MV Speed Wheels


If your organization is using our Maximum Velocity Basic or Wedge Car Kits for the race, then our MV Speed Wheels will give you a big advantage. These MV wheels, machined by DerbyWorx, have been precision trued and then reduced in weight to 1 gram for an ultra-fast start. In addition, the bore has been reamed, the inside and outside wheel hubs are coned, and the inside edge has been trued.


Reach Maximum Velocity in Your Derby Race!

Are you looking for an edge in your pinewood derby that uses our Maximum Velocity Basic or Wedge Car Kits? Then look no further! These MV Speed wheels are precision machined by DerbyWorx with a CNC (computerized) lathe to within 0.0005 inches for the ultimate in accuracy and thus, maximum performance. To provide you with an awesome set of wheels, DerbyWorx performs the following operations:

  • Wheel bore is reamed perfectly round and smooth.
  • Inner hub face is squared to ensure accurate mounting on the CNC lathe.
  • The wheel tread is lathed to achieve a perfectly round wheel and a flat tread surface.
  • The weight of the wheel is reduced by removing excess plastic from the underside of the wheel tread and the inside wheel face.
  • The inside wheel hub is slightly beveled to reduce contact with the car body.
  • The outside wheel hub is lightly beveled to reduce contact with the axle head.


  • Round and smooth wheels roll faster than standard wheels.
  • The weight reduction provides a faster start, and improves the balance of the wheel for a smoother ride.
  • The beveled hub reduces the braking that occurs when the wheel hub contacts the car body.


The MV Speed Wheels can be used without any additional preparation. Optionally polish the bore with Bore Polish, then lubricate and race!

Technical Information

Wheel Diameter: 1.185 ± 0.0005 (Raw Wheels: 1.195 ± 0.01)

Wheel Bore ID: 0.097

Wheel Weight: 1.0 grams +/- 0.1 per wheel (Raw Wheels: 2.4 grams/wheel)

Additional information

Weight 1 oz