Pinewood Derby Designs

Pinewood Derby is a great way for children and adults to work together and participate in a friendly competition. Designing and building a car can be a fun, creative process for all parties involved. For those that are interested in building a race-winning car, Maximum Velocity had a number of pinewood derby designs that are sure to outperform the competition!

Pinewood Derby Designs

pinewood derby designs

If you want to save time and take the guesswork out of designing a pinewood derby car for competition, then check out the available Car Plans at Maximum Velocity.

For over twenty years, founder Randy Davis has honed these car designs with help from his background in engineering. Each booklet contains three pinewood derby designs that have been proven to outperform the competition. In addition to templates and detailed step-by-step instructions, each car plan also contains a construction timetable, weigh-in instructions, woodworking tips and more.

Each of the included car templates have been designed for optimum weight and weight location. We also offer comprehensive weight kits designed for each car, taking the guesswork out of which weights to buy and where to place them. Our pinewood derby designs support both the standard and extended wheel base templates, and are presented in an easy to read format with many helpful drawings and diagrams.

The majority of the available car plans are appropriate for new pinewood derby builders. They’re ideal for those with little knowledge of woodworking or pinewood derby car construction. However, for the more ambitious builders, we also offer two advanced car plans, totaling six pinewood derby designs that require a bit more intimate knowledge of woodworking and pinewood derby mechanics. These plans are for more experienced builders in possession of specialized tools.

Kits and Bundles

For those who want to race a competitive car, but aren’t equipped to build a design from scratch, we also offer a variety of pre-cut kits and bundles. This option is great for builders that don’t want to invest in specialty tools but would still like to be involved in the building process.

Pre-Cut Kits are a great step up from templates, as they include a precision cut block body that comes pre-drilled or cut for precise axle placement. Also based on winning designs, these kits do not come with additional wheels or axles, allowing you some customization in terms of selecting your additional parts.

pinewood derby designs

For a comprehensive pinewood derby solution, our Kit Bundles come with everything you need to build a winning car. In addition to a pre-cut kit, the bundles include weights, prepared wheels and axles. Most bundles allow you to build a completely compliant BSA car. Each set also comes complete with our Max-V-Lube, a superior lubricant featuring high-purity natural flake dry graphite.


The fun part comes after you complete your initial car build – the decoration! This is the part of the process where your creatively can shine. And at Maximum Velocity, we help you realize all your pinewood derby design dreams! From dry decals and pin striping to body skins and paint stencils, we have everything you need to add a custom design to your car.

In addition to a cool paint job, there are also plenty of accessories that can be added to give your car an eye-catching appearance. From realistic black window material to aluminum wheel covers and plastic car parts, you can make your derby car as realistic or artistic as you want. We even stock a selection of acrylic paints and brushes so you can adorn your car with your own custom design.

Your One-Stop-Shop

From comprehensive pinewood derby designs to pre-cut kits and creative accessories, Maximum Velocity has everything you need to completely customize your car for competition. With over twenty years in the pinewood derby business, you can be sure that we’ve culled our inventory to only offer the highest quality kits, tools and templates available today to ensure your complete satisfaction. Let us help you reach maximum velocity at your next pinewood derby race!