Air Guides


Air flow into the cavity of a wheel causes turbulence that will slow down your car. These Air Guides stop the flow of air into the wheel cavity, thus eliminating that source of turbulence. The light weight, clear plastic Air Guides attach to the side of the car and insert slightly into the wheel cavity. The wheel spins around the Air Guide.


Air Guides are clear, dish-shaped plastic inserts that attach to the car body. They are held in place with glue (epoxy is recommended). The Air Guides are slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the wheel, so the wheel spins round the air guide without contacting the guide (except for the inner hub - see more under "Important Notes").

Air Guides direct the flow of air past the wheel cavity, thus reducing turbulence. This reduces drag, and improves the performance of the car. Wind tunnel test results show up to a 19% reduction in aerodynamic drag when Air Guides are installed.


Outside Diameter - 1.0 inch

Axle Hole Diameter - 0.095 inch

Supported Wheels - BSA, MV, and Awana. Other wheels do not work, or have not been tested.

Rail-Rider Support - Supports angled axles.

Important Notes

Check your local rules before using Air Guides:

  • The inner hubs of the wheels will contact the Air Guides instead of the side of the car. This may be conisidered as a "bushing", which is illegal in many races.
  • Some race rules require the inside of the wheel to be visible. The Air Guides are clear, so the inside of the wheel can be seen. However, some race officials may rules that the visibility of the inside of the wheel is obscured.

Air Guide Installation Instructions

After painting the car, apply a very small amount of epoxy to the side of the car around the axle slot/hole, but keep the glue away from the axle hole.

Using a spare wheel and axle, slide the wheel onto the axle, followed by the Air Guide - dished side towards the wheel.

Insert the axle into the axle slot/hole, with the offset in the Air Guide towards the bottom of the car.

Press all axle all the way in so that the Air Guide is tight against the side of the car. Adjust the position of the offset, and all the glue to dry.

Remove the wheel and axle, and repeat thhe previous steps for the remaining Air Guides.

When installing the racing wheels and axles a gap gauge cannot be used. The gap can be estimated by checking the gap between the axle head the outer wheel hub.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz