Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – July 16, 2015

Viper – Spencer Mortimer

This car was made mostly with a Dremel Tool. It takes a little patience to make sure you’re not cutting through so fast that you actually cut where you don’t intend. After shaping, the car was ready for a good thorough sanding and a paint job. First I applied a deep blue base coat and then a second lighter silver coat, taping off the areas I wanted to remain blue. The really unique thing about this car’s paint job is the scales. I used a woman’s fish net stocking which had to be stretched and fastened using sewing pins. After applying a yellow coat I removed the fish net stocking. I then blended the blue and the scales together with a fine tip hobby paint brush. Once that was done a couple applications of clear coat and the paint was finished.
Toyota 84c Endurance Racer – Ryan Johnson

This car is a replica of the Toms 84c endurance racer. It has not raced, but was built for show and fun. I hope to work on getting it fast for future races. But really, when this car is sitting still it looks like it is going fast!
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 8, Issue 14
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