18 Wheeler Axle Set

Are you looking for quality axles for a Big Rig race? Our 18 Wheeler axle set includes: Long Axles-9 (1 spare), and Standard Axles-3 (1 spare).



The axles substitute for official BSA, PineCar, and other nail type axles. Just a light polishing with our Axle Polish is all that is required to prepare the axles for racing. If you use our Axle Polishing Kit, skip the three coarsest papers - use the two finest papers.

Technical Information

Shaft Diameter:   0.0870 inch ± 0.0005

Head Diameter:   0.200 inch ± 0.001

Shaft Length:   long axles:1-3/8 inch, standard axles: 1 inch

Material:   Zinc-coated steel   (same as BSA).

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