Pinewood Derby Car Templates

Maximum Velocity has been a resource for superior pinewood derby plans and products for nearly two decades. For high-quality pinewood derby car templates with a history of success, check out our collection of car plans!

pinewood derby car templatesPinewood Derby Car Templates

When it comes to designing a race-winning car, take out the guesswork by following one of Maximum Velocity’s detailed pinewood derby car plans. Each plan collection provides templates, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions, for three proven car designs.  Every car is designed for optimum weight and location, and support both standard and extended wheel bases.

Our plans are easy to read with helpful drawings and diagrams. In addition to our templates, each collection also includes a construction timetable, weigh-in instructions, woodworking tips and more to ensure a successful build every time. With fourteen issues of our popular car plans – containing three car designs each – you’re sure to find the pinewood derby car template you’re looking for!

Car Plans For All Skill Levels

The Pine Derby Car Plans available through Maximum Velocity are grouped by skill level. Car Plans 1-10 are considered relatively simple to build and are therefore ideal for those who have had limited experience with woodworking or pinewood derby specifications.

We also offer two sets of advanced pinewood derby car templates, which are designed for more experienced builders with access to specialized tools. For example, to build The Arrow, you’ll need a ½” Brad Point or Forstner drill bit, a coping saw, files and rasps, a wood chisel, and 3.5 ounces of Flat Tundra.

Speed to the Finish!

pinewood derby car templates

In addition to our impressive collection of pinewood derby car templates, Maximum Velocity is also known for its comprehensive guide to all things derby.

In 1997, Maximum Velocity founder Randy Davis was asked to serve as the Derby Master for his children’s competitions. In order to improve the competition by making the basic techniques known to every entrant, he wrote the booklet Maximum Velocity – Speed to the Finish! Now, over twenty years and thirteen revisions later, the booklet stands as a testament to tried-and-true pinewood derby basics and techniques to ensure a competitive car.

Whether you’re racing through Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Awana Grand Prix or other organizations, Speed to the Finish! Will provide you with everything you need to know to turn your car design into a winner. The booklet includes key secrets to building a winning car, preparing wheels and axles for top speeds, proper car weighting and a complete list of speed tips available today.

Making Derby Fun For All

The motivation behind offering comprehensive pinewood derby car templates, supplies and instruction is not just to help people create competitive cars, but to also help children and their parents or mentors to thoroughly enjoy the car building process. Although winning competitions is great, the real point of pinewood derby is to build and race a car with someone you care about.

At Maximum Velocity, we aim to make the pinewood derby a fun process for all. From our selection of quality wheels, kits, cars and even templates, we strive to make pinewood derby a fun sport for children and adults alike. Browse our selection of pinewood derby car templates and plans to begin work on a car that helps you to reach Maximum Velocity!