FlexWeight - 3.0 ouncesa
Pinewood Derby Weight

Pinewood Derby FlexWeight

What is FlexWeight?

FlexWeight is a dense, flexible material with an aggressive adhesive strip (included). FlexWeight can be cut with scissors to the desired shape and then attached to a pinewood derby car. FlexWeight is 1/8 inch thick (slightly thinner than the zinc underbody weights sold at hobby shops). It is normally attached to the bottom of a pinewood derby car, but can be placed on the top or sides as desired.

FlexWeight is denser than zinc weights (a typical zinc underbody weight is only 2 ounces), so more weight can be placed near the back of the car.


4-15/16 inches long

1-17/32 inches wide (1/32 wider than 1-1/2 inches)

1/8 inch thick

How to Use this Product

  1. Determine how much weight is need to bring the car to the desired weight.

  2. Using scissors, cut the FlexWeight to the desired size and shape.

  3. Peel the protective layer off the adhesive strip, and attach the FlexWeight to the car.

Reverse Side of FlexWeight

Flex Weight Cut to Fit Body Shape

a3 ounces nominal weight. Actual weight can vary from 2.9 to 3.0 ounces.

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