Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – October 23, 2015

Radio Controlled Propeller Car – Bill Klingler

This is my radio controlled propeller driven car. It is powered with a motor, a 7.2 volt battery and the receiver/speed control from a Losi Mini-T RC car. The joy comes from watching the scouts laugh and run along side the track as the car is zooming past. Since it is radio
controlled it will also back up. Lots of fun.
Corn Dog Propeller Car – Bruce Kempf

Every year after NASCAR season is over we have a party and a corn dog Derby race. We use a three lane pinewood derby track, pinewood derby car kits, etc. The only difference is racers have to use a corn dog with the car.
This car was made from your Propeller Car Kit. I attached the corn dog to the propeller car with Velcro, so I could remove it for the race — although it blew away the field with the corn dog attached.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 9, Issue 6
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