Nickel Speed Axles (5) – For BSA, PineCar, and Outlaw Wheels


Nickel plated axles formed to resemble Cub Scout/BSA axles, but with a slightly tapered head and no burrs or crimps marks. The axles are blunt tipped. Just a light polishing and these axles are ready to enhance performance when used with Cub Scout/BSA, MV, PineCar, Outlaw, and other wheels.


Say "Goodbye" to burrs and crimp marks! Speed Axles are equipped with a straight, round, and smooth shaft, and a slightly tapered head. But most importantly, there are NO BURRS OR CRIMP MARKS, so you can prepare these precision axles with minimal effort!


  • Burrs and crimp marks are not present, eliminating tedious work
  • Axle head is slightly beveled to minimize contact with the outside wheel hub
  • Axle shaft is formed to a high tolerance, ensuring top performance
  • The superior nickel-plating provides a hard, smooth surface for polishing. Nickel-plated axles are faster than zinc-plated axles as the coefficient of friction is slightly lower.


The axles substitute for official BSA, PineCar, and other nail type axles. Just a light polishing with our Axle Polish is all that is required to prepare the axles for racing. If you use our Axle Polishing Kit, skip the three coarsest papers - use the two finest papers.

Note that these axles closely resemble BSA and PineCar axles, but are not exact replicas (see photo below - the coloring is slightly different, and the axles are blunt tipped). So, if your race has a strict axle requirement, consider using our Official BSA Speed Axles, or use our specialty tools and supplies to prepare a set of the official nail axles.

Technical Information

Shaft Diameter: 0.0870 inch ± 0.0005 (BSA: 0.088 ± 0.002)

Head Diameter: 0.200 inch ± 0.001 (BSA: 0.28 ± 0.004)

Shaft Length: 1 inch (same as BSA)

Material: Nickel-plated steel

Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz