Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – August 25, 2016

Tres Pooches – Bob Richardson

We have a family pinewood derby every year after the Cub Scout derby. This year I won a ribbon for the funniest car. The car also won 2nd in the men’s division. Lots of fun!
Luke’s Ride – Bob Richardson

Luke’s Ride was a fun car to build. It took first place at the Scout- O-Rama race in Santa Maria, California, on February 6th in the bandit class, which was open to adults and kids alike. Luke Skywalker was bought as an action figure and cut in half. The wheels were colored with an orange Sharpie pen. When my wife Carol saw the car, she said,”Where in the world did you find a figure that looks like our son Gene!”
King Boo – Justin Martin

Inspired from the character in the Mario Kart video game from Nintendo, King Boo took 2nd (by a very close margin) in our pack race. My son picked the design and helped sketch it on the block of wood and did most of the base paint work. He was too young to use the tools for the most part, and didn’t have the patience that was needed to make the car win just a few races. I didn’t have the greatest tools with which to work with, but it was all worth it to see the smile and excitement on his face as he won race after race. The car was the talk of the race.
To get the long nose on the front I had to re-drill the axle holes as far back on the car as possible. The Boo figurine was from a Burger King kid’s meal; I epoxied it in, hoping it wouldn’t fly off when it hit the stop at the bottom. The aluminum engine and plastic exhaust pipes were from toy cars. Because of the design of the car I could not get the center of gravity as far back as I wanted, but tried by drilling lots of holes and filling them with BB’s. If I could do it all over I might tweak a few things, but I can’t complain about the results — plus I got some great memories, pictures, and video.

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 10, Issue 3

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