MV Precision Wheels (4) & Axles (5) - 1 Set

Are you looking for quality wheels and axles at an attractive price? Are you dissatisfied with the quality of the wheels and axles your organization uses? Then consider the benefits of the MV Precision Molded Wheels and Axles:


Our wheels are compatible with kits and blocks from BSA, PineCar, and many other manufacturers. They can be used in any race that does not require a specific wheel/axle type. They can also be used for alternative events, such as "potato" or "vegetable" races.


Wheel Diameter - 1.192 inches
Wheel Tread Width - 0.319 inch
Wheel Bore Diameter - 0.095 inch
Wheel Weight - 2.4 grams

Shaft Diameter - 0.087 inch 0.0005
Shaft Length - 1 inch
Material - Zinc-coated steel

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