Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – November 14, 2014

Speed Racer – Nick Fish

This Bear pinewood derby car was built by Nick Fish and his Dad. We love Speed Racer, so we did our interpretation of Speed’s Mach 5. It won the den and took first place in the pack without losing a race. District competition was a lot tougher with a 5th place finish. The car is a modified Wing design using a 3.5 oz. tungsten canopy, tungsten putty for the final weight adjustment, raised front wheel, polished/grooved axles, aero underbody, and custom graphics.
The Reaper – Jason Otis

My pack’s Pinewood Derby Bandit/Open Class is pretty competitive every year, to the point where we had to create a class just for the parents. I got tired of coming in second, so I put this thing together a couple of years ago.
The main body is from an original BSA Pinewood Derby Kit, and the fan shroud was carved from three pieces of glued-together 2 X 4s.
Specs & Info:
Propulsion: 55mm 8-Blade 60K RPM ducted fan (19oz thrust)
Power: 3-Cell 11.1 Li-Po Battery
Best Track Times: 32-Foot Track-1.111 sec, 38-Foot track: 1.267 sec
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 14, Issue 3
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