Pinewood Derby Car Ideas

Pinewood derby is a fun sport that encourages children and adults alike to think creatively when building their cars. But if you need help coming up with pinewood derby car ideas, let the experts at Maximum Velocity be your guide!

Pinewood Derby Car Ideas

pinewood derby car ideasWhen crafting your derby car, there are lots of things to consider. What style should your block be? Should your car have standard or extended slots? Where should you place the weights? What about wheels? At Maximum Velocity, we have the products and guidance to help you create a crowd pleasing car that’s ready to perform at top speed come competition time. From selecting your block to deciding on decals, we can help you with every step of the design process.

Car Kits

If you’re a novice to derby racing, we recommend you browse our collection of complete pinewood derby car kits. The variety of kits we offer allows you some freedom when it comes to choosing the style of your car, while still taking out a lot of the guesswork that can prove to be a stumbling block. Our kit bundles come with pre-cut car bodies, wheels, weights, axles and lube that are guaranteed to create a competitive car, but are still customizable through our selection of sticker decals.

Car Plans

If you’re wanting to play a bigger role in your car’s creation, but still need help coming up with pinewood derby car ideas, then check out our selection of downloadable car plans. Each plan contains three different car designs. In addition to templates, they also contain step-by-step instructions, woodworking tips, weigh-in instructions and more. Each car was designed for optimum weight and location, and support both the standard and extended wheel base.

Additional Kits & Supplies

To further customize your derby car, Maximum Velocity offers a wide variety of speed supplies, fenders, weights, decals and accessories.

Our basic and advanced speed kits come with everything you need to speed to the finish! From bore polish and fine grit sandpaper to axle polish and a gap gauge, you can customize your wheels and axles to give you a competitive edge come race time!

To add pizzazz to your derby car, consider adding a pair of fenders! Fenders improve air flow over wheels, which can result in shaving off a few precious milliseconds during your race. Both front and rear fenders are available, and are often recommended to be used together.

pinewood derby car ideas

Weights are an essential part of any derby car design, and at Maximum Velocity, we’re sure to carry the weight you need. From tungsten to tundra and even complete weight kits, we have the inventory you need to push your car ahead of your competitors.

Although you certainly want to focus on the functionality of your design, don’t skip out on the fun details! Decoration is a creative component of any car, and we have plenty of different body skins, decals, pin striping and paint stencils to satisfy a number of different pinewood derby car ideas. From flames and camouflage to tie dye and zebra print, make your car as colorful as you want!

Don’t let the decoration stop with stickers. We also offer an array of pinewood derby accessories to further customize your car. Browse our selection of car canopies, aluminum wheel covers, plastic car parts and even black window material to deck out your derby car.

Pinewood Derby Experts

When it comes to pinewood derby car ideas, trust the experts at Maximum Velocity. All of our derby products, plans and instructional booklets have been designed with the best car ideas in mind. We strive to make pinewood derby enjoyable for both children and adults alike by making our products fun and easy to use. Browse our extensive inventory of pinewood products and let us help you reach maximum velocity!