Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – September 22, 2017

Today’s showcase cars are from Maynard Hinton.
Batmobile & Dick Dastardly – Samantha Hinton

My daughter Samantha’s Batmobile took first in design and speed. The next year her second car, Dick Dastardly, took first in design and second in speed (by only 1 thousandth of a second).
Hershey Bar – Terie Hinton

Out of all the cars my wife Terie has made, the Hershey bar had the best results. It took both second in speed and design in the adult division at our Awana Grand Prix.
The Mythbuster – Maynard Hinton

I made this car from a design I saw at a derby car building class. I went the next step further after watching MythBusters when they showed how a golf ball would fly farther and faster because of the dimples that are on the ball. So I used my Dremel tool to make dimples all over the car to test that theory. Unfortunately, I had to shave the inside of the fenders because they were rubbing on the rails. Long story short, the car was pretty quick, but not as fast as I had hoped because I got sawdust in the front axles from the late modification.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 12, Issue 6
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