Drilling Axle Holes With Precision

To achieve excellent wheel alignment, an important factor in building a competitive pinewood derby car, using accurately drilled axle holes (instead of slots) is the method of choice.

This article explores techniques, bit size, and tools available to help you achieve excellent pinewood derby wheel alignment. Before drilling axle holes check your local rules to make sure they are allowed.Drill


Kit Axle Size Bit
BSA 0.086 to 0.087 #44 – 0.086
PineCar 0.088 #43 – 0.089
Awana 0.092 3/32 – 0.938


Hand Drill/Pin Vise

Figure 1 – Pro-Body Tool

Drill Press

Figure 2 – Inaccurate holes due to out of square blocks

Figure 3 – Vertical fence creates accurate holes regardless of block shape

Read the complete article in Pinewood Derby Times Volume 12, Issue 9.
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