Family Cars 2

Here are a few more of my favorite cars that my family has built over the years.
Tulip – Shannon Davis – 2004

My daughter designed this car on her own, and did most of the work. The car took 3rd place for speed and 3rd place for design.
Cell Phone – Janel Davis – 2005

The Cell Phone is basically a Wing design with a lid. It was very popular and took 1st place for speed and 1st place for design.
Patriotic Stealth – Janel Davis – 2006

The Stealth is another Maximum Velocity design (Car Plans 5). My daughter spent a lot of time on the artwork. It took 1st place in speed and 2nd place in design.
Velocinator – Shannon Davis – 2007

The Velocinator was a prototype of the kit we still sell. It was also the first try using needle axles. It was the fastest car, but the needles bent for the final two heats, which was enough to drop it into 3rd place in the Outlaw race (and 2nd place in design). This was the impetus for the creation of the “Needle Axle Upgrade Kit”.
Two-wheeled Wonder – Janel Davis – 2008

This was a try at running on two wheels. The two “outriggers” ride above the track, and are there just to keep in on the track. It ran quite well, taking 2nd place for speed in the Outlaw race, and 1st place for design. The center weighting kept it from taking 1st place.
Green Stealth – Stephen Davis – 2009

This car was based off the Accelerator design (“Car Plans 6”). We made two of these cars; the second car has a white dish instead of the green sphere. The green sphere car took 1st place in speed in the Outlaw race, and 3rd place in design. In a later race, the second car was loaned to another adult, and it also took 1st place in speed.
Vaccinator – Stephen Davis – 2010

This was the prototype of the Vaccinator (“Car Plans 7”). My son Stephen helped design the car. It took 1st place in speed and design.

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 15, Issue 12

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