Three Wheel Pinewood Derby Cars – Are They Faster?

At Maximum Velocity, our extended wheelbase car kits and blocks are drilled such that when installed, one of the front axles will be slightly raised above the other three axles. Several times during the pinewood derby season I get a call from a customer complaining that their kit was mis-drilled. I then explain to them […]

How Has Pinewood Derby Racing Changed? – Part 2

5. How has the Internet affected the event? Overwhelmingly, the Internet was viewed as a positive for pinewood derby racing. John Shreffler – The Internet serves not only as a market to offer or buy equipment, but as a place to share and learn about experiences, recommendations, and recognition. Ten years ago there were only […]

How Has Pinewood Derby Racing Changed? – Part 1

With pinewood derby racing being over fifty years old, I began to wonder how the event has changed. These years have brought overwhelming changes in technology, as well as broad societal changes. Has pinewood derby racing been positively or negatively affected by these changes? To answer this question I sent out a questionnaire to a […]

Royal Ranger/ S&W Kits – Getting Top Speed

In terms of pinewood derby kit sales, the official BSA kit is certainly the leader. The runner up is likely PineCar. But after that there are several manufacturers that produce a huge number of kits. One of these, S&W Crafts Mfg., has been producing kits since 1957. Many kits are sold to Cub Scout packs […]

Getting Great Pinewood Derby Results with Pro-Tools – Part 2

In a previous article (Volume 4, Issue 6) we discussed how to get the most benefit from three of the Pro-Tools(1): the Pro-Hub Tool, the Pro-Axle Press, and the Pro-Body Tool. This article will continue by discussing the Pro-Bore Polisher, the Pro-Wheel Mandrel, and the Pro-Wheel Shaver XT. PRO-WHEEL MANDREL One of the most useful […]

You Know You’re a Pinehead (Pinewood Derby Fanatic) if …

How do you know if you are a Pinehead (pinewood derby fanatic?  Check out the list in Pinewood Derby Times Volume 18, Issue 2.  There you can take the Pinehead test to find out! Subscribe to this Free Pinewood Derby E-newsletter (C)2012, Maximum Velocity, Inc. All rights reserved. Maximum Velocity Pinewood Derby Car Plans and […]

Getting Great Pinewood Derby Results with Pro-Tools – Part 1

For what are the best automobiles noted? Luxury? Probably. Power? Certainly. Precision-built components and assemblies? Absolutely. The engine, transmission, suspension, etc. must be manufactured to high tolerances. There is no room for sloppy parts and assemblies. Similarly, using precision parts is a key component of building a high-performance pinewood derby car. Although they are significantly […]

Reader Submitted Pinewood Derby Tips

Here are a few speed tips submitted by our readers: Alex Ezell – Use a tool called a caliper to find thick pinewood derby axles. Then polish them super smooth. But don’t remove more material than necessary. Bob Dahlberg – Build two cars. The second one will be faster. Jerry Lencoski – To make the […]

Pinewood Derby Rule Gripes

Do you get frustrated with the rules for your local pinewood derby race? Are some of the rules vague, and others seem to make no sense?  Well, join the club. Oftentimes pinewood derby rules are used year after year, without any review.  This leads to out-of-date rules, and rules that no longer make sense. In […]

Putting Suspense Back into Pinewood Derby Racing

By Michael Lastufka In the first pinewood derby back in 1953, it was written, “The car shall not ride on any type of spring.” No one remembers who formulated Rule 8 or why. Perhaps it was spawned in soapbox derbies, the race pinewood brought in miniature to boys too young to enter. With access to […]