Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – September 29, 2017

Today we have a selection of ducted fan cars.
Red Bull – Travis Burkhardt

I added substantially more efficiency with the addition of a thrust tube. A Red Bull can is a perfect fit for the 40mm fan unit, 9V battery, front nose switch included. Total car weight of 5.0 ounces and all dimensions, axles, and wheels stayed within BSA standard rules. First Place finish and track record at 2.2 seconds.
Batmobile – Brian Amato

I decided to go for both form and function with my version of the propeller car kit. Of course I won the parent’s outlaw race!!!
Blown Away – Dennis Bjorn

I wanted to build a ducted fan car that didn’t show all the components. So I built “Blown Away”. The capacitors are inside the body. The car weighs 3.6 ounces. Running on a 35 foot Best Track my best time was 1.56 sec at 315 mph (scale speed).
Outlaw – Mike Henkelman

The “Outlaw” car was built for demonstration heats in the upcoming pinewood derby season. It features a ducted fan jet engine with a functional hood scoop, eight side air scoops, a mesh windshield (air scoop), and lithium polymer 11.1 volt batteries.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 12, Issue 7
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