all races. Three out of our 1st Place winners weren't even touched by the 2nd Place car. I saw a car that had placed 3rd at our own group's race, splash on just one tiny drop of Nyoil II per axle, and go out and beat all comers to take 1st Place. You guys are one of the best out there offering winning products. Keep up the great work!

Bob & Cody Griffith -
Feburary 23, 2004 - Last year we built a Wedge SE and took 1st Place for our pack. This win entitled us to participate in the district race, where we took 1st Place for the Wolf Level and 2nd Place overall. This year we built a Wedge GT and took 1st Place at our pack again! We have high hopes for the district race. Thank you again for very helpful products, and keep up the good work!

Travis G. Ferguson, Jr. -
February 23, 2004 - My patrol of six Webelos, placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in our pinewood derby this weekend. We started by watching your video. Then each put in about 10 hours on their car using your your tools and supplies. Thanks for sharing and making available your knowledge in this very fun event.

P.S. The 1st place winner was a Bear Cub Scout who just happens to be my son. He too benefited from all of the above. This was his very first trophy and he is so proud. After the race, he sat with his trophy in his lap, for what seemed like hours. Thanks again!

Joseph Przekop -
February 23, 2004 - I just wanted to let you know that the quality products on your website allowed my son Blake to come in 2nd Place in his Den, and in the Pack. The money spent was well worth the look on his face as he won race after race

Steve Vickers -
February 21, 2004 - Using your products and instructions our Tiger Cub won 1st in his division and 1st for the whole pack! He didn't lose a single race. Prior to his derby I had never seen a pinewood derby car or what the track would look like. Thank you for helping make a memory we both will never forget.

Greg Fike -
Greg Fike - February 21, 2004 - Thank you for the advice published in your Car Construction Guidelines booklet. We just won top honors at our pack race this morning - 1st Place out of 18 cars! We followed all steps that were allowed in our class, and our car won every heat we ran.

Steve Zodrow -
February 19, 2004 - My son took 1st Place in his pack of 83 scouts! We used the Wedge SE design - it worked great!

John & Ryan Maddalena -
February 15, 2004 - Thank you for your help! Ryan took 1st Place with the Wedge SE and broke a six-year track record. I built the Truck, and it took 1st Place in the open class race.

Paul -
February 15, 2004 - My son and daughter both built a Wing, and each took 1st Place in their divisions! They are both headed for the Lutheran Pioneer's national race. Thanks for your help!

Stan F. -
February 14, 2004 - I want to thank you for your great products, support and advice. My son didn't lose a single race at districts until the Championship race where he lost one heat, but won all three of the others to win the District Championship!

Christopher Booth -
February 13, 2004 - Another great Pinewood Derby season! 1st Place Wolf, 1st Place Bear; and 1st,2nd and 3rd place sweep in the Adult / Open class event. Thanks to your
car plans and supplies we had another unbeatable Maximum Velocity day at
the Derby!!!

Cody Dison -
February 12, 2004 - I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for a great product. This is my third year racing in the pinewood derby. The first year I designed my own car and finished 6th in the pack. The second year I ordered a set of plans from Maximum Velocity. I finished 1st in my pack and 2nd in district. This year again I purchased plans and again won the pack and now on to district again.
Thanks for a great product!

James & Jim -
February 11, 2004 - This was our first year for the Pinewood derby, and we had little knowledge of building a winning car - until we found your web site. I showed my son the different cars at your site and asked him if he wanted a winning car or a theme car. His answer was obvious (winning). Before ordering any items we contacted you for some clarifications. We want to thank you for returning our call and the information you provided.

The night before the race our pack had trials and my son and I were amazed at how fast the car was. Well the rest is history; my son took 1st Place in his Pack, and is on the District race! We owe much of our success to you and the attention to detail in every phase of construction.

David Cook -
February 10, 2004 - I am very pleased to report that, using your products and information, my 8 year old son was able to win 2nd Place overall in his District Pinewood Derby (99 entries). He had 3 first place finishes, and then, after an official dropped the car, 3 second place finishes. Even so, he missed first place by less than 1/1000th of a second! Last year we ran so poorly that we finished last in the consolation race. Thank you so much for such great stuff!

JT -
February 10, 2004 - My son's car (his and my first) swept his pinewood derby races! He didn't lose a single race all night, taking 1st Place in the Wolf division and 1st Place for the Pack (actually a two-pack derby). I didn't make any modifications to the wheels and axles you sent; just made sure they were on straight, and added Nyoil II. Unfortunately for you guys, your product is so good I have to keep you a secret!

John Johnsey -
February 9, 2004 - My son won 1st Place this weekend at his Pack derby race. We used your Speeder car design and the speed tips from your booklet. It works!

Kevin Pataky -
February 8, 2004 - We used your supplies, and in our race today my son won 1st Place for fastest car in our Pack! We are now off to the District Championships. Thanks so much for you great products and advice.

Todd & Damien Hower -
February 7, 2004 - My son used your Wedge design for his first pinewood derby, and he took 1st Place in his division (5th Overall). He wil now be moving on to our Regionals. We couldn't be happier. Thanks!

Paul Smith -
February 5, 2004 - Just wanted to thank you folks for providing a very informative newsletter. I subscribed to the Pinewood Derby Times a few weeks before my son's (Thomas and David) race. The tips provided in your newsletters helped us to win 1st Place in their BSA Pack Derby! Wheelbase extension, axle and wheel treatments, body shaping, weight placement; it's all there in the newsletter.

The boys really put some time in these cars learning the physics of momentum and friction minimization, as well as the actual building process of the cars. I'm very proud of their accomplishment. But the best part for me was the questions asked by other parents after the Derby about the "secrets" we utilized for winning. Thanks again for a great newsletter!

Jim & Connor Ross -
February 3, 2004 - I am a complete klutz working with anything, but following your booklet instructions to the letter, our car not only won the Pack Pinewood Derby, but it set a course record for time and speed! Thank you for your time, suggestions and aid. God Bless!

Don Leigh -
February 1, 2004 - Seventy Scouts; two sons; two Wedge SEs; two trophies - 1st and 2nd! Thanks for the Great Day at the Races!

Neil & Alex Ezell -
January 31, 2004 - There were over 100 entrants, but Alex took 1st Place! He never lost a race (over 40 heats), usually winning by a wide margin. To top it off I entered the adult division at the last minute, and didn't lose a single race. We even beat all of the cars that had non-legal components. The NyOil worked out great! Thanks for all your help.

Gene Harrison -
January 31, 2004 - My girlfriend's son, Cole, took 1st Place in his Wolf den and 2nd Place overall in the pack! Thanks for all of your help, we couldn't have done it without the tips and tricks we picked up from Maximum Velocity.

Mark Hayden -
January 30, 2004 - I want to compliment you on your "Car Construction Guidelines Booklet" which we purchased this year. We followed many of the basic tips and ideas that you explained and had excellent results. Last year my son finished in last place in his age group. But this year he took 1st Place in the pack, never losing a race! Then his little brother won the open class! Thanks for helping us achieve "Maximum Velocity".

Hans & Brad Littooy -
January 30, 2004 - Many thanks for the excellent tools and supplies you provide. It all paid off tonight as my son, Brad, took 1st Place overall out of 74 cars in his pack! The tools were real easy to use, were much faster, and produced more accurate results than in past years. The best part was that after initial set-up, he could do much of the work himself. Off to the District Finals - the San Diego 500!

Dan & Julian Volkening -
January 30 - BRAVO!! My son and I built an Interceptor, and of the 16 races he participated in he won all 16. He took 1st Place in his Webelos den and was 1st overall in the pack! Last year we used the Arrow design. He won 13 of 14 races to take 1st Place in the den and pack!

John Gebhardt -
January 26, 2004 - My son's car took 1st Place for the Webelos, 1st Place in the Pack (over 100 entries), and 3rd Place in the Open race! In addition, my 8 year-old daughter's car took 2nd Place in the Open race. The car I entered took 1st Place, giving our family a clean sweep of the podium! I owe a lot of our success to the information and tools available from Maximum Velocity. Building a winning car still takes a real investment in time and concentration but having good resources makes the process much more enjoyable.

Craig M. -
January 26, 2004 - Wow! We just finished our race tonight. I'm the commander for our Awana program, and we had 72 cars total with 34 cars in our Sparks division where my daughter was entered. Her car won 1st Place in every race to take first in the speed category! We used NyOil, and her car was much faster than any other car (it had the fastest time of the day) and was very consistent. I'll be sticking with the Nyoil from now on. Thanks!

Jay Brown -
Jay Brown - January 25, 2004 - Thank you very much for the fast
delivery of the Pinewood items that I purchased. My two Cubs took 1st Place in their Scout Dens, and 1st and 2nd Places in their Pack of 123 Scouts ! This would not have made this possible without your products, information and guidance. Thanks again!

Andrew Riemer -
January 25, 2004 - The tips and tricks I have learned from visiting your website and reading your e-newsletter have proved invaluable. My eldest son took 1st Place in his first year of racing with your Wedge SE car plan. During his second year, he took 2nd Place with a car of his own design that used the knowledge we gained during that first year. This year, he went for design more than speed, but he still took 4th overall in a field of 20! To top it off, his younger brother raced against him for the first time this year, and he took 1st in the Pack! His car? - a modified Wedge SE with the sides cut away. After last year's race, I shared your site and some tips with another family. Their two boys finished in 2nd and 3rd Places between my sons' cars in this year's Derby. Thanks for making our racing experience more fun and exciting!

Desalyn & Cameron Stevenson -
January 25, 2004 - I just wanted to thank you for those awesome designs, speed tips, and your patience in answering all my questions. My son's Wedge Turbo came in 1st Place (Bears) and 2nd Overall, bearly losing to a Webelos by 0.001 seconds.

Being a single mom I wasn't sure I could do it alone, but with your help we were much more successful than I ever could have anticipated. Thanks again!

Bruce Lutz -
January 25, 2004 - Using many of your methods and supplies, my son won his pack's pinewood derby this past weekend! Thank you for the comprehensive website.

Doug Mastriano -
January 25, 2004 - My six year old son and I used your recommendations and the simple wedge design, and he placed 1st overall! Thanks for the good work!

Tom & Jacob Armelino -
January 25, 2004 - This was my son Jacob's first year as a Bear scout and his first car. We built the Low-Rider from your plans. One of the starters thought the car would wheelie so my son raced it backward and lost his first heat. He then ran it with the front wheels forward and won 13 straight heats. He worked his way through the loser's bracket and then beat the winners bracket leader twice to take 1st Place! It was very exciting! Thanks for the information.

Mark & Michael Stover -
February 7, 2004 - Michael won the pack championship race and we are off to the District race for the second year in a row! The Pro-Axles Press, Pro-Body Tool, and Pro-Hub Tool were a big help. Thanks!

Rich Hanley -
January 24, 2004 - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My son came in 2nd Place (actually 1st due to a timing error as we discovered later). My son was beaming! He had worked may hours sanding, polishing axles, and painting; and his efforts paid off big-time!!!

After using your speed tools and construction methods I can finally see how to build a winning car. This is our third year racing in Pinewood Derby's and this is the first year we were in the winner's circle. Your tools and methods made the winning difference.

Rich Hanley -
January 24, 2004 - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My son came in 2nd Place (actually 1st due to a timing error as we discovered later). My son was beaming! He had worked may hours sanding, polishing axles, and painting; and his efforts paid off big-time!!!

After using your speed tools and construction methods I can finally see how to build a winning car. This is our third year racing in Pinewood Derby's and this is the first year we were in the winner's circle. Your tools and methods made the winning difference.

Ric Opal -
January 24, 2004 - My son won his third straight Pinewood
Derby thanks in large part to your speed tips, car design ideas and
innovative products that make building the car and calibrating for speed
a bit simpler.

On the night before the race, as we were inserting the axel into one of
the slots, the slot shattered. In a matter of about 3 hours we were
able to build another car (Wedge GT) from scratch and have it ready for
the next day. I fully anticipated the car would be competitive, but did
not think it had a shot at placing (frankly, I kind of wanted the car to
not be too fast, because my son had won the past two years). But, even
though we had no car as of 7:15 the night before the race, once again my
son finished first. There is no way we could have built another car in
the amount of time we did without your detailed instructions and car

Gary Lee -
January 24, 2004 - Previously, we have placed second and third in our den, but today - following your design for the wedge - we placed 1st Overall in the pack! Many thanks for the clear instructions you've provided in your booklets, your helpful hints, and wonderful supplies. Keep it coming!

Dave -
January 2004 - We had our Pinewood Derby race this morning and my son finished first out of about 70 cars. He used the NyOil II. As each race progressed, his car continued to go faster. In fact his average speed in the last six races (the championship round) was .03 seconds faster than the fastest single time any other car had achieved the entire day!

Thanks for all your tips and the time you have spent responding to my 'endless' questions. Next year's race is only 12 month away.

Len Diamond -
January 23, 2004 - Thanks for your advice. Your
instructions and design must have worked; we were undefeated (against 70 cars), making my 6-1/2 year son very happy! See you next year.

Victor Camacho -
January 23, 2004 - My boys (ages 9 and 7 )and I had spent two months preparing their cars according to your helpful guidelines. The results were well worth it! Two trophies: my Bear won 1st Place, and my Tiger Cub won 2nd Place!To see the expressions on their faces was truly PRICELESS! We couldn't have done it without the Lord and your helpful advice. Now, it's on to the District Race for my nine year old."

Ken -
January 23, 2004 - I would like to thank you for your support, car building tips, car preparation materials and plans that I used for my sons' pinewood derby cars. We built two cars using your guidelines and took 1st and 2nd Place overall in the entire pack! What an exciting day! My boys were thrilled, as was I. We will be back to your website for your quality products for future races.

Walter L. -
January 23, 2004 - My son won a 1st Place trophy for the fastest car in the pack, a trophy for the fastest car in his den, and a trophy for the most realistic paint job. I did not use the car kit that I purchased from you because that car is 0.0033 faster than the one we used! He will be racing that car in the district race instead."

Dave & Alex McLoon -
January 22, 2004 - I am happy to say that my 8-year old son took 1st Place in his pack pinewood derby! He did not lose a single race (16 heats). I have to owe it to your tools and your Car Construction Guidelines booklet. Thanks again for putting out a great line-up of tools and ideas.

Jerry Casey -
January 22, 2004 - My son used your extended wheelbase Wedge kit, matched wheels and speed axles, and took 1st Place in his pack. He was thrilled! The car was very easy to construct, and the matched wheels and speed axles made all the differance. Thanks!

David G -
January 20, 2004 - Just wanted to let you know that we
used your Rail design for 2 cars this year (our first year ). Our
younger son won 2nd Place and our older son won 'Crowd Favorite' (for
design)! Thanks for all the information in your booklets and the video.
It was worth all the work just to see their faces light up when they
heard their names announced and grinned from ear to ear while holding
their trophy and medal."

Greg Link -
January 18, 2004 - I just wanted to you let you know that I
my son finished in 2nd Place in his first derby. We used your plans,
along with weights, mandrel, and all the other goodies that you hooked
me up with.
Our car used the standard wheelbase. The car that beat us was an
extended wheelbase car (I didn't know that we could extend the
wheelbase, but I will next year!).

Tim Beard -
January 17, 2004 - My son finished 1st in his den, and took 2nd Place in the Pack finals! There were over 60 cars in the pack. Thanks for you're wonderful web page. I appreciate all the informative
information, and items that were enclosed in my order.

Dennis & Brian Leslie -
January 17, 2004 - Our Pinewood race was today
and our Dragonfire car was undefeated, taking 1st Place in our Wolf Den
and 1st Place in our Pack! Thank again for your great plans and tips
for a winning car.

Leroy & Logan Wiegand -
January 17, 2004 - Just wanted to let you know that we built your Truck design this year and it took 2nd Place, beating out 32 other cars! Thanks so much for making it easy and fun for us to participate in another Pinewood Derby race!

Jim Mason -
January 15, 2004 - Maximum Velocity is the best! With your help, my son and I sweep through the competetion at our Cub Scout Pack 94 Pinewood Derby race last night, taking 1st Place in his Den and his Pack. Also, my 4-year-olds entry in the Open Class claimed top honors as well! Thanks for your help.

Chris & Logan Gill -
January 11, 2004 - Just wanted to send you a note that your Wing design brought home the bacon. Your design got Logan a 1st Place finish the second year in a row!!

Dwayne Brogle -
January 10, 2004 - In last year's race we bought kits from a hobby store and followed the small amount of instructions that came with them. We lost miserably not making the top 4 in any race. This year we purchased the Wedge kit and the Wedge SE kit and a matched set of wheels for each one. We followed your detailed instructons contained in the kit. Neither car lost a single race! The Wedge SE ran in the standard >weight class division for the Weblos, and took 1st Place in the den and the pack. The Wedge was bumped to 10 ounces and took first in the unlimited class. Needless to say I have one happy scout. Thanks for your help!.

Tim Hellaby -
January 10, 2004 - Your knowledge and fine line of products has put all three of our boys in the winner's circle once again, this time netting them three more 1st Place finishes! Keep up the super job; it is always a pleasure doing business with you.