Segmented Lead


Segmented Lead, marked in 1/4 ounce segments for weighting pinewood derby cars.

Available in a 4 ounce pack or in a bulk-pack of 5 pounds.

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Product Content

5010 – 4 ounces(1) of Segmented Lead, marked in sixteen 1/4 ounce segments
5012 – 5 pounds of Segmented Lead

The lead is backed with an aggressive adhesive strip.

Product Specifications

Segment Length – 1/2 inch

Segment Width – 1/2 inches

Segment Thickness – 1/8 inch (not including adhesive strip)

How to Use this Product

Generally, pockets are created in the car body, and segments of lead are glued into the pockets. Oftentimes, the adhesive is removed to make the lead fit more compactly.

Alternatively, the lead can be attached to the surface of the car with the adhesive backing.

(1)4 ounces nominal weight. Actual weight can vary from 3.9 to 4.0 ounces.

Caution – This product contains Lead. Lead is sold for use by adults to add weight to pinewood derby cars. Click Here for safety information.

Additional information

Weight 4.1 oz