Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – March 24, 2017

Tiptoe Through the Tulips – Bob Richardson

My wife Carol wanted a car to represent a painted pony. Our church has a family wide pinewood derby race each year, so with lots of ideas flying around I found a plastic horse that would fit on the platform. She named it “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”. I drilled small holes in the three touching horse’s hooves, then anchored them to the base with sewing pins and bent them under. The car was amazingly fast and took first place in the women’s division. The wind resistance called for lots of help from 2-1/2 degree negative slanted axles, and good wheel prep. Amazingly, the center of mass is about 3/4 inch, and the car is set up for rail riding.
Batmobile – Paul Garner

This is my 9 year old son’s (Jeremy) car we built for this year’s Royal Ranger race. Our troup’s rule is you can only use the kit provided, no extra wood, action figures, etc., can be added. Other than paint, the only things that can be added are weights and decals. We are allowed to do anything to the block, axles, wheels, and axle placement as long as it’s not an added part. This batmobile is basically a modified wedge design with the thickest part of the body being 1/2 inch thick. Both axles were recessed 1/8 inch deeper into the body, and the front axle was moved back 1/2 inch to make room for the nose. The four fenders were made out of the remaining 3/4 inch of the block. Even the jet engine was made by rounding the pieces that were cut from between the fenders. I lathed the inside of the wheels to the center of the hub, then drilled the 6 holes between the spokes. My scale only registers in 1/10 ounces, and I couldn’t get a reading on the wheels after reducing their weight. They were made square and round, and the axle dowels and screws received the appropriate treatment as well. My son Jeremy picked the design, pulled the handle on the drill press for every hole and fender, did 90 percent of the sanding. He also assembled, painted and fine sanded between coats all by himself. I was very proud of the work he did. We were allowed one test run before registration to see if the car needed any adjustments. It ran 3.285 on our 32 foot aluminum track. Unfortunately, another dad picked it up off the staging table 10 minutes before the race and dropped it on the wheels. The official allowed me to look at it, but it messed up the hub of two wheels. I got it to roll straight, but it had that “bump, bump, bump, bump” on the flat spots in the hubs. Our best time was 4.015 after that, but it was still enough to take 3rd place out of 45 cars. (Editor’s Note: make it clear during registration that the cars cannot be touched once they have been turned in for registration, and have an official posted at the staging table at all times.)
Wii! – Steve Urban

Here is a picture of my 10 year old son, Kade Urban’s, 2011 Pinewood Derby Wii car, it was voted “Coolest Car” at this year’s race. record.

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 4
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