2003 Testimonials

Joe Dame
- December 5, 2003 - Just wanted to let you know that your kits and information are first rate. Your speed tips and directions are excellent. We found them easy to follow and the results speak for themselves. We built several pinewood derby cars following your directions and guidance. Out of approximately 65 competing cars, we had two of the fastest cars. The first car took 2nd Place overall, and 1st place in the Open Class race. The second car had the fastest run of the day, which is the track record. Thanks again!

Ken Morgan -
November 15 - Just wanted to send you a note thanking you for your great site. My 7 year-old son just competed in his first Awana race at our church. We purchased your Car Construction Guidelines booklet and Car Plans 2. Using the RACER design and the tips in your booklet we built a car in less than a week. He took first place in speed out of 55 entrants and never lost a heat. We had a lot of fun making the car and competing. Thanks again.

Brad Sidener -
November 12, 2003 - Just a note of thanks for the website and articles. I am the Cubmaster of Pack 154 in Reno, Nevada. We have approximately 75 boys in our pack. Our pinewood derby has become an amazing day that boys and dads look forward to for the entire year. I have forwarded your website to all my leaders and then to all the families in the pack. It is obvious that, due to maximum-velocity.com, we have leveled the playing field so that even the 1st year Tiger cubs are competing for the Pack Championship. Thanks again.

Henry Matos -
November 7, 2003 - Just wanted to let you know that we
used several of the tips from your Car Construction Guidelines booklet,
and my son just won 1st Place (out of over 50 cars) at the Awana club
race! By the way, this was the first car we ever built! We can't wait
till next year.

Cari Cohrs -
June 8, 2003 - Thanks to your wedge design my son was able
to win the Pinewood Derby. He's been trying to beat his friend's car
for the past three years and this year he did it. He came in 1st Place
for his den and 2nd Place overall. Thanks again!!

Chris Gallen -
June 7, 2003 - My son and I used several of your ideas and combined the qualities he liked to create a very unique design. We then purchased your basic speed kit and decal kit, and built a race car for our first pinewood derby. We had a lot of fun building the car and your helpful hints and speed tips were very useful! We took 1st Place for the Tiger Cub division, and 2nd Place for the whole Pack. The car also won Best Design. We could not have done it without your help.

James & McClain Wood -
June 3, 2003 - Thank you for the quality tools and instructions. This spring was my first experience with pinewood derby racing since I was in Cub Scouts 30 plus years ago.

Using the various tools, supplies, and tips you offer, my 7-year old Tiger Cub, McClain, drew a simple car design on the block of wood and actively participated in all phases of the car construction. He really like making the axles "real shiny" and smoothing and finishing the tires, especially since he
meticulously did it all by himself.

Our car wasn't real fancy - there were a few small runs in the paint job and the decals weren't exactly straight - but we had a lot of fun building it together. After seeing all of the really elaborate designs and listening to discussions about advanced techniques at the race day check-in, I was just hoping for a good showing so my son would not be too disappointed.

However, he won all of his Tiger Cub division races and placed fourth in the overall pack championship. He even had the fastest time of the day in one of his heats! The memory of his excitement, smiles, and pride in a job well done will stay with me for a lifetime. Thanks!

David Taylor -
May 18, 2003 - Great site and great information. My son Kameron just turned 8 and we found out he was eligible for the Pinewood Derby - which was in 4 days. So I turned to the internet and came across your website. We bought the Car Construction Guidelines booklet (download version) and went to work. My son picked out the design, colors, decals, and even brushed a few strokes of paint - essentially he was the executive and I was the laborer. To make a long story short, with the help of your information my newest cub scout went undefeated in his 8 races. Needless to say he was very excited. Thanks for all the information and a great web-site!

Rick MacDowell -
May 10, 2003 - My son and I built and decorated a Wedge GT, and let me tell you the result exceeded any expectation. The car took 1st Place in the den and pack, beating 68 cars and never losing a race! The look on my sons face as the contests went on was priceless. Thank you Maximum Velocity!

Bob & Cody Griffith -
April 27, 2003 - I purchased the Wedge Car Plans booklet, and my son, Cody, and I built the Wedge SE. At the pack race, my Cody's car ran 18 times and went 18-0! At the district race, the his car took 1st Place for the Wolves, and 2nd Place overall. Cody was thrilled to death!!!

I want to thank you again for your assistance, and to stress that without your plans and tips booklet we certainly would have never made it this far!

Jon Theurich -
April 27, 2003 - We build a Low-Rider, and my son won his Wolf Group race and the overall Pack race! He was thrilled to take
home the largest trophy he has ever won. The competition was tough, but
we had the fastest and most consistent car. Thanks for your help!

Tom Brennan -
April 26, 2003 - Thanks for the information. I purchased
the download version of your Wedge Car Plans and Car Construction
Guidelines booklet set on Thursday. We built a classic wedge on
Thursday night, and my son raced it on Saturday. He came in 3rd Place
out of 65. One very happy 7 year old son and one proud father!

Terry -
April 24, 2003 - With the help of several of your products my Tiger Scout son took 2nd Place in our Pack and 12th and of 800 cars in the District race! This was our first car, and my son and I really enjoyed the experience. We are anxiously looking forward to next year. Thank you!

Neil Ezell -
April 21, 2003 - Our pack race in January was a huge success. My son Alex did almost all the work on his car, and with your supplies and God's grace he won his division! And to top it off, I won the adult division! The competition was stiff, but we both came in first in every run.

Then to top it off, Alex won the district race! We used every trick in your book and it inspired us to think up a few tricks of our own. We spent many hours on the car, but the smile on his face was worth all the effort. We can't wait until next year, as we intend to build the World's Fastest Pinewood Derby car! Thanks - we couldn't have done it without you.

Mark Jennings -
April 17, 2003 - Thanks for the excellent plans and design information. My son and I built a standard wedge for our Cub Scout pinewood derby and he got 2nd Place in the pack. He was very excited!

Kenny -
April 16, 2003 - Last year, my grandson finished 1st in the pack race, and 5th in the district. No one else in our pack made it past the 3rd round in the district. I bought your set of racing tips on-line. Everything that my grandson and I learned from these tips was shared with the entire pack.

This year, our pack race was MUCH more even, and all three of our boys that advanced to the district finished in the top 25%!

Beth Clark -
April 11, 2003 - Great News!! My son's car took 1st Place in his Den race and 2nd Place in his Pack race, and is going to the District race. My car won 2nd Place in the Parents race and my youngest son's car won 3rd Place in the Siblings race. Thank you so much for your help. The tips that you provided, your video and your availability for answering questions, sure paid off!

Bob & Cody Griffith -

March 23, 2003 - I purchased the Wedge Car Plans booklet, and my son and I built the Wedge SE over the last 4 weeks. At the race, my son's car ran 18 times and went 18-0!!! Now it is on to the district race.

We would like to thank you for the tips and tricks. This was our first ever derby event, and without your tips we never would have made it this far!.

Hank and Johnathan Lindner -
March 21, 2003 - Just a thank you from Johnathan and myself. The derby was last night and we got 1st Place in the Wedge Car class judging and 1st Place in the race!

Peg and Jamey Kuhn -
March 20, 2003 - We ordered the Interceptor plan a few months ago (it is a cool design). We built two versions, one for Cub Scouts and another for Awana. In both races we came in 2nd Place! We are so happy - thanks again for your nice plans.

Brad & Madison Goodman -
March 19, 2003 - Just wanted to say thank you for the information on your website. My son and I started to look for
information to help us build a car for the Awana Grand Prix. We checked
many websites but decided that your's was the most informative. We
selected the Racer for the car to build. With much anticipation we
followed the instructions in the Car Construction Guidelines and Car
Plans 2 booklet.

Well, it was race day and we were not sure how we were going to do. But
we made it to the finals, which consisted of three races with each car
racing in a different lane each time. Well, my son's car won all three
races in the finals, so he won 1st Place!.

Brian -
March 16, 2003 - Thanks for the technical assistance with your car plans and building guidelines. My son won the very first pinewood derby he has ever competed in. His car's performance was heads above the rest. I don't believe his car had another car within one to two car lengths at the finish line.

Les Charles -
March 16, 2003 - We had the race yesterday, and my 9 year old won 1st Place! She built the Intercepter, and it was really fast! The highlight for me (other than winning) was the quality time spent building the car and plotting strategy with my daughter. Thanks for all the speed tips.

Maria, John and Evan -
March 15, 2003 - Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with your products. We ordered the Car Plans booklet, a Speed Kit and some decals to help our Tiger Cub (age 7) compete in his first Derby. Since I am a stay-at-home mom, the bulk of the adult preparation fell to me. I have limited experience with woodworking but am fairly handy with tools. After a little trial-and-error, we completed the "Racer" per your instructions. Our son helped with choosing the design, sanding and applying graphite, accessories and decals. We were hoping he would win a few races and maybe be the fastest in his den. We were stunned when he had the fastest car in the whole pack! It was such a thrill for him and we were so proud that he was a very gracious winner. We will definitely shop with you again next year. Now, on to the district finals in two weeks!

Glynn Miller -
March 15, 2003 - I used your speed tips and my boys placed 1st and 2nd in our district race for Lutheran Pioneers. Their nearest competitor was a good 2 feet behind them at the finish line. They will compete now at the nationals April 5th. My daughter also took fourth at district, and will go to nationals. Thanks!

Jim -
March 12, 2003 - I wanted to help my son build a good car
and my goal was to have him win a few races. But thanks to your website
and a few other Internet links the results were better than expected. We
built the Wedge Turbo, and the car took 1st Place in the Wolves, and 4th
Place in the Pack. We are very happy with the results. We beat a lot of
cars to get to where we are, and we had a lot of fun along the way!

Stephen and Matthew Lucas -
March 9, 2003 - Thank you so very much for all your ideas. My son Matthew and I followed all of your ideas to the letter. His car took 2nd Place in his Den, and then 1st Place in his pack! (Beating the car that had won in the Den race)

James Mitchell -
March 8 , 2003 - I'm at a loss for words, but I can think of two. Absolutely fantastic!
My sons, Devin and Drew (both Tiger Cubs) won first and second place respectively at our Pack race in January.

Today they competed in the Seneca District race. It was very competitive, but I'm glad to say that Devin won the Championship Division, and Drew placed third. Another customer of yours (who finished third in our pack race - see the next comment) took second place.

Which means that the top three places in the district race ran with Maximum Velocity technology "under the hood." And would you believe me if I told you that I ran in the parents division, and took first place? Second place went to the customer (father) mentioned above.

I cannot express how much the specialty tools, car plans, and tips helped us all achieve such an awesome feat. For anyone out there looking to build a winning car, Maximum Velocity is the real deal.
Now we head for the Council Race and Maximum Velocity is going with us!

Mark Stover -
March 8, 2003 - We just had our district race and my son's car came in 2nd in the race. The Mitchell boys, Devan and Drew came in 1st and 3rd (see previous comment). I thought it was kinda cool!! The top 3 in the District were from the same pack!! Thanks for all the help!

Andrew Eaton -
March 8, 2003 - Today was special! Not only was it the county championship, but it was my son Andrew's Birthday! After racing in 16 heats he won the open division for the Miami County Council Wolves Pinewood Derby. His car won hands down! He even beat the car that beat him in the pack meet. Many thanks!

John Murphy -
March 3, 2003 - I bought your Car Construction Guidelines booklet a few weeks ago, and did just about everything in the booklet to my daughter's car. Unfortunately, we were not given the rules when we got the car kit, and I was a bit disappointed when we got to the race and discovered that the rules prevented machining of the wheels (which I had done). This meant that my daughter had to race in the 'Open' class, which was dominated by adults that had been doing this for a while. I thought she was going to be swiftly defeated.

But that was not the case at all . Not only did my daughter win 1st Place in the Open class, her times beat every other car in the building - about 130 cars. I just couldn't believe it!

Your booklet is really outstanding. I have seen a few, and yours is head and shoulders above the rest.

Art and Ryan Dunn -
February 23, 2003 - I just wanted to thank everyone there for the wonderful things they're doing. This is our second year of pinewood derby racing and I very proud to say, we've won both times! Last year my son Ryan choose the Low-Rider and it won first place (out of nine cars). This year, he picked the Speeder. I was worried that it might be too complicated to construct and still work well. But with the wonderfully detailed instructions you provided, as well as the supplies, we were able to construct the car in about two weeks. When race time came, it looked like everyone had done more research this year as many more cars looked competitive. But at the end of the day, Ryan had once again walked away with 1st Place out of 22 cars. I'm convinced that your helpful hints were the reason he won again. Thanks again!

Jeff Pavlina -
February 22, 2003 - Just wanted to let you know that my 6-year old son's extended wheelbase Wedge GT won first place in his Tiger Cub division and came in second place in the entire pack! Thank you!

Bill Andrews and Michael Sananikone -
February 22, 2003 - Once again, my stepson and I began our quest for Pinewood Derby glory with a block of wood and your website. After purchasing a few more of your gadgets to add to our kit, we started. The finished product resembled a stretched Corvette Stingray. To make a short story even shorter, we took FIRST PLACE in the Bear Scout Division. Nobody else could touch us by at
least a car length. The tools we used were the Pro-Hub tool, Pro-Axle press, Pro-Body tool, wheel mandrel, wheel alignment tool, tungsten disks, graphite-moly lube, and decals. We thank you for having such a great selection available and for such quick service.

Dan Kazmierski -
February 19, 2003 - I would like to thank you for the
car plans, tools, and speed tips that I purchased from you. I had no
car building experience before last year, when the car I built with my
son lost every race.

This year I followed the step-by-step directions and was pleased with
the result. I am very proud to inform you that the Wedge GT went
undefeated! We won the entire race, 1st Place in speed and 3rd Place in

I am also pleased to tell you that the smile on my son's face was worth
far more than the expense of your products. You have great products, and
we could not have done it with out you.

Adam Webster -
February 17, 2003 - So pleased that we bought your "Car Plans" booklet. We made the Low-Rider; we worked on it each Saturday for 2
months, doing little by little and taking our time (as recommended). It paid off. During the Tiger Cub race my son took 2nd Place - the car that beat him had an extended wheel base (supposed to be disallowed in our pack). We did not complain; just overjoyed with 2nd Place. Then my son raced against the 'big kids' and beat them all! The final Grand Champion race was my son against the 'illegal' extended wheel base car. My son was so certain that he was going to lose that he kept his eyes shut during the race. I was also afraid that he was going to get beat again, but we were both wrong. We don't know how it happened, but my son's Low-Rider beat the extended wheel base car, so my son won 1st Place for the entire pack!!

I like to think that your car plans and directions (i.e., the attention to the details) are what gave my son's car the advantage and stamina to keep winning after about 15 races. The money we spent on your products was well worth it!! The look on my son's face and the lesson he's learned - that patience and hard work pays - are memories that are priceless. Thank you again.

Don and Ashlee Donie -
February 8, 2003 - Just wanted to let you know what great products you have. My 10 year-old daughter Ashlee and I purchased car plans and tools, and built the Wedge GT to compete in our first ever Awana Grand Prix. Ashlee's car took 1st Place! Now we are eligible for the Awana regional race. Thanks for the great tips and products!"

Mark King -
February 2, 2003 - I just wanted to thank you and your company. This was the first year for my son to enter a BSA (Tiger Cubs) Pinewood Derby event. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, or what I was going to do. I found your website and decided to check it out and do some research. It was obvious right from the start that I need not look elsewhere.

I purchased one of your car plan kits and booklets, along with the basic speed kit. I found the instructions detailed and easy to follow. For me, the results were "miraculous". Not only did my son's car take 1st Place, it won by a large margin. The Cubmaster told me it was the fastest car on the track the entire day! We're now on to the District meet in early March. As an added bonus, my son and I enjoyed working on the project together. I will definitely be visiting your site again in the future.

Braddick Brothers -
February 2, 2003 - What can I say? A big THANK YOU is in order! For the second year in a row, my oldest son Aaron won the pinewood derby. This year, he used the Rail design as the basis of his car, and added his own modification.

My youngest son Jacob (5) took 2nd Place in the Adult-Sibling division. His car was based on the Wedge GT design and he proudly named it the "Great White Terror" (he is facinated with sharks).

During the ride home, I could hear Jacob talking softly in the back seat. When I focused on his voice, I heard him talking to his car. He said, "You did a great job today. I'm really proud of you." At bedtime, he placed his car on his pillow and told me that he was sleeping with it that night.

Will A. -
February 2, 2003 - Just wanted you to know that I ordered your information for my son and I to build a pinewood car for scouts. Well, the race was last week...... and we WON!!! Thanks so much for the helpful hints. My son was so thrilled to take home the first place trophy in his troop.

Craig and Ryan Patrick -
February 1, 2003 - Well, I did not know what to expect since this was my son Ryan's first car. We bought what we needed from your website and did our best building The Interceptor. I was pleasantly surprised when his car took 1st Place in our Den of 8 cars. My son was ecstatic when the car took 2nd Place overall for the entire pack of about 70 cars (he also won the "Most Extravagant" car award). What a joy it was to see his excitement and know that I was able to help him achieve it using your products and guides. Before this years race I was nervous about helping build the car. Now we are both looking forward to next year!"

Mark Stover -
February 1, 2003 - Just wanted to let you know our
results. The top 4 cars used your tooling. My son's car took 3rd place. We built another car which was used by my son's friend (his was damaged). He took 4th place. 1st and 2nd place went to another customer of yours. It was my son's first derby and we had a GREAT time! We are hooked, and can't wait for the next race.

James Mitchell -
February 01, 2003 - I just wanted to thank for all your help. I ordered several specialty tools and car plans from you web site. I built a car for each of my two Tiger Cubs, Devin and Drew. I'm glad to report that they finished 1st and 2nd respectively. I can't believe how fast the cars were. They received compliments from almost everyone. I would recommend your tools, plans and hints to anyone who wants to build a winning car. Once again, we couldn't have done it without your help!

Jim M. -
February 01, 2003 - This was my son's first year in Cub Scouts and he wanted to have a successful car. He had raced for four years in another organization with little success.

After careful research we chose to build the Wedge SE. I was amazed at the ease of construction, and the directions that came with it.
After it was all said and done, my son won 1st Place in the derby! This was a big confidence boost for my son, and we can't wait until next year.

Dan O'Brien-Mazza -
January 31, 2003 - Just wanted to let you know we are again happy satisfied customers. Our Wedge won 1st Place in the Wolves' division and 2nd Place overall for the Pack Thanks again for good placement directions on the weight and overall advice.

Mark Lytle -
January 30, 2003 - Just wanted to say thanks! This was
the first car my son and I built, and I had no idea how to proceed. By
following the advice from Maximum Velocity, my son was luckily enough to
place first in the Tiger division and first overall for the entire Scout
pack. Both of us could not believe how fast the car ran. Thanks

John Ropp -
January 30, 2003 - My grandson, Lee, and I want to thank you for your help. He was in his first Pinewood Derby race last night. Lee's car, the Rocket, won the Blue Ribbon in his Tiger Cub Den. The car ran well - it seemed to have so much stability, smoothness, and speed. It really looked good on the track and it was great to see it running out front. Thanks again!

Travis and Will Clark -
January 26, 2003 - Thanks for all the help! Will's Wedge SE took first place in his pack and will represent his pack at the district race.

Mike R. -
January 25, 2003 - Thanks for the great tips and products from Maximum Velocity! This was my first time building derby cars (since I built one with my dad thirty years ago). We built three cars: one for my son, one for my daughter, and one for me. It was a lot of work, but it was fun working and learning together.

I was very pleased with our race day results. My son finished second in his Tiger Cub den - losing only to the overall Tiger champ - which was a great start to our day. My daughter placed second in her two heats in the "non-scout" division (both losses to my car), and I won the non-scout division overall. My car was barely edged out by the top scout in the final runoff. Not bad for a rookie!

I got many compliments on our car designs and performance. We definitely would not have done as well as we did without Maximum Velocity! We will be back again next year!

Nicole Tournoux -
January 25, 2003 - I just wanted to let you know my son - who is in the Bear den of Cub Scouts - won 1st Place in his den and 3rd Place overall (boy scouts and cub scouts combined)! He also won a certificate for judges choice for best looking car! He has never been so happy!! Thank you for all your help!!.

Steven and Bryan Miller -
January 25, 2003 - Bryan and I viewed your construction video together before starting on his car - it was very beneficial. The plans that we chose were the Wedge SE. I was hoping to help Bryan build a fast racer without getting too complicated of a design. The Wedge SE worked out great! Bryan had his hands on every
part of the construction and even selected his own color scheme for
painting. Bryan is seven years old and a Tiger cub, so I had
to help a little more in the finesse and strength areas of construction
as suggested on the video. I was also sure to keep him informed that he
may not win with the car that he was so proud of.

As it turned out, he raced undefeated all the way to a first place
victory and trophy! I was very proud of him for not boasting his win,
and acting as a good scout should. Many father and son teams commented
on how they will come back next year, however we weren't phased by their
comments, we will be running at Maximum Velocity!.

Craig Milton -
January 25, 2003 - Just wanted to let you know how my son's pinewood derby went today. We built the "Missile", and nobody could touch us! Last year his car didn't win a single race, but this year the car ran five races and won by at least a car length every time. It's off to the regionals next month! Get a car plan and the car design guidelines from Maximum Velocity and your car will be FAST! Period!

Ric Opal -
January 25, 2003 - Thanks again two years in a row! This year we built the rail. My son won the Bear division of his Cub Scout Pack! We couldn't have done it without your plans and tips.

Scott G. -
January 23, 2003 - My son took 1st place in his 3rd grade class and 1st Place overall in the Pack for speed!! Then he took 2nd Place in the District Semi-Finals. Many thanks!

Randall Rector -
January 21, 2003 - My grandson needed help building a pinewood derby car for scouts, but I had never built a car before. So we found your web site, downloaded the free plans for the Wedge Turbo, and ordered the required material. We followed all of the instructions exactly as written. When finished, the car looked great. On race night the car ran 18 times, easily winning every heat! Of course my grandson was very excited and happy. He had the fastest car, and was also presented with the 'Most Dynamic Car award. Thanks for all of your help.

Connor and Jerry Donahue -
January 19, 2003 - Connor and I appreciate your book and the equipment that you sold us. His car finished 2nd out of approximately 98 in his pack's race. His car design was a pike (a yellow, painted fish). We used several of your suggestions, particularly about weight placement and wheel preparation.

Susan Parker -
January 19, 2003 - Just wanted to let you know that our car came in 2nd in the den, and 5th place out of 90 cars! The past two years we have come in last place or 2nd to last. Thanks so much!.

Matt McNaught -
January 19, 2003 - Today was my son's first Pinewood Derby
as a Tiger Cub. Matthew's car finished 3rd out of 41 entrants. We built the
Standard Wedge and were very excited to see it perform so well. Thanks for
producing quality products that really work!

Joe McMahon -
January 18, 2003 - Just last week I ordered your booklet
on-line. This was our first attempt at the pinewood derby race (my son
is 6-years old). I consider myself fairly handy, but I don't have a ton
of tools. My son's car won the race for the tiger cubs and had the fastest time of the day. I'll treasure the look in my son's eyes when he saw his car
fly down the track.

We've got many years left to build cars and I only hope we can come
close to repeating this success. I'll be sure to hold onto your
booklet. Needless to say, we found it extremely helpful..

Mike Adams -
January 18, 2003 - My son built the Rail and got 1st place for his Den and Pack! The car was fast! Thanks for the help.

Jim Gibson -
January 18, 2003 - My son's pinewood derby race was today and his car placed second overall in the pack! He got a trophy, but I got the biggest grin on my face. We used your Wedge design and followed many of the tips in your design booklet. I found your web site very helpful and the booklets I downloaded, including the Wedge design, were very easy to understand and immensely helpful. Thanks again. I feel like I owe you."

Randy Burrows -
January 17, 2003 - After being eliminated in the second round last year, we decided to put a little more effort into car design. We used your speed kit, and finished 2nd out of 80 cars! Billy did most of the work on the car, including polishing the axles, and painting and sanding. Now we cannot wait until next year. Thanks!

Lisa Booker -
January 17, 2003 - Our big Tiger race was last night. We came in second out of 13 entries. We only lost by an inch at the very end (on the flat part of the track).

Our car was very exciting ... when we hit a seam in the track, the car flew off the track (other cars were coming off the track also). Everybody moaned because we were so fast and then we flew off. We thought we were history. However, they fixed the track and we ended up coming in second.

The race was fun and you kept us from looking like 'total idiots'. Thanks for the help and keeping the Tiger tears away!!!!!

Chris and Logan Gill -
January 15, 2003 - My son Logan (Bear Cub Scout) and I wanted to drop you a line to let you know your Wedge GT plans worked great. Another 1st place for the pack, and 4th Place at the District race. Logan's car ran GREAT! Thank You!

Jeff Miller -
January 13, 2003 - With your help my son placed third tonight and is going to the district races! On a side note, I won the outlaw parents races and had tons of fun doing it.

Scott Dunning -
January 12, 2003 - Thanks for the help guys. My son's
car got fourth place overall for the pack! Also, my daughter wanted to
build a car so we worked on one for her and entered it into the parents
race. She got third place. (She even beat my boss's entry!) Overall, we had a great time building the cars. It was a great experience. Thanks for all your help. We'll be back next

Mark and Collin Weaver -
January 11, 2003 - My son just completed his
first Pinewood Derby, and I must say,
"Hats off to Maximum Velocity!" I found your web site to be the most
comprehensive web site available for information, car designs, specialty
tools, speed supplies, and most important of all excellent customer
support. I knew the car my son and I built would be competitive, but I
had no idea that it would sweep the entire field! There was no greater
joy than to see the smile on my 7-year old's face as his car progressed
through each heat, ultimately achieving Grand Champion status by beating
a field of over 50 cars! Not only was the car undefeated, but the
winner of the 'Outlaw Class' challenged us to a grudge match. Again the
competition was no match for my son's car. Once again thank you for
helping us reach Maximum Velocity!