Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – January 9, 2015

Arrow of Lightening – Scott & Derek Bobbitt

For his final foray in pinewood derby racing, my son Derek opted to showcase Scout Spirit and go for the “Lord Baden Powell” award for most Cub Spirit. His entry, the “Arrow of Lightening” succeeded. He won the Cub Spirit award and placed first out the 30 entries in the pack. At the district finals, five cars from each Pack were invited to participate. The “Arrow of Lightening” won every heat and placed second overall by just 0.007 seconds! Most importantly, though, his car won the District award for “Best-In-Show”. He was one elated Webelos!
Triangulator – Gerald Scotting

After seeing the unusual triangular tungsten canopy I knew i wanted to design a car around it. The canopy made up most of the weight for the car, but due to the super slim design I was still too light. I ended up using a bunch of the 3/16″ tungsten beads. The body was cut out as a side profile, then a rough top profile. All other shaping was done with either a round file or sandpaper, and lots of patience.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 14, Issue 7
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