Pinewood Derby Wheel Work Speed Tip

I use the Pro-Wheel Mandrel to remove material from the inner tread, but also for removal of material from the inside center of the wheel. I use a flat or chisel blade on an Exacto knife and very gently and slowly apply it to the surface from which I am removing material. I mount my mandrel in a Porter-Cable cordless drill mounted upside down in a vise. I place a tie wrap around the trigger. The Porter-Cable drill has a battery that slides on rather than being inserted. With the drill upside down and a tie wrap around the trigger I slide my battery slightly away from the contacts to turn the drill off and slide it forward to engage the contacts to turn it on. With this set up and the Pro-Wheel Mandrel I have a great wheel lathe. I have been able to remove approximately 15-20 percent of the wheel weight, which is a big advantage. Caution – If you smell burning plastic you are pressing on the wheel too hard.

Ren Ramsey
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 4, Issue 15
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