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To accurately set pinewood derby axles for either straight or rail-riding alignment, a perfectly level (side-to-side) alignment board is required. A bubble level will get you close, but a leveling ball is required for accurate leveling. Our Steel Leveling Ball is a 2 inch diameter chrome steel ball that is perfectly round.

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Caution: The Leveling Ball is not a toy.
If dropped on a toe or thrown, serious damage can occur.

  1. Your leveling board should have three to four inches of slope over eight feet, and should have a straight line down the length of the board. My board is a 14 inch by 8 foot piece of 3/4 inch MDF.
  2. Place the ball at the upper end of the board on the line and release it. The path of the ball with show the direction and amount that the board is out of level.
  3. Adjust the board until the ball follows the straight line.
  4. It is easy to impart an undesirable left or right movement on the ball when it is released. Try holding the ball with your thumb on top of the ball. Then lift your thumb straight up to release the ball.

From Randy:
"This 2 inch diameter chrome steel ball is perfectly round and will help you easily level your alignment board. I have used one for many years, and decided to offer them to the pinewood derby enthusiast."

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