Speed Wheels for Awana Kits


Are you looking for an edge in your Awana race? Then look no further! These official Awana wheels which have been precision machined for top performance. Each order includes four wheels with a trued tread surface and trued inner edge. These wheels can be ran without any additional prep work.

Speed Wheels for Awana are available with or without Awana Speed Axles.


Reach Maximum Velocity in Your Awana Race!

Are you looking for an edge in your Awana race? Then look no further! These Speed wheels are precision machined by DerbyWorx with a CNC (computerized) lathe to within 0.0005 inches for the ultimate in accuracy and thus, maximum performance. To provide you with an awesome set of wheels, DerbyWorx performs the following operations:

  • Inner hub face is squared to ensure accurate mounting on the CNC lathe.
  • The wheel tread is lathed to achieve a perfectly round wheel and a flat tread surface.
  • The inner edge of the wheel is trued and the molding mark removed.


  • Round and smooth wheels roll faster than standard wheels.


These Speed Wheels can be used without any additional preparation. Optionally polish the bore with Bore Polish and cone the hub with the Pro-Hub Tool, then lubricate and race!

Outside Wheel Comparison

Inside Wheel Comparison

Technical Information

Please note that the inside hub on the Speed Wheels are squared, but not beveled.

Wheel Diameter: 1.175 ± 0.0005 (Raw Wheels: 1.190 to 1.200)

Wheel Bore ID: 0.098

Wheel Weight: 2.1 grams +/- 0.1 per wheel (Raw Wheels: 2.2 grams/wheel)

Additional information

Weight 1 oz