Nickel-Plated Pinewood Derby Speed Axles

Say "Goodbye" to burrs and crimp marks! Speed Axles are equipped with a straight, round, and smooth shaft, and a slightly tapered head. But most importantly, there are NO BURRS OR CRIMP MARKS, so you can prepare these precision axles with minimal effort!



The axles substitute for official BSA, PineCar, and other nail type axles. Just a light polishing with our Axle Polish is all that is required to prepare the axles for racing. If you use our Axle Polishing Kit, skip the three coarsest papers - use the two finest papers.

Note that these axles closely resemble BSA and PineCar axles, but are not exact replicas (see photo below - the coloring is slightly different, and the axles are blunt tipped). So, if your race has a strict axle requirement, consider using our Official BSA Speed Axles, or use our specialty tools and supplies to prepare a set of the official nail axles.

Technical Information

Shaft Diameter:   0.0870 inch ± 0.0005   (BSA:   0.088 ± 0.002)

Head Diameter:   0.200 inch ± 0.001   (BSA: 0.28 ± 0.004)

Shaft Length:   1 inch  (same as BSA)

Material:  Nickel-plated steel

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