Official BSA Premium Matched Pinewood Derby Wheels and Axles

The official BSA pinewood derby wheels are manufactured in 16 different molds (numbered 1 to 16). At the factory the wheels are mixed together and then packaged, so each kit or set of replacement wheels has a random assortment of mold numbers.

Click Here for a chart of mold characteristics.

However, each mold is slightly different, creating wheels with differing wheel bore sizes and hub/tread characteristics. To achieve the best speed, a matched set of wheels is needed.

We have measured and inspected samples of each mold number in order to select the best mold numbers. These premium matched wheels will provide better rolling characteristics than non-premium matched wheels or random wheels.

Your shipment will contain four axles and four wheels, each wheel with the same mold number - either 2, 6, 7 or 15.

If you would like to order wheels with a particular mold number, Click Here.

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