The Making of the MV Pinewood Derby Wheel

For several years, Maximum Velocity has offered pinewood derby kits similar to kits offered by BSA, PineCar, et al. In the spring of 2010 we decided that the time had come to have our own “MV” wheels. The wheel needed to be very high quality, so we selected the best characteristics from the various wheels on the market. Find out about the design, tooling and manufacturing of the MV Pinewood Derby Wheel in Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 8.

Figure 1 – MV Wheel Design

Figure 2 – Blueprint of 3D Model

Figure 4 – Runners on MV Wheels

Figure 5 – Side “A” of Mold

Figure 6 – Side “B” of Mold

Figure 7 – Plastic Pellets in Hopper

Figure 8 – Heating Section

Figure 9 – Molding Section

Figure 10 – MV Wheels

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