Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – February 5, 2016

Today’s cars were submitted by Stacy Bodder.
Hay Wagon – Rachel

Where we live, there is a hay wagon that gives rides. My daughter really wanted to build one. This is not the best design for speed; it caught way too much air to take the speed award, but it was still fun to build.
Orange Speedster – Rachel

This car was completely built by my daughter, using my design. She added fenders made out of the left over pine, and out came a car that won in the regional races.
Lotus Evora – Lydia

My daughter wanted to make a Lotus Evora, and this was the result. It went so fast that at the end of the track it hit the stop and flew off the track which was raised 3 feet off the ground. The right rear corner was damaged, but it still took first in speed.
Indy Car – Lydia

My daughter wanted to build an Indy car, and her favorite color is purple. The resulting car took first place in speed.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 15, Issue 7
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