Looking Good: Finishing Your Pinewood Derby Car

Have you ever seen a pinewood derby car that caused to gape from admiration? The paint job looks like it came from a custom paint and body shop, and the detailing is fabulous. You ask: “How did they make the car look like that?”

I admit I oftentimes ask that question also. Some people take pinewood derby car finishing beyond most of us. But I can give  you some basic ideas for creating a nice finish on your car.



Figure 1 – Sanding Block

Figure 2 – Concave Curves

Figure 3 – Convex Curves
Painting – Priming

Painting – Color


Figure 4 – Dry Transfer Decal

Figure 5 – Sticker Decal

Figure 6 – D-Backs Car

Figure 8 – Yellow Pin Striping (1/4 and 1/8 inch)

Finish Coat

In Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 5 you can learn how to do each of these steps.

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