Pre-shaped MV Car Kit – Bulk Pack – Quantity 12


Includes one dozen of the MV Basic Car Kits in a bulk package that have been pre-shaped into four different shapes. Bags are included for distributing the twelve kits.

If you need more than we have in stock, please Contact Us as we can make more.


With MV Precision Wheels and Speed Axles!

Are you looking for quality pre-cut pinewood derby kits at an attractive price? Are you dissatisfied with the quality of the kits your organization uses? Then consider the benefits of the Maximum Velocity Basic Car Kit:


  • Quality Block – Unlike the pre-cut car bodies provided by some organizations, our blocks are soft, kiln-dried, northwestern pine blocks, cut precisely to 7 inches long, 1-3/4 inches wide. These dimensions, as well as the axle slot placement (4-3/8 inches between slots), accurately duplicate the dimensions of the BSA block.
  • Four Pre-Cut Shapes – Each package of one dozen kits includes three each of four different shapes. The car bodies are sanded smooth (no saw cuts), and are ready for finish sanding and painting.
  • Simple Axle Preparation – Don’t worry about filing off flaws, or losing hub caps. Our axles have no burrs or crimp marks, and install without hub caps. You can use them as is, or lightly polish them with a metal polish. We supply five, so you have a spare.
  • Quality Wheels – Forget cheap, out of round wheels. We supply precision-molded wheels that are custom made for Maximum Velocity. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the quality of these wheels.

In addition to the car bodies, wheels, and axles, 12 instruction sheets and 12 plastic bags are included. Simply package the kits and distribute.

Please note that these pre-shaped car bodies do not include underbody pockets for weight.


Our kit can be used in any race that does not require a specific kit type. This includes races sponsored by Awana, YMCA, and other children’s organizations, as well as corporate, neighborhood, or community races.

Unboxing and How To video!!

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Weight 42 oz