Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – November 28, 2014

Iron Man – Randy Davis

I built this car as a prototype for a CNC machined car, but the shop I was going to use closed down. Oh well. I still had the prototype, so I entered it in our local Outlaw race and it took 1st Place in speed and 3rd Place in design. I used some X-Lite Outlaw wheels that were machined from Turcite-X. The wheel color doesn’t really match the car color, but the wheels certainly draw attention to the car.
Olaf – Richard Larson

Olaf ran in our local race as well, and took 2nd Place in design and speed. Every year, Richard builds great looking cars. Here are links to a few of his previous cars:


Finn McMissile

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 14, Issue 4
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