Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – February 2, 2018

Sponge Fun – Brian & Grant Masek

This was the car that I told you about that they wouldn’t check in since it didn’t have all four wheels on the ground. We took the car home that night, pulled the front end apart, and cut new axle slots through the epoxy with a band saw. We wedged the axles back in with paper shims and re-glued so that all four wheels touched the ground. The car took 3rd in our pack and 4th in the district.
Formula One – Brian Masek

This Formula One was from your plans. I made it just for fun since it looked like a cool design.
Purple People Eater – Ardie T.

Attached is my 2012 adult class derby car winner. As the name applies, it just about ate up the competition. The tail wing was made from a piece off of the main block. Just so happened, it fit perfectly. I looked at it and said, “Yeah, this will be cool”. With some help from your axles and wheels, and a bit of polishing of the axles, it was a true winner.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 13, Issue 2
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