Tungsten Weight Kit for Wedge


Seven, 1/2 ounce tungsten cylinders and 1/2 ounce of tungsten disks for use with the extended wheelbase Wedge, the Jaguar, and other cars.

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The Tungsten Weight kit includes:

  • Seven tungsten cylinders (1/2 ounce each, Diameter – 3/8 inch
    Thickness – 0.44 inch)
  • Tungsten Disks (1/2 ounce)

The cylinders are used to provide the bulk of the weight, while the disks are used for fine tuning.

Car Usage

The following cars use the Tungsten Weight kit:

  • Wedge – Extended Wheelbase – Optional
  • Sports Car – Extended Wheelbase – Required
  • Wedge SE – Extended Wheelbase – Required
  • Wedge Turbo – Extended Wheelbase – Required
  • Jaguar – All Wheelbases – Required

The Tungsten Weight kit can also be used for the Standard Wheelbase Wedge Kit, but care must be taken to not overload the rear of the car.

Additional information

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