Axle Polish


A quick way to apply a high shine on your smooth pinewood derby axles. Just a dab on a clean rag is all it takes to create slick, shiny, high performance axles.


Simichrome polish is a quick way to put a high shine on your pinewood derby axles. Just a dab is all it takes to create slick, shiny, high performance axles.

Polishing Instructions

Perform the following steps to polish axles. Always were safety glasses when using a rotating tool to polish axles.

  1. Fasten a drill or rotating tool to a worksurface using a Drill Mount, clamp, or vise.
  2. Insert an axle into the chuck of the tool, and start the drill.
  3. Apply a small dab of polish to a clean, soft rag.
  4. Apply the polish to the axle for about 15 seconds. Make sure to polish the portion of the shaft on which the wheel will spin, and polish the underside of the axle head.
  5. Buff off the residue with a clean part of the rag until no more black residue comes off the axle.
  6. Repeat the above steps for each axle.

Application to Maximum Velocity Products

Simichrome polish may be applied directly to the following products to produce a high shine.

  • 4025 – Awana Speed Axles
  • 4093 – Super Speed Axles
  • 4094 – BSA Speed Axles
  • 4095 – Zinc-Plated Speed Axle
  • 4096 – Nickel Plated Speed Axles
  • 4097 – Official BSA Speed Axles
  • 4098 – Grooved Super Speed Axles
  • 4099 – Grooved BSA Speed Axles
  • 5465 – Awana Axles

For axles with flaws that must be removed with a file, use our 5100-Axle Polishing Kit.

  • 5451 – Official BSA Axles
  • 5430, 5440 – PineCar Axles


From Randy:
“If you are using axles without flaws, such as our BSA Speed Axles, et al, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time polishing, then you can use our Axle Polish for a quick shine.”

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