Pro-Stock BSA Speed Wheels (4)


Official Cub Scout/BSA wheels which have been precision machined with True Track Tread. Each order includes four mold-number matched wheels with a trued tread surface. In addition, the recessed step on the outer hub is removed and coned, the bore is reamed, and the inside edge is trued. These wheels can be ran without any additional prep work, and are intended for competitive races that do not allow weight reduction.


BSA pinewood derby wheels are well designed, but unfortunately the wheels vary considerably from mold to mold. Most of the wheels are not perfectly round and the tread surface is not even.

These Pro-Stock Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels are official BSA wheels which are sorted by mold number, and then precision machined to tight tolerances with a HAAS CNC (computerized) lathe using proprietary fixtures and tooling. The precision of this machining cannot be duplicated on hobby lathes.

To provide you with an awesome set of wheels, we perform the following operations:

  • The wheels are sorted by mold number, and any defective wheels are discarded.
  • Wheel bores are reamed and bored perfectly round and smooth.
  • Outer hub faces are coned to minimize contact with the axle head.
  • The wheel tread is lathed with True Track to achieve a perfectly round wheel, a flat tread surface, and a slight radius on the edges to replicate the look of a stock BSA wheel.
  • The inner edge is polished to reduce friction when rail-riding.

If you would like to order wheels with a particular mold number, Click Here.


  • Round and smooth wheels roll faster than standard wheels.
  • Matched mold numbers ensures that the bore diameter and other wheel measurements are identical, maximizing performance.


These Pro-Stock Matched Speed Wheels can be used without any additional preparation. Optionally polish the wheel bore, then lubricate and race!

Important Note

The lathing operation removes a small amount of tread surface. The serrated edge is intact. The tread reduction is barely visible to the eye, but is measurable with a caliper. If your race restricts the use of lathed wheels, consider using our specialty tools and supplies to prepare a set of raw wheels.

Comparison Chart and Photos of Matched Speed Wheel Types


Model Trued Tread Coned Outer Hub Trimmed Edge Reamed Bore Weight Reduced
4090/4091 Yes No No No No
4080/4081 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
4070/4071 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4060/4061 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Technical Information for 4080/4081 Wheels

Wheel Diameter: 1.170 ± 0.005 (Raw Wheels: 1.182 to 1.185)

Wheel Bore ID: 0.098 minimum

Wheel Weight: 2.5 grams per wheel (Raw Wheels: 2.7 grams/wheel)

Additional information

Weight 1 oz